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ARC Acid Resistant Concrete is a chemical and impact resistant polymer concrete overlay, specifically designed for mining processes and highly corrosive production environments. ARC is not a paint or coating. It is an ultra-high strength, acid-resistant concrete overlay. Business Development Manager David Wilburn joins Mining NOW to discuss various applications and installation methods, the product testing, and how their CEO, Hamid Saadatmanesh developed the company. Watch Episode Here:
Problem solving in the real world of heavy industry takes incredible amounts of planning, investment, and proven capabilities. CEO John Jickling and VP of Operations Bryan MacMillan join Mining NOW to discuss some of their most innovative and operationally challenging projects including implementing drones, robots, sensors, and AI. Watch Episode Here:
Diversity and inclusion is a topic that is heavily discussed that has garnered interest from the board level down to the employee level. DIAC co-chairs Theresa Nyabeze & Mohammed Ali have each worked in the mining industry for over 20 years and share their personal and professional perspectives on a topic that is no longer “why”, but has evolved to “how”. Concepts from developing policies down to setting targets have all been aspects many companies have looked at, but what does it really mean to create a workplace environment that is inclusive and embraces diversity? Watch Episode Here:
Mosaic is the world’s leading integrated producer and marketer of concentrated phosphate and potash. They employ more than 13,000 people in nine countries and participate in every aspect of crop nutrition development to help the world grow the food it needs. They mine and process phosphate and potash minerals into crop nutrients and then ship via rail, barge and ocean-going vessel to our customers in the major agricultural centers worldwide. Vice President - North American Mining Operations  Kelly Strong joins Mining NOW to discuss their ESG targets by 2025 as well as  Esterhazy K3 Potash Mine in Saskatchewan and their Central Florida Phosphate Mining and Processing business. Watch Episode Here:
Clichés seem to overshadow many corporate value profiles and company culture in brochures often feel like a perfect world simplifications to serving complex industries. Greg Gilland uses clichés then does something few of us can do, he unpacks why this phrase or ideal is a core part of his personal value system or the company he represents. Greg is MAXAM Tire’s Vice President of Global Agriculture and combines over 20 years in the tire industry with 15 years as a Naval Officer both in the active Navy and the Naval Reserve. He joins Crownsmen Ag to discuss how things operate in the Agriculture sector, what is giving MAXAM the edge, and his own professional journey. If you are in the market for agriculture tires or simply just want to hear thought provoking conversation this episode is for you. Watch Episode Here:
ZeroNox provides a platform for clean energy technology to come to market. They are a first mover in the Off-Highway Vehicle and Heavy Equipment space utilizing electric powertrain solutions with Lithium-Ion battery technology, as well as other clean energy innovations. The goal of ZeroNox is to assist OEMs in integrating cleaner and higher performing technology into their products, as well as to support those OEMs in mass producing and introducing those products into the marketplace, all with the “Powered by ZeroNox” platform. Watch Episode Here:
This special episode features both the supplier and customer to unpack Rockmart Slate’s aggregate quarry located in Georgia where they use multiple Terex Finlay crushing and screening systems supplied and serviced by Finlay Eastern. Joining us from Rockmart Slate is David Robinson who focuses on providing the operations scope and market. Kelly Preston with Finlay Eastern lays out the equipment models and their specifications and walks through various applications including asphalt and concrete. Watch Episode Here:
Silver production, Chinese new year, and 70 active drills; we cover a lot of ground in this episode of Mining Now with Lon Shaver, Vice-President. Silvercorp Inc. is a Canadian mining company producing silver, lead and zinc metals in concentrates from mines in China. Over the last 15 years they have produced over 79 million ounces of silver and 1.1 billion pounds of lead and zinc between their GC Mine and Ying Mining District. Lon discusses their approach of not going to equity markets and generating free cash flow through ups and down. Watch Episode Here:
A division of Sailun Group, MAXAM Tire designs, manufactures, and distributes off-the-road and rigid haul truck specialty tire products globally. As a major specialty tire manufacturer and distributor, MAXAM’s tires have gone through some of the most rigorous testing thrown at them by Caterpillar, designed incredible automation systems in their manufacturing process, and implemented an in-depth cradle to grave approach to assist their clients through the life of the tire. Matt Johnson - VP Maxam Tire Mining Group joined Mining NOW to focus on a dedicated and knowledgeable global group under MAXAM Tire, MAXAM MINING GROUP. The group was created specifically to focus on the mining segment. Since its establishment, the MMG team has achieved great success in serving regional market demands. With each member an industry-leading expert dedicated to providing the best customer experience, the team has been making continuous improvements with focused market solutions. Watch Episode Here:
