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Author: Neal Bloom

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The Tacos and Tech Podcast highlights the builders of companies, technologies, and the ecosystem of San Diego with a local flair for our lifestyle as well.
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Al Bsharah is VP of Product Operations at Seismic, a sales enablement platform. The show is also joined by Amy Chang, CEO of Delta Nutrassentials. Neal, Al, and Amy are all members of Tech Coast Angels, which will give you an investor perspective of the San Diego tech scene in this episode. Al moved out to San Diego in 1998 after working as an engineer in the Detroit auto industry. He always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur and spent his time in San Diego trying to build businesses and working in other startups. Al learned some tough lessons as a solo founder and decided to pair up with a co-founder for his next venture. In last 2016, Al joined Seismic Software, which had a headcount of 200 at the time. Three years later, the tech unicorn is pushing 900. The company has been rapidly growing for years, and even made a couple acquisitions, giving the company a presence in multiple states and countries. Listen in to hear all about Al’s experience as both an entrepreneur and an investor, and get the scoop on his favorite local taco spot. 17:43 SD tech news recap begins. Topics include SOCi, Concert Health, and Kneron’s recent fundraising rounds; BlueNalu’s groundbreaking cell-based fish; local startup studios, like Brad Chisum’s Launch Factory; the HNC tech mafia, and more. Thanks to our partners at Cox Business for their support in enabling us to grow the San Diego ecosystem.   Al’s favorite local taco spot: Fish tacos at The Tilted Stick in Ocean Beach (Other than his wife’s homemade shrimp tacos, of course)   Keep up with Al:  Twitter: @ALBsharah   Keep up with Seismic:  Facebook: @SeismicSoftware Twitter: @SeismicSoftware Instagram: @SeismicSoftware
Cody Barbo is Co-Founder & CEO of Trust & Will, an online service making it easy, fast and secure to set up your estate plan. Originally from Huntington Beach, Cody moved down to sunny San Diego to study at San Diego State University. The diehard Aztec broke out of his shell by pursuing leadership roles on campus, the most significant one being student body president.  During college, Cody had the entrepreneurial bug, hustling to get an app idea off the ground. After college, he co-founded a tech startup called Industry, which helped restaurants find and hire talent efficiently. After three years of growing the company, Cody was abruptly removed from his role as CEO. Although it hurt to leave a company he held so close to his heart, the young founder made peace with the decision and took some time off to focus on his upcoming wedding.  Some time had passed and Cody went to grab coffee with his friend, Daniel. Their casual conversation eventually led into a discussion about assets and what would happen to them once they passed. That conversation sparked the beginning of their digital estate-planning startup, Trust & Will. Listen in to hear all about his experience building multiple startups, and get the scoop on his favorite local taco spot. Thanks to our partners at Cox Business for their support in enabling us to grow the San Diego ecosystem.   Cody’s favorite local taco spot: Tahona Bar in Old Town   Keep up with Cody:  Twitter: @CodyBarbo   Keep up with Trust & Will:  Facebook: @TrustAndWill Twitter: @TrustAndWill Instagram: @TrustAndWill
Alexa-Rae Navarro is the new Executive Director of Startup San Diego, a non-profit that supports entrepreneurs and startups in the local ecosystem.  Alexa-Rae was born and raised in Riverside and went to college at UC San Diego, where she studied urban planning. After graduating, she moved to Los Angeles to work at the mayor’s office but knew she wanted to learn more and went on to earn a master’s degree in urban planning at UCLA. Her studies coincided with a graduate internship at the LA Chamber of Commerce. After finishing up her studies, Alexa-Rae continued working with the LA Chamber of Commerce, where she eventually became a senior managing director of the organization’s center for innovation and tech. Listen in to hear all about her journey to becoming Startup San Diego’s new Executive Director and send her your best taco recommendation! Thanks to our partners at Cox Business for their support in enabling us to grow the San Diego ecosystem.   Keep up with Alexa-Raei:  Twitter: @lexaRaeN   Keep up with Startup San Diego:  Twitter: @StartupSanDiego Facebook: @StartupSD
