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The Crownsmen Podcast highlights the huge benefit that Mining, Energy, Construction, Forestry, and Transportation have on the economy. Watch on YouTube We highlight these industries by interviewing guests from First Nations Entrepreneurs, business owners, and top level executives from leading companies who all feel the effects from new projects that are approved or shut down. Join us as we promote industry and combat anti-business policies.
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Ep 21. Commercial Real Estate - Heavy Industry, Small Business & Investors
Watch Full Episodes: In December of 2018 Global News released an article stating that  total national Caandian wealth hit $11.415 trillion in the third quarter, and at $8.752 trillion, real estate made up a 76-per-cent share of that figure. This staggering statistic made it clear to us that we need to have episodes that are focused on real estate, and being that we are a heavy industry show, we need to zero in on commercial real estate. Cory Wright, Founder and CEO of William Wright (a boutique style commercial real estate company) laid out in a clear way the reality of how commercial real estate works, the challenges, and the misconceptions people have. Commercial Real Estate TopicsIndustrial & Commercial Real EstatePhase 1 & 2 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)Small Businesses Buying Commercial Real Estate - Operations Vs Investment PropertyWilliam Wright - Developing a Commercial Real Estate CompanyRental Rates, Rental Inventory Shortage, & Real Estate Investment IncentiveCory Wright has spent years in the real estate business, working for other firms and now for 6 years running his own. Like many experts he can unpackage complex issues and make them easy to understand and help us realize that what we thought were simple can be complex and may have a hidden downside. Perhaps at times real estate becomes such a normal part of our lives that we only rely on news headlines and quick google searches to inform us. But if you run a business, rent a home, or want to invest in property this episode will give you in depth information to help you take advantage of the opportunities and avoid the pitfalls. 
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