Pronto has been working in autonomy for 15+ years, specifically on-road driving, giving them extensive experience in solving problems for really complex scenarios including high speeds and close proximity. Pronto believes that autonomy doesn’t have to be so complicated. In the mining space, there are many examples of mines needing a total overhaul of their operations to support autonomy, but Pronto offers technology that can be applied today that contributes to safety and efficiency without requiring extensive upfront work, leading to their slogan “Autonomy Simplified”. Watch Episode Here:
Live from MINExpo, Fenner Dunlop joins The Crownsmen Show represented by Scott Frenz and Geoff Normanton to discuss their “real-time remote access to your belt performance”, BIRDSi and belt durability within the mining sector as well as managing the recent supply chain challenges. Watch Episode Here:
Successfully executing projects in the mining industry is extremely challenging. Head of Development at Waterton, Paul Nielson joins Mining Now to discuss some of these challenges including: Unique nature of each deposit Complex multidisciplinary work required to achieve sufficient confidence Complexity of scale -- lower grades mean higher volumes and large projects Not being able to choose where the mine is! Significant volatility in commodity prices He outlines how from the start, the deck is stacked against the industry, and the track record of success in project execution hasn’t been good over long periods of time. Watch Episode Here:
Accusteel is a leading provider of specialty transport equipment enabling their clients to move some of the largest machinery on the planet. Their Vice President Antu Chicahuala joins The Crownsmen Show to discuss some of their most stand-out projects across the mining, energy and construction industry including unique designs for on-road and off-road applications. From custom Heavy Haul Trailers, OEM Chassis, or off-road solutions Accusteel has the experience and expertise to provide an efficient and reliable solution forward. Watch Episode Here:
On this episode of Crownsmen Energy, Chelsea O’Connor, Business Development Manager at SFC Energy returns to expand on the company's off-grid power solutions and how it is actively driving change in the clean energy mix.  SFC Energy provides clients with highly reliable off-grid power systems using fuel cell technology.  These technologies assist companies in the industrial market to achieve net-zero emissions goals by  displacing diesel and thermoelectric low power solutions.  Through its innovative and proven methanol fuel cell technology and its ready-to-launch hydrogen power fuel cells, SFC Energy is helping clients transition away from emission producing power solutions in real-time over to clean technology solutions. SFC Energy is delivering reliable, sustainable, low-maintenance, and clean power solutions to industries across the board.  SFC’s fuel cell technology is a commercialized solution that is disrupting the power generation market and making a difference by helping companies realize the potential of clean power generation and its meaningful impact on lowering carbon footprints. Watch Episode Here:
Fleets of heavy equipment in the oilsands, some of the most extreme weather conditions on earth, and remote locations with small windows to deliver. This in-depth interview with HollyFrontier’s Barnaby Ngai and Gord Susinski dives into providing technical support for multiple applications and specifications and the onboarding process for mining operations around the world. Watch Episode Here:
One platform to bring it all together. AUTOSOL helps to solve industry challenges by securely collecting, accessing, and sharing data at scale from all of the devices that comprise industrial environments.  Director of Technical Operations and Business Development David Blanco joins Crownsmen Energy to provide insight on how AUTOSOL is not just delivering data, but providing context enabling customers to make informed decisions. Watch Episode Here:
Today we are filming live from #Minexpo2021 with Kal Tire Mining Tire Group! We will be joined by Dan Allan, Senior Vice President, Peter J Nilsson Innovation and Research and Development Manager, Scott Farnham, Director of Recycling Services, Marcus Jackson, Manager of Lifetime Tyre Service, and Mark Goode, Director of Business Insights. Watch Episode Here:
In this episode we feature another game changer in the mining industry. GeoSLAM makes it easy to capture and connect data from the world around us. From the built environment to the natural world, GeoSLAM technology gives people the power to collect geospatial data from some of the most difficult environments, whether they are indoor, outdoors, underground – everywhere. Watch Episode Here:
Last summer the Alberta government released “Alberta’s Recovery Plan” to create jobs, build capital and diversify the economy. Key elements of this plan included creating jobs and investing in Energy and Infrastructure. This plan is well underway but also requires private industry (including the energy industry) to invest alongside the government. But, the investment and capital build environment is changing rapidly and significantly. So today on The Crownsmen Show have two people from MNP to help unpack 3 streams: Environmental Legislation/regulation Indigenous Consultation ESG (Environmental Social Governance) and the connection to raising capital Watch Episode Here:
Ever expanding and now more than ever at a Global scale The Bucket Shop once again joins The Crownsmen Show to discuss their full line of cast solutions - Rhinowear. In this episode they are not just explaining why the brand outperforms at every level but Vice President Paul Woodward makes clear “as the globe distributor they are looking for dealers”. In this context he and his team outline the value, technical advantages, and distribution model to serve clients and a global scale. Watch Episode Here:
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