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The Crownsmen Podcast highlights the huge benefit that Mining, Energy, Construction, Forestry, and Transportation have on the economy. Watch on YouTube We highlight these industries by interviewing guests from First Nations Entrepreneurs, business owners, and top level executives from leading companies who all feel the effects from new projects that are approved or shut down. Join us as we promote industry and combat anti-business policies.
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David Yager is President and CEO Winterhawk Well Abandonment and author of “From Miracle to Menace” and he joined Crownsmen Energy to discuss the energy sector in Alberta and Canada. In the first part of the interview David discusses the Federal government’s funding of $1.7 billion into cleaning orphan and inactive wells. We then move on to Winterhawks new technology for the economical and environmentally responsible asset retirement (abandonment) of oil and natural gas wells. Later we discuss why he wrote “From Miracle to Menace”, the history and future of Alberta’s oil industry, and major political challenges the industry faces. Watch Episode Here:
Rick Zemlak, a partner at Lakewood Electric joins Jerrod Downey on The Crownsmen Show to discuss major mining and energy projects ( like Coalspur Mine by Bighorn Mining in Hinton, Alberta and. Tidewaters (formerly owned by Husky) Oil & Gas Refinery in Prince George BC. Rick also discusses the development and integration of instrumentation ( into the electrical sector, how Lakewood keeps a competitive advantage, the importance their company places on a genuine working relationship with indigenous communities, and how he approaches encouraging and connecting apprentices in the industry. This straight talking interview gives you insight into the leadership, skill, and transparency it takes to succeed in the competitive world of electrical contracting. Watch Episode here:
Turkana ( is an innovative data and analytic service company offering a host of services built around it’s revolutionary imaging technology while fostering industry collaboration and integration of services through an Ultra Fast Universal Data Platform. The CEO and Founder of Turkana, Tim Davies ( joins Crownsmen Energy to discuss how the company has developed its technology, funding streams, and collaboration with major oil and gas companies. Watch Episode Here:
SGS is a true global leader in inspection, testing, and verification services across all industries including mining, energy, transportation, manufacturing, construction, and agriculture. In this episode we focus on their geological services with Minerals Global Business Manager, Marc-Antoine Laporte. We unpack their service offerings including the application of machine learning to exploration targeting resource estimating, mine audits, project due diligence, 3D modeling along with highlighting projects around the world that give examples of these services.Watch Episode Here:
Acceleware is working towards a cleaner future for oil sands and heavy oil production. They have developed RF XL. Acceleware's RF XL ( is a transformative innovation that uses radio frequency ("RF") energy to heat and mobilize heavy oil and bitumen, resulting in dramatically cleaner and lower-cost production relative to traditional steam-based processes such as steam-assisted gravity drainage ("SAGD"). Mike Tourigny (, VP of Commercialization and Laura McIntyre (, VP of Engineering at Acceleware join Crownsmen Energy to discuss the technology and the future of the oil and gas sector. Watch Episode Here:
Is it possible to create a continuous source of green, clean, and affordable energy from deep earth? With governments moving towards carbon free fuels and lower CO2 emissions and consumers looking for alternative sources of energy outside traditional fossil fuels, there is certainly demand. Grant Strem, Chairman and CEO of Proton Technologies joined Crownsmen Energy to discuss their patented technology, the global hydrogen market, and the opportunities for the Canadian Energy sector. Watch Episode Here: 
The energy industry carries with it a new set of opportunities and challenges every day.  When Iggy Domagalski  the CEO of Tundra Process Solutions sat down to speak with host Jerrod Downey for Crownsmen Energy  he laid out a thoughtful and clear approach to navigating companies through both good and bad days. He discussed his journey from Winnipeg with a finance background to running an industrial process supply company and the influence reading “How To Buy a Good Business at a Great Price” by Richard Parker had on his business career. Iggy also lays out the growth strategy of Tundra including acquisitions, taking on more product lines, and expanding geographic territories. Later in the interview he discusses why it was so important to expand Tundra’s philanthropic reach including being an “Imagine Canada” accredited company and developing their own business and product incubator program “Acceleration Centre for Entrepreneurs (A.C.E.)”. Watch Episode Here:
Where will the next generation of mining equipment operators, managers, and leaders come from? How do mining operators and contractors not only attract your talent but retain employees? These are just a few of the topics covered in this episode of The Crownsmen Show featuring the Turner Mining Group President Keaton Turner who founded the company at only 27. “We don’t build bridges. We don’t dig landfills. We are 100% mining.” is the first thing you see when visiting the Turner Mining website. The mining service contractor has found its niche in being able to deliver services on multiple sites for companies who own operations across the United States by having representation across the country who has a deep understanding of each state's regulations and culture. This strategy has been key to them becoming one of the most trusted mining service contractors in North America. Watch Episode Here:
In this episode Richard Masson joins the Crownsmen Energy to discuss the role of the World Petroleum Council – Canada including helping their members stay connected and informed about the oil and gas industry worldwide, primarily by organizing the Canadian presence at the tri-annual World Petroleum Congress. He also discusses Fractal Systems’ JetShear technology that dramatically reduces the amount of diluent that is otherwise required to transport the heavy oil to market. This interview covers how the oil and gas industry can move forward and communicate and educate about the advances in technology, efficiency, and lowering of Greenhouse Emissions. We also discuss Richard’s career and his sense of responsibility to continue promoting the energy sector for the provinces of Alberta, Canada, and the world. Watch Episode Here:
Riskope believes that through risk information and science they can better the world. Their mission? Increase value, sustainability for clients by giving them leading competitive edge through 360-understanding of risks and rational mitigative roadmaps. Risk assessments have to put all the risks “under the same roof”, be convergent, avoid “siloes”, include interdependencies. That’s what they do with their flagship methodology called ORE, Optimum Risk Estimates Watch Episode Here:
Projects in completely different environments and in separate industries show what it takes to design and deliver pump equipment for fluid handling requirements in the oil and gas industry, mining, and major drilling projects, and construction. Production Foreman for Power Zone Equipment, Greg Sanchez, joined Crownsmen Energy to explain the multiple stages of inspecting, designing, engineering, fabricating, and supplying pumps for major industrial applications around the world. Pumps in this interview fall into two categories, positive displacement pumps, and dynamic pumps. We cover multiple types of positive displacement pumps such as rotary-type positive displacement, reciprocating-type positive displacement, and linear-type positive displacement. We also explore dynamic pump systems including centrifugal pumps. Watch Episode Here:
Have you ever wondered who tests critical care medical equipment to make sure it functions correctly, solar panels to ensure they are designed to last, or the safety of an electric motor that will be installed in hazardous locations? LabTest has been accredited by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) as a Certification Body (CB) to certify, electrical/electronic devices, hazardous location equipment, medical devices, gas appliances, and plumbing fixtures & fittings. LabTest Founder and President Kavinder Dhillon joins The Crownsmen Show to discuss the ins and outs of customers certifying their products and decisions he made while building up his company to a leader in product testing and certification. Watch Episode Here:
25 years ago Tom Palangio stepped away from his position at Dupont to further develop his fragmentation analysis technology. He had developed the technology in partnership with Waterloo University specifically for measuring rock blasts but quickly found multiple applications in the aggregate industry. Seeing potential competition Dupont and Tom reached an agreement that he would not operate in North America for 3 years. As a result he went to Panama as a blast consultant during the construction of the Panama Canal, then continued to expand his distribution network in Peru, Chile, South Africa, and Australia before returning to Canada. Although the global travel led to excellent exposure across the world for WipWare products and services; because of the agreement with Dupont they had little exposure in Canada. Tom had to build his local business presence after being gone for over 3 years and as an added challenge his rural 150 acre property with dial-up internet offered significant challenges in communicating with his distributors. True to his “solve the problem” form, Tom connected with Bell Canada and negotiated to have high speed internet brought in, even becoming their poster boy for entrepreneurial capabilities in rural Canada. Watch Episode Here:
In 2015 on a Friday afternoon, Ed Lingel got off the phone with the founder of Daequip and told his wife they had just bought an attachment manufacturing company. With her support (and his gratitude for that is very clear in the interview) he took the company from where the former owner ran it as a one man show with a handful of employees to a full service heavy equipment attachment company with designated teams, updated equipment, and a new machine shop. Most people will say business is all about relationships, but some people live it. During the interview it became clear Ed knows how to both work with people and how to get them onside. He sees that ability as something he naturally had going as far back as highschool hanging out with multiple groups from jocks to skaters but then it was further brought out and refined by extensive training and hands on experience working as a major account manager at Finning. From the the original owner, to his wife, to his first business partner at Daequip who passed away suddenly at only 57, to taking on a new partner, all while building up his company and establishing inroads with new customers, building relationships it isn't just talk for Ed, it truly is “everything”. Watch Episode Here:
TransWorld Manufacturing Company is the company between the crane manufacturer and crane operators. They design, engineer, and manufacture for the heavy lift and haul industry; specializing in boom dollies, spreader bars, engineered lifting beams, spreader bars end cap, and outrigger mats. Crystal Dieleman began the company in 2015 and is the 3rd generation in her family to be in the heavy haul industry. Since entering the market TransWorld Manufacturing introduces the lightest boom dollie in the market and brought back her family’s original schnabel system to more efficiently and safely transport mobile cranes. In the heavy haul industry a key part of design is dealing with the department of transportation and the need to understand transportation regulations from state to state in the US and  across provinces in Canada. Crystal discusses understanding those regulations and the process of delivering the crane operator’s requirements while designing and manufacturing to crane manufacturer’s specifications. Watch Episode Here:
In this episode we discuss the changes in the railcar industry including the shift in who actually owns the rail cars and how storage facilities are ever increasing in demand, along with some very good tips for being a new company in a massive industry. Joining The Crownsmen Show is Vice President, Business Development Managers, and Partner of  MGH Railcar, Robert Skarzynski. MGH Railecar’s services include railcar storage, railcar service and repair, dismantling railcars, change identification decals. Robert highlights multiple projects including former show guest Ashcroft Terminal, he discusses career before MGH dealing with derailments, and he shares lessons he has learned along with his business partner Mark Herbert about managing cash as a small company selling to major players in the rail industry. Watch Episode Here:
Avenue Machinery is perhaps best know as a Kubota tractor dealer but it didn’t take long for Jerrod Downey and Chris to “dig” into how long it takes to move the right people into a company and move out people who aren't, how the technology in new equipment can be frustrating for the older generation of farmers but how new technology lowers maintenance time, and the lessons Chris learned about leadership before becoming an owner of Avenue Machinery. Watch Episode Here:
The XGraphic engineering company develops tailor-made software solutions for individual technical tasks in various economic sectors and industries including for mining and processing. In this interview Dr Buttgereit discusses how XGraphic provides optimized decision support based on real-time data including how to turn the underground mining cycle into operational intelligence and how they are closing the loop of resource management. Watch Episode Here:
Nickel Bros’ portfolio includes more than 10,000 over-dimensional land-based deliveries and installations, and more than 3,000 barge based deliveries including some of the most complex and extraordinary marine and land deliveries throughout North America since 1956. They are an asset based, heavy transport, heavy barge, heavy lift, and industrial jack and slide installation contractor, which includes developing engineered solutions for extreme and unusual loads. Watch Episode Here:
Jill Tsolinas - Executive Director of CTEM joins Jerrod Downey host of Mining Now to discuss employment in the mining industry. B.C. Centre of Training Excellence in Mining (CTEM) connects industry, students, job seekers, training providers, and communities to meet their respective employment needs by: • playing a leading role in understanding industry skills requirements, • facilitating industry driven training, • building alliances, and supporting partners. This episode of Mining Now was shot live at MEMO 2019 and is brought in partnership with CIM and Crownsmen Partners. Watch Episode Here:
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