Rob Rast is Co-Founder & CEO of both FLX Bike and Miles Board, which make electric bikes and skateboards that make commutes kinder to the air that we breathe.  Originally from Sacramento, Rob spent his childhood there but says he did most of his growing up in China. In 2009, at the age of 19, Rob dropped out of college and purchased a one-way ticket to China and lived there until just a couple years ago.  While in China, Rob learned the language and decided to start his first business selling wine imported from California. Rob learned that chasing money rather than passion wasn’t the right move, so he left the wine business to pursue an opportunity with an aviation company that was trying to break into the Chinese market. Rob quit his job after working with the company for a couple years to start businesses centered around products he was truly passionate about: electric bikes and nutrition. Rob met his co-founder on Airbnb and moved back to the US to build the business. He came out to San Diego, where his partner and brother were already residing, and he’s been in the sunny city ever since.  Listen in to hear all about his experience moving to and building a business in China, and get the scoop on his favorite local tacos. For their crowdfunding launch info, go to to reserve your “Baby Maker” electric bike for $1,000 off. Thanks to our partners at Cox Business for their support in enabling us to grow the San Diego ecosystem.   Rob’s favorite local taco spots: Taqueria Los Ruiz and Macho’s Mexican Grill, both in Pacific Beach   Keep up with Rob:  Instagram: @Rob.Rast   Keep up with FLX Bike:  Facebook: @flxbike Twitter: @flxbike Instagram:    Keep up with Miles Board:  Facebook: @ridemiles Instagram: @milesboard
Kim Walpole is the Co-Founder & CEO of, a startup that’s developing frontier technology that helps research teams develop their clinical trial protocols. Originally from Bronx, New York, Kim did a lot of traveling with her family growing up. She worked for the American Management Association and later began consulting a couple of pharma companies. After meeting her now-husband, she moved out to San Diego in 2010, where she currently resides.  A few years after moving out to San Diego, Kim’s best friend had a stomach ache which turned out to be pancreatic cancer. He was given 5 months to live. Being told he could not be treated, he reached out to Kim in hopes that she could get him into a trial. She tapped into her network but quickly learned that by the time her friend would be able to participate in a trial, he’d be gone. In that moment, Kim began reevaluating the protocols that were in place in the industry. She knew the process had to change, leading her to found Listen in to hear all about her founding story, and get the scoop on her favorite local eats and brews. Thanks to our partners at Cox Business for their support in enabling us to grow the San Diego ecosystem.   Kim’s local favorites: Tacos - anywhere that ends in an “-erto’s”  Coffee - Lofty Coffee   Keep up with  Facebook: @Trialsai Twitter: @Trialsai
Ashok Kamal is back in the studio to discuss recent happenings in the local startup scene. Listen in as he and Neal chat about venture funding, startup news, and more. In case you missed it, School of Rap, which was co-founded by Ashok, helped us come up with a new Tacos & Tech theme song that encompasses all we love about San Diego and the local startup scene. Give it a listen in this episode and let us know what you think!  For a full listing of news, events, and fundings, sign up for our newsletter at and follow us on Twitter: @FreshBrewedTech.  Thanks to our partners at Cox Business for their support in enabling us to grow the San Diego ecosystem.
Ashok Kamal is the Executive Director of Tech Coast Angels (TCA) San Diego, one of the largest and most active angel investment groups in the country. Originally from the east coast, Ashok grew up in Boston, where he later attended Boston University. At 21 years old, Ashok moved to New York City to pursue entrepreneurship. Hw founded businesses there and immersed himself in the local startup scene. In 2015, after spending 15 years in the big apple, he finally made his way out to the west coast. A visit to his friend in San Diego is what sparked his idea to move to the sunny city, and he’s never looked back. Ashok’s first taste of the San Diego startup scene was at Startup San Diego’s Convergence event, which happens to be where he first met our host, Neal. This is a special episode because School of Rap, which was co-founded by Ashok, helped us come up with a new Tacos & Tech theme song that encompasses all we love about San Diego and the local startup scene. Give it a listen and let us know what you think!  Listen in to hear all about his experience transitioning from being an entrepreneur to becoming an investor, and get the scoop on his favorite local tacos. Thanks to our partners at Cox Business for their support in enabling us to grow the San Diego ecosystem. Ashok’s local favorites: Tacos: Fish tacos at Blue Water Seafood in Little Italy Keep up with Ashok:  Twitter: @AK_LaunchLeader Ashok’s LinkedIn Keep up with Tech Coast Angels:  Facebook: @TCASanDiego Twitter: @TCASanDiego Instagram: @TCASanDiego
Soon-Aik (SA) Chiew is the Chief Product Officer of Softinn Solutions and a Startup Melaka leader SA is from Melaka, a Malaysian state. He attended the state’s Multimedia University, where he studied international business. He moved to a larger city after graduating to begin his career in tech. SA recently came out to San Diego as part of the YSEALI Professional Fellows Program, which is a professional development exchange program for community leaders from Southeast Asia. Listen in to hear all about his experience working in the Malaysian startup ecosystem, his key takeaways from his recent fellowship in San Diego, and his local favorite experiences. Thanks to our partners at Cox Business for their support in enabling us to grow the San Diego ecosystem. Keep up with SA:  SA’s LinkedIn
Elle & Ellory of The Atlas

Elle & Ellory of The Atlas


