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Welcome to iHeart Radio's favorite show, Speaking of Travel! Host Marilyn Ball speaks to some of the most interesting people about their inspiring, uplifting and enriching travel experiences. The truth is, no matter where you go, and no matter how long you’re gone, you always come home with a new outlook on life. So sit back and be carried away to places from around the world and from right here in your own backyard. No Passport Required!
246 Episodes
Author Larry Jorgensen conducted extensive research in current and former Coca-Cola communities to create The Coca-Cola Trail, a journey to discover the history of the world's most recognized product. Discover why Larry decided to research and write this book and what contributed most to the early growth and popularity of Coca-Cola and how did the bottling of Coca-Cola get started. His new book, "Return to the Coca Cola Trail More People and Places in the History of Coca Cola" further explores why the Coca-Cola bottles have a green tint and how the old country stores continue to bring joy to so many!   
Sara Barrack was a child traveler and learned not to be afraid of trying something new and that experiencing new things is a joy. She shares why traveling was a great way to see how one handles life when things don't always go smoothly and why as an adult she is confident in herself, whether traveling or not. Sara explores the profound influence of traveling early in life and the perspective travel elicits. For her, friendships forged while traveling have a certain elevated quality and its these moments and remembrances that bring her an instant smile. This conversation will bring an instant smile to you as well! 
Feeling bummed out you can't travel right now? Stressed about the upcoming holidays? You'll love this show! Jennifer Dougherty is a health/life coach and a comedian who uses humor to help people make a comeback. She explains how you can spark a revolution of positive change in your life with humor and be a happier person.Setbacks happen to all of us. Jennifer explains how to turn a setback into a comeback. These are no doubt uncertain times, so learn why humor gives us the strength to keep going despite whatever obstacles we face. Jennifer reminds us this is the time for your comeback, no matter what your circumstances are right now. Allow your process to unfold, find the humor and transform your life into the life you really want to live.
Do you dream that life would be better living somewhere else? Laura Diffendal, International Living’s Belize Correspondent, moved to Belize in early 2014 and felt so at home she bought a boutique hotel on the beach, and then another. Find out why she moved there, what keeps her there, and what adventures await you. Also find out the current travel conditions in Belize, what to know and why you should consider Belize for an upcoming trip!
Gisele McAuliffe is a global communications strategist with a lifetime of mission-driven work helping people around the world who is now finding herself reflecting on what’s in store for her future. As an American living in Dublin at a young age for a long time, she found herself with the ability to view the world as American and European. "I consider myself a European and a globalist with a strong American sensibility. I was a globalist before globalism emerged as an economic necessity."Gisele talks about how she developed a deep fascination of other cultures and what challenged her as she faced new brick walls. Gisele explains what propelled her to travel more and how she's learning to adapt to a new phase of life as life moves forward.  
For Raquel Aurilia, writing music and performing fills her heart and her stories of travel and performing will fill yours. Raquel shares her passion with highlights including opening for John Waite and her travels to Mexico.     Raquel offers some great travel tips for traveling to Mexico during the pandemic.  Find out what you need to know about the forms you have to fill out how they are dealing with safety precautions.She has worked with music icons including Grammy winning producer Tony Papa (James Brown, Willie Nelson, John Denver), Gardner Cole (Madonna, Jodi Whatley), Wade Martin (R. Kelly, 50 Cent) and Grammy nominee Billy Smiley (Johnny Cash, Bebe and Cece Winans, Vince Gill).  Raquel is an inspiring and talented artist and you're going to love this show! 
Today, many Americans are considering packing up and leaving the country or have already made the move and love it. For some, it might be economic reasons, maybe taxes, sometimes work opportunities. But for many Americans, retiring abroad is the way to go due to the benefits of retiring in another country, from lower living costs to better weather to less stress. Join Lezlie Green, world traveler, hair designer, massage therapist, yoga teacher, home remodeler and dog rescuer, for some insider tips about how she recognized the best way to retire comfortably and have a better quality of life was to move to Ajijic, a small idyllic town in Mexico. Find out how she did it, why she chose Ajijic, and what she loves most.  
How can you find peace and meaning today? Joseph Ranseth helps people transform their lives using the same blueprint and principles that transformational leaders like Gandhi and Dr. King used to change the world. Discover how you can unify the world in today's divisive atmosphere and how you can inspire others by your own greatness and help create a better world for everyone. If you have an inner yearning and something inside of you is telling you that there is something more and you’re destined to have a bigger impact than you’re having right now, this conversation will rock your world. 
Chris DiCroce and his wife are experiencing an inner journey that people are undertaking now due to the inability to travel physically. But instead of feeling as if they've been backed into a corner, they’re discovering a door they never knew was there before. Chris is a best-selling author, musician, speaker, and sailor. After they sold their house and almost everything they owned to move onto a sailboat, they discovered the greatest triumphs sometimes came from their greatest challenges.Today they are back from an adventure in the Baja Peninsula that left them with new questions and thoughts for the future. Chris shares stories describing how the fear of the unknown did not keep them from going on what would became a magical trip and would end up giving him the space and energy to write his latest book, "The Quiet Goings On." 
Dayna Reggero of the Climate Listening Project discusses why sustainable travel is so important as we move into the future and provides solutions for how we can leave a minimum negative impact on the places we visit and leave a positive impact on society.
Are you looking for a once in a lifetime experience in Italy? Enjoy this charming conversation with Annette Joseph, author of the book “Italy Is My Boyfriend, talking to us from her Italian countryside home, La Fortezza, a creative space for visionaries from around the world. Annette lives half of the  year in Italy and is an expert on entertaining, cooking, and styling. Her next book, "La Fortezza Cookbook," is sure to be a keeper! Let's all go to her creative retreats and workshops and learn styling, photography, painting, and how to cook! Discover how Annette made the move to Italy and why La Fortezza is not only her home, but her gift to all of us! Also on this episode of Speaking of Travel is an update from Tina Kinsey of the Asheville Regional Airport and Karen Proctor of Bryson City in Swain County NC. Tune in!    
