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The Crownsmen Podcast highlights the huge benefit that Mining, Energy, Construction, Forestry, and Transportation have on the economy. Watch on YouTube We highlight these industries by interviewing guests from First Nations Entrepreneurs, business owners, and top level executives from leading companies who all feel the effects from new projects that are approved or shut down. Join us as we promote industry and combat anti-business policies.
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If you have ever visited Vancouver, British Columbia or BC’s lower mainland, you have probably waited behind a beautiful Polished Aluminum Transfer Trailer built by K-Line Trailers. Or if you have visited a remote mining operation in Northern Canada you may just have seen their incredible Off Highway - Dual Power Road Train hauling thousands of tons of ore concentrate on frozen roads in the middle of winter. Two completely different units done by one incredible company that customizes each trailer they manufacture. All of this is accomplished out of their 120,000 sq. ft. fabrication and assembly facility. Watch Episode Here:
Adam Dulmage made two things very clear in this episode of Mining Now. First, as amazing as sensor technology in mining is, it is only as innovative and customized as the people behind implementing the solutions. Second, delivering on small projects can lead to servicing major operations when you deliver results and maintain a strong ongoing relationship with customers. Watch Episode Here:
Maximizing a pipeline's lifespan or repurposing existing pipelines in a time, when getting one built really can seem like a “pipe dream”, is just one more area where operators can look to lower their CO2 emissions and increase efficiency. Chad Carriere joins pipeline, energy, and technology podcast and web series Crownsmen Energy to discuss how EnerClear Services significantly extends the life of pipelines and is a proactive option for new and existing pipeline protection. 
Steve Paulson has over 30 years’ experience in mining and mineral processing He currently is the Director of Technical Consulting for Nalco Water’s Global Mining division. Nalco Water, an Ecolab company, is a global provider of mining and mineral processing solutions. Steve highlights mining and processing projects around the world including mines in Chile, Australia, and Saudi Arabia. Watch Episode Here:
TerraSource is a single stop for material sizing and feeding expertise and knowledgeable assistance in selecting the exact fit for your application, as well as expert engineering services and application-matched auxiliary equipment support to fully integrate your process equipment needs. They boast three market leaders – Gundlach Crushers, Jeffrey Rader and Pennsylvania Crusher. Watch Episode Here:
Ory Zik - CEO of Qnergy, joins Jerrod Downey on your favorite clean energy podcast and web series to discuss their world’s leading clean technology as the manufacturer of Stirling energy systems, he highlights their offerings of Compressed Air as a Service (CAaaS), Remote Power, and Compressed Air Pneumatics (CAP3). Watch Episode Here:
Select Crane Sales specializes in the sale of new and used cranes including: all terrain cranes, hydraulic truck cranes, carry deck cranes, boom trucks, rough terrain cranes, crawler/dragline cranes, and tower cranes. They have two locations in Florida and New Jersey and their cranes are delivered throughout the United States and Globally. Watch Episode Here:
Bellatorum is a veteran-owned and operated investment firm specializing in mineral rights & oil royalty acquisitions. Chris Bentley President & CEO joins Jerrod Downey and The Crownsmen Show to outline their investment process, the types of investors who qualify, and unpacks the life cycle of the oil well. Watch Episode Here:
White Whale’s Co-Founder Robert Mereau joins Crownsmen Energy. Robert talks about how they are working to build Augmented Intelligence solutions that empower businesses to make data-driven decisions. White Whale empowers businesses to turn their data into insights with AI Analytics that allows companies to discover, predict, and optimize their data. Their software allows businesses to discover hidden insights in their data and to understand past patterns, so they can adapt for the future. It allows customers to predict and simplify their forecasting using integrated AI to predict key outcomes; including seeing opportunities and problems before they occur. Finally White Whale uses AI to optimize their customers' decisions by simulating thousands of potential scenarios that find the strategies which make the best use of your resources. Watch Episode Here:
This episode features Radai’s Founder and CEO, Ari Saartenoja to discuss their company, technology and plans to partner with more companies in the future. Radai provides environmental measurement services using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and static ground stations. Watch Episode Here:
Samantha Espley, VP of BESTECH joins Mining Now to discuss what The Whole Mine means to her and BESTECH including the electrification of mines, sensor technology, license to operate, their contribution to economic development and community and mines of the future that will be more efficient and profitable. Watch Episode Here:
Today The Crownsmen Show featured two guests, President Josh Arnold and Vice President Matt Cox of JT Equipment Corp, to highlight their equipment, servicing, equipment lines including OilQuick’s automatic quick couplers and Kinshofer’s crane & excavator attachments. Josh discusses their business model and ability to create partnerships and Matt highlights projects that bring in multiple streams of the company including commissioning equipment, welding, fabrication, and servicing. Watch Episode Here:
Clark Grue, President and CEO of Rainmaker Global Business Development, joins Jerrod Downey for Episode 58 of The Crownsmen. Jerrod and Clark discuss their process to ensure market entry success for their clients, including identifying potential challenges and roadblocks along with developing strategies and seizing opportunities in new markets. Watch Episode Here:
“Leading With Science” is what is bringing the mining industry to new heights in efficiency, safety, and production. Few companies give us a better example than Tetra Tech As a leading provider of consulting and engineering services they support government and commercial clients by providing innovative solutions focused on water, environment, infrastructure, resource management, energy, and international development. With 20,000 associates worldwide, Tetra Tech's capabilities span the entire project life cycle. Watch Episode Here:
This episode of Mining Now examines macro-level trends in engineering, tailings management, metal prices in the mining industry. Jerrod Downey interviews Cameron Stockman the Director of Operations and Business Development at Responsible Mining Solutions to discuss how RMS is tackling these drivers of demand and their unique value proposition that separates them from conventional engineering-houses. Watch Episode Here:
Claudia Gomez-Villeneuve founded the Women In Engineering Summit after spending 16 years as an engineer in the oil and gas industry, including as Supervisors for Pipeline Projects and Programs for Enbridge. She joined Crownsmen Energy to discuss the event and challenges and opportunities for women as engineers. Watch Episode Here:
Aimsio is a field service management software designed to quickly plan projects, dispatch resources, and digitally capture activities such as field tickets, LEMs, forms, and timesheets.   Dennis Hale - Vice President Sales joins Jerrod Downey on Crownsmen Energy to showcase real-world examples where Aimsio has streamlined companies project tracking, dispatch, invoicing and much more. Watch Episode Here:
Episode 12 of Crownsmen Energy features Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance, also known as COSIA and their Director of Water, John Brogly. John joins Jerrod Downey to discuss water innovation in oil sands, current projects and their members. COSIA brings together leading thinkers from industry, government, academia and the wider public to improve measurement, accountability and environmental performance in the oil sands in four priority areas. These four Environmental Priority Areas (EPAs) are greenhouse gases, land, water and tailings. Watch Episode Here:
PipeLine Machinery International (PLM) is possibly the most unique global equipment dealer to be featured on Crownsmen Energy. They are a Cat equipment dealer, who supports the global needs of mainline pipeline construction customers worldwide giving their pipeline customers exclusive purpose-built pipeline equipment, expertise, technology and training in safety and equipment operation. Watch Episode Here:
This week we are excited to feature KG Industries Ltd  on The Crownsmen Show! KG Industries specializes in manufacturing Self Steer Axles, Force Steer axles, Off Highway Axles, and Standard Trailer Axles. Their Presiden, Luke Genberg  joins Jerrod Downey on The Crownsen Show for an in depth review of their company and to talk about heavy-duty axles! KGI Canadian company that produces over 3,500 axles each year! Watch Episode Here:
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