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Ham & Egg Podcast Steve & JJ

Ham and Egg Podcast. Two schmoes trying figure out life and letting other's share their stories.

About Us

JJ Davis was born a poor, partially Mexican child on the eastern plains of Idaho. After summering in Gig Harbor for most of his formative years, JJ then went on to attend Boise State University while working as bar wench to put himself through school.

Steve Lipkin was born a poor, partially Jewish child on the desert plains of Arizona but was soon thrust into California where he grew up fearing sharks and resenting most humans. After Steve moved to Idaho, he then too became a bar owner and wench.
32 Episodes
Bill is leading the charge to garner enough signatures to ensure an initiative to establish medical marijuana on the ballot in Idaho November 2020. @idahocann #legalizeidaho
We had fun mostly just rambling on about our current events!
We talk Stubs, #bartending, #GarthBrooks, #Alaska, #teaching, and #cheating at board games.
We discuss Les Bois, we confirmed Arkansas Gators are real, and addiction. It was a great episode that we really enjoyed.
We touch on fishing, parades, Vegas, scooters, and much much more. Thanks for taking the time to listen!
We learn how to dive near cruise ships in port...haha. We had a great time catching up with CJ!
We talk vaccination, alchemy, homeschooling, and massage therapy. It was a great time getting to know her. Drugs might have come up one or twice as well. Links to Facebook and Website for the CBD Fluid:
We run through the entire list of 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates. Our limited understanding of politics is highlighted throughout. Here is the link to the NY Time article we referenced: @hamandegg2
Ep24 - Lil Lip talks pregnancy and life!
We get to know Ryan, talk sports, steaming, & Portland.
Ep22 - Commentary on the "The Masters" with guest appearances from Coach and Drew. We include a few travel rants as well.
Ep21 - Year in Review

Ep21 - Year in Review


We discuss our favorite episodes and several other tangents about what has been released on the Ham & Egg Podcast so far. We also take about where we are headed in 2019.
Ep20 - Father Jeffrey

Ep20 - Father Jeffrey


**EXPLICIT CONTENT** More than usual... We discuss pig farms, drugs, death, life. Most of all we had fun catching up with Jeffrey and his recent travel memoirs.
Ep19 - *Fantasy Land*

Ep19 - *Fantasy Land*


We open with some interesting stories from our week that was. We discuss recent travel, minivan ownership, and the crazy guy who "stormed" our office. We also get into a deep dive of baseball by two guys who don't know anything. I let the listening audience know when the baseball discuss begins, so feel free to bail!
Steve, JJ, Austin, and C.B. We talk Hex, childhood, Portland, Boise, and life.
Sanford is our guest. He is a prolific Producer, Miscellaneous Crew, and Writer ( We enjoyed varying stories from Tijuana to the Hollywood Hills.
Ep16 - 47 fucks by Ebiz

Ep16 - 47 fucks by Ebiz


Elizabeth talked Stubs and life. #stubslife
Ep15 - The Turkish Get-Up!

Ep15 - The Turkish Get-Up!


Not a Dr. Foxy wades into psychology and polyamory. #hideyourbarbies!
A quick episode live from Bogota!
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