Victoria Bond is a major force in 21st century concert music and leads a dual career as a composer and conductor. Imagination, fantasy and travel are all part of her creative life and her work is transformative. Travel has always been a part of her creative life and the first opera she wrote was called “Travels,” based on Jonathan Swift’s “Gulliver’s Travels.”  Victoria recently completed another version of the Swift novel, this one going back to the original and called “The Adventures of Gulliver.”  Written with librettist Stephen Greco and director/designer Doug Fitch, this opera is specifically written for puppets and will premiere with a puppet theater in 2022. Her own travels around the USA as a conductor also brought her to China, Europe and South America, and she has used these experiences in her creative works. Victoria was the first woman to be awarded a doctorate from Juilliard’s orchestral conducting program and also the first woman to be placed with a major orchestra in the Exxon/Arts Endowment Conductor Program where she spent two years with the Pittsburgh Symphony. An uplifting and passionate conversation!  
We need imagination now more than ever. For Annie Sullivan, author of the young adult novels A Touch of Gold, Tiger Queen and A Curse of Gold, fantasy and imagination goes hand-in-hand with travel. Annie bases some of the scenery and characters on things she has seen and done when traveling and exploring new cultures. She embraces her young readers and encourages them to love themselves for who they are and to find strength in the things they perceive as flaws about themselves. Enjoy an enchanting conversation. 
Jason Holland, International Living’s Roving Latin America Editor, lives with his family in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Jason shares why living internationally can be a reality if you truly want it to be. In 2012, Jason, his wife, then four-year-old son, and two dogs made their way to Costa Rica and now they are enjoying life in the the UNESCO World Heritage town of San Miguel. If you're thinking of what it would be like to move abroad with your family, Jason explains how the transition is for kids and ways to ease them into it and make them part of the process. Find out the different types of “traveling families” there are and the many options available along with the rewards and practical benefits. And what about safety? Is it safe to bring your family to these countries? Are you worried about crime? Jason describes what you will need to know to stay safe and sound.   
Adventure travel writer Linda Ballou has rafted, kayaked and horseback ridden through pristine wilderness areas around the world. The most memorable of these journeys are chronicled in her book Lost Angel Walkabout. Linda shares her adventure journeys with memorable stories and explains how to use your downtime to create new platforms for your own travel storytelling. In her book, Get Great Trips for Free, she describes how to create a roadmap during this time to build a platform and become a travel journalist or a travel photographer. Thinking of a road trip? In her book, Lost Angel in Paradise, she shares 32 of her favorite day trips along the coast of California.
Mag Dimond, the award-winning author of “BOWING TO ELEPHANTS, Tales of a Travel Junkie,” explores practices to achieve peace of mind when facing tough times. Mag shares stories and personal discoveries from her life traveling around the globe to describe how mindfulness of our own inner peace helps protect our core emotions. Mag has been a world traveler since age 11… living with her mother in Italy for 3 years. She has traveled in Europe and the US, as well as Bhutan, Burma, Cambodia, China, Costa Rica, Cuba, the Galapagos, Guatemala, India, Japan, Kenya, Peru, Thailand, and Vietnam.  Mag Dimond says, “My aspiration has always been to understand how we humans learn about ourselves in alien and exotic landscapes, how we find communion with our fellow beings, develop some sort of spiritual path, and how we heal ourselves from childhood wounds by becoming part of the larger world.” 
Winton Churchill, author of “The New Retirement: The Rise of the Gig Economy and How You Can Profit From It,” has helped people turn what they know and enjoy into income they can earn from anywhere. Winton makes a powerful case for people retiring in a new way that allows you to create income and gain more control. Find out how positive it is to freelance in retirement and work wherever you want.Would you rather be restricted by a low budget or by a job you're just not that into? Winton explains how freelancing online a few hours a day puts you more in charge and provides a measure of freedom, engagement and structure. He provides resources to help you make choices for yourself that will be beneficial, and way more fun, moving forward.
Asheville-based singer/songwriter Jane Kramer and her husband Jason Sandford, founder of the popular blog Ashvegas, are adjusting to a new reality and creating solutions to support each other during these changing times. They share how the art community finds creative ways to reach people virtually during a time that prevents us from experiencing music, art and culture with others in person. Jane discusses what she believes is the role of artists and musicians in society, particularly during times of great change and what it's like being a full-time musician during this global pandemic and how this affects her work.Jane and Jason talk about what is inspiring them now and how people can best support artists and musicians.Photo by Carrie Kramer Frey 
We’re all looking forward to the end of social distancing and being able to travel and hug and go back to a time when we were together. But right now it’s important to remain calm and try to keep a clear head. Uncertainty is tough. We all like knowing what’s up.  Join Dayna Reggero of The Climate Listening Project as she helps us get a grip on what we can do to take some action, manage our emotions and protect our mental wellbeing when we are not able to travel. Dayna explains how to stay balanced and cope with stress in a healthy way to help make you, the people you care about, and your community stronger.
Although it might not look like it right now, I’m convinced the travel industry has a future. Tonya Fitzpatrick, the co-founder of World Footprints, a socially conscious travel media platform that includes the award-winning World Footprints podcast, brings us up-to-date on current travel challenges and industry trends. Tonya explores the future of travel globally and domestically and how she continues her connection to people around the world. The future is bright. People will travel again. 
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