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The Crownsmen Podcast highlights the huge benefit that Mining, Energy, Construction, Forestry, and Transportation have on the economy. Watch on YouTube We highlight these industries by interviewing guests from First Nations Entrepreneurs, business owners, and top level executives from leading companies who all feel the effects from new projects that are approved or shut down. Join us as we promote industry and combat anti-business policies.
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Cementation is an underground mine contracting and engineering company that has worked on major mining projects around the world. Roy Slack, Founder, former President, and now Directors of Cementation Americas joins The Crownsmen Podcast to talk major project, safety, and how the mining industry has changed. Roy also serves as the current president of The Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM) and laid out their future approach for supporting bother their members and the mining industry. Roy explains that from the moment the Cementation started profits were not the primary focus. He wanted to remove the typical adversarial relationship between mine operators and mine contractors, he wanted safety to be at the forefront, and he wanted design-build to integrate input from all stakeholders. This in-depth interview unpacks one of the most challenging parts of the mining industry… building the mine! Watch Episode Here:
In the small village of Ashcroft with a population of about 1600 sits British Columbia's largest inland terminal that is responsible for importing and exporting goods and natural resources to and from the BC interior to the United States and around the world. This massive 320 acre terminal has both CP and CN railway lines passing through and access to  major highways into the province. Kleo Landucci joins us to talk about the history, current news, and the future of Ashcroft Terminal. She also gives her outlook on developing long term partnerships and maintaining them and how that strategy lead to the acquisition made by PSA International. Watch Ep 32. Here:
Millions of square feet around the world is covered by fabric buildings. What we wanted to know is how much has the technology has evolved? Fabric buildings were at one time typically used for equipment or product storage but are now being constructed for sport facilities and even housing. The reason is in no small part thanks to innovations within the industry that have made fabric more durable and airtight, designs being more customized and the steel frames stronger while minimizing steel waste. Watch Ep 31. Here: The Crownsmen Podcast Website:
According to a US Hemp Corp, in 2017 23,343 acres of hemp were cultivated that year across the United States. In 2018, that sum swelled to 77,000 acres. There are few (if any) agriculture sectors that are growing at a comparable rate and farmers have a new opportunity to grow a renewable crop with high returns. As the industry grows the stigma of hemp also is beginning to disappear and uses for hemp products continue to be explored. With rapid growth there is a demand for industrial scale harvesting and production equipment. Corbett Hefner - Vice President R&D for Formation Ag joined us to explore the industry, the machinery they have developed, and the product itself.
Tradesmen International serves industries that include construction, manufacturing, power, heavy industry, mining, and skilled workers in both the United States and Canadian markets. Since 1992 when Joseph O. Wesley, an electrical contractor from Northeast Ohio, recognized first-hand the vast need for a new construction staffing paradigm to deliver superior construction labour to the contractor’s workforce they have expanded to 200 offices in the United States and now have an office in Canada which David hopes will increase to eight or nine. Labour is always a major cost on any project and efficiency to maximize profits is always the goal. The type of service Tradesmen International provides leads to the question…do we truly have a labour shortage for skilled workers and trades or do we have an efficiency shortage that leads to employment volatility? 
Not many people would dispute innovation needs investment and that R&D is as necessary, as it can be challenging, for companies trying to compete on a global scale. Governments have long developed programs to help incentivize companies to invest in updating and advancing their technology. However, even for large companies understanding where they fit into incentive categories, what type they are eligible for, and even when to apply is complex. Jacqueline Gustafson with KPMG helps us explore different options by explaining the categories of R&D incentive programs and highlighting various bodies that make the final decisions of who gets funded. Here is some basic incentive information and government targets that every business should know. Watch Podcast Here:
From Formula One Championship, Site C to LNG Canada and all the way over to aerospace, not many companies cover as much ground as Wainbee. We sat down with their Regional Sales manager John Lamb to understand their company, their customers and their offerings. Wainbee Limited provides engineered systems, products and services for motion & control, industrial filtration and automation solutions. They partner with manufacturers and sell directly to customers, as well as, provide engineered solutions depending on the clients needs. The supply side is for customers who know what they need to have an internal team install or update their equipment. Their specialized offerings are clients who either have pre engineered systems and need Wainbee to build the system or have an end result they require and Wainbee builds a custom solution to achieve the customers goal.
J. Paul Stevenson is the CEO of Sego Resources Inc. and has lived and breathed exploration and mining since he was 15 years old when his uncle helped get him his first job. Sitting down with Paul was an opportunity to understand the exploration process step by step. The process of getting a mining claim from the exploration stage to a full production mine often takes years and hinges on so many factors including the economy, current markets, government, and local communities. Here are some common events and steps that are involved for making a junior mining company successful.
Welcome to the world of robotics in the industrial sectors! Today on the show Afshin Doust the CEO of AIS (Advanced Intelligent Systems) joins The Crownsmen Podcast to give incredible insight into how they have developed both an IoT platform and used AI technology to fulfill labour shortages and optimize efficiency challenges in agriculture and more specifically in horticulture.In the interview Afshin explains how the IoT platform helps AIS robots learn from each other and make decisions about the behavior required through its artificial intelligence capabilities. He lays out how the company has evolved its products and their business model. AIS now has two products ready for market including robots fully  equipped for moving and spacing plants. They have another ten in the works including pruning and shelf moving robots. This is all built off a subscription based business model so customers up front cost is minimal and they essentially only pay based on usage. With rising labour costs in both North America and Europe and a decrease in willingness to do repetitive and labour intensive jobs, robotics companies provide a strategy for industry to offer higher skill level jobs without the physical demand. But what is the risk of robots replacing humans? Afshin points out that at one time you hit zero and a live operator came on the line. Now with all the automation telecommunications employees more people than ever before. Partnerships have been key for AIS. Their manufacturer, Valid Manufacturing, and distributor, Agrinomix, are both also investors. Afshin outline how those partnerships developed and what each brings to the table. He offers his own outlook on how to maintain partners and resolves resolve conflicts. In many ways this episode is as much about leadership and successful collaboration as it is about technology and innovation. Watch Ep 25.
In 2018 at one of the largest mining shows in North America CIM Vancouver, Crownsmen Partners launched The Crownsmen Show & Podcast designed to explore the technology, environmental challenges, public relations, and even the politics of heavy industry. In 1 year we have done just that.For this special episode we have our first official interview of The Crownsmen Podcast that features former Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy, and Petroleum President Michael Winship. Then we show highlights of some of our favorite episodes over the last year. Since we started our show has unpacked new mining technology with engineers and CEOs whose companies are leading the way for mining to become more efficient, safer, and better for our environment. We drove through the world of transportation to explore incredible systems to manage everything from monitoring technology for braking systems in heavy trucks to booking commercial shipping online . We drilled down into IoT and sensor technology used on modern day drills. We have looked at business models, growth strategies, finances, and the future of automation. It is our hope that you, our audience, have learned as much as we have and that we have opened your eyes to the world of heavy industry in a whole new way. We provide the platform, our guests provide the expertise, sponsors provide funding, and our audience gives us every reason in the world to make our show better every week… together we are “The Voice of Industry. Watch Ep 24. Here: FROM ALL OF US AT CROWNSMEN PARTNERS!Jerrod Downey - President 
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