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Author: Chris Plum

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Are we satisfied with the status quo in the field of education? I'm not. I'm passionate about asking probing questions, getting knowledge experts into dialogue, and uncovering effective practices that will move the field of education forward. The EdGuru Podcast explores new thinking to inspire teaching, learning and leading, and improve educational policy. Together, when we ask the questions, we are the EdGuru!
8 Episodes
In this episode, Dr. Chris Plum talks with Dr. James Spruill, an educational technology specialist.  Listen and learn about "computational thinking" and how this blueprint for thinking can help kids improve across the curriculum!
In this episode, I'm joined by George Tomey, career educator, leader and social worker of nearly 50 years!  Listen as George shares the critical importance of moving our students from dependent to independent learners through his understanding of culturally responsive teaching and the brain!
In this episode, Dr. Chris Plum sits down with Angie Irwin, a school board expert.  Angie discusses the top 10 mistakes a board should work to avoid on their journey to becoming a highly effective, knowledgeable school board.
In this episode, Dr. Chris Plum interviews Brittni Kellom, an expert in working with children, schools and families in dealing with trauma.  A severe trauma surviver herself, Brittni brings experience and expertise to bear in the name of helping communities to become trauma-informed.
Dr. Christopher Plum circles back to Kathy Moorehouse, long-time Montessori teacher, trainer and leader.  The discussion focuses on the preparation necessary for the teacher to maximize impact in the Montessori classroom.
In this episode, Dr. Chris Plum interviews Montessori teacher, trainer and leader, Kathy Moorehouse.  The discussion focuses on what is unique to Montessori and what can be learned and implemented in schools everywhere.
In this podcast, Dr. Chris Plum interviews a long-time school security expert about the cost-effective steps that a school can take to become safer immediately.
In this podcast Dr. Chris Plum interviews a small group of middle/high school students to get their perspective on qualities of a good teacher.  They are asked what their favorite teachers do to engage them.  We also find out what kinds of questions they would ask a teacher candidate if they were able to participate in hiring teachers.  Amazing what we can learn from the people we are trying to reach and teach!  Pretty much requires that we get out of the way!
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