Elle Hempen and Ellory Monks are the founders behind The Atlas for Cities, an online community where local government officials and staff share their success stories, learn what’s working in other cities, and build relationships with partners. Elle grew up in a town called Deerfield, Illinois, meanwhile Ellory spent her early childhood in Orange County and later moved to northern New Jersey. Ellory knew since she was a child that she wanted to pursue a career in sustainability. And she discovered through internships and job experiences that she most enjoyed working in the public sector.  Elle, on the other hand, knew she wanted to solve big problems in the most efficient manner, leading her to discover inefficiencies in government. In college, she majored in public policy and interned in and around DC.  Both Elle and Ellory had experiences that introduced them to federal government, including stints working with Barack Obama, both when he served as a senator and as president. The now-founders first met through a colleague in the administration who thought to connect them because they were both military spouses who were moving to San Diego around the same time. They hit it off and the rest is history. Listen in to hear all about their journeys as entrepreneurs, their plans for the future of The Atlas, and their local favorite eats and brews. Thanks to our partners Cox Business for their support in enabling us to grow the San Diego ecosystem.   Ellory’s local favorites Tacos - Fish tacos at Oscar’s in La Jolla Coffee - Holsem Coffee in North Park Beer - Cali Creamin’ by Mother Earth Brew Co.   Elle’s local favorites Tacos - Spicy shrimp tacos at The Taco Stand  Coffee - Bird Rock Coffee Beer - AleSmith Brewing   Keep up with The Atlas:  Facebook: @TheAtlasForCities Twitter: @TheAtlas4Cities Ellory’s Twitter:  @Ellory_Monks Elle’s Twitter: @ElleHempen 
Ana and Octavian Florescu In Diagnostics (InD) is a biotech company that is commercializing a single-use chemistry panel. It uses digital technology to try to miniaturize a blood test to a small, single-use disposable that you can put a drop of blood on and discard after use. Listen in to hear all about their journeys as entrepreneurs, their plans for the future of InD, and their local favorite eats and brews. Thanks to our partners Cox Business for their support in enabling us to grow the San Diego ecosystem. Ana & Octavian’s local favorites Tacos - Fish 101 Leucadia Beer - Latitude 33’s Blood Orange IPA Keep up with InD:  Facebook: @InDiagnostics Twitter: @In_Diagnostics
Recently, Startup Grind San Diego interviewed Blink UX CEO and Co-founder Karen Clark Cole at Blink UX’s new office. As you’ll hear in the intro, the office has a storied past, especially related to the startup and tech community.  Fresh Brewed Tech’s Rachel Gauvin hosted and moderated Karen through her history of co-founding and her many learnings along the way. Listen in to how she grew the business, including its expansion to San Diego. Stay tuned until the end for a Q&A with the event’s live audience. This fireside chat is unlike anything you’ve heard on the Tacos & Tech Podcast, so tune in and enjoy!
Kendra Dixon is the program manager at Techstars Anywhere, the one (mostly) virtual accelerator within Techstars. Techstars is a global network that helps entrepreneurs succeed through its many accelerators around the world, startup events, and more. Kendra grew up in San Jose, CA during the tech boom. Both her parents worked for IBM, so Kendra had a tech influence in her upbringing. She attended college at San Jose State University, studying business and interning at nearby companies like Cisco and HP.  Early on in her career, Kendra found a remote marketing gig so that she could travel with her husband, who was a professional baseball player. The young couple traveled to many cities big and small, and even lived in Colorado, before deciding to make a home in San Diego about five years ago. She now resides in Carlsbad, where Techstars Anywhere Managing Director Ryan Kuder is also based. The two of them work together to support entrepreneurs in the accelerator's remote program. Applications for the next Techstars Anywhere cohort are due October 13, 2019! Listen in to hear all about Kendra’s journey to her current role and her local favorite eats and brews. Thanks to our partners Cox Business for their support in enabling us to grow the San Diego ecosystem.   Kendra’s favorites Tacos - El Puerto in Carlsbad Beer - Park 101 in Carlsbad  Coffee - Steady State Roasting in Carlsbad   Keep up with Techstars:  Facebook: @Techstars Twitter: @Techstars Instagram: @Techstars
Brenton Sullivan is the co-founder & CEO of FieldLevel, a collaborative athletic recruiting tool that helps athletes find the right colleges, and college coaches find the best athletes for their rosters. The company’s mission is to unlock the highest level of athletic achievement for both athletes and coaches. A Berkeley, Calif. native, Brenton spent his teen years at a boarding school in Ojai Valley before beginning his college career at the University of Southern California (USC). Brenton’s teen years were spent playing various sports, including basketball, baseball, football, and soccer, and he went on to join USC’s baseball team as a catcher. It was during his time as a collegiate athlete that the idea for FieldLevel was sparked. Brenton wrote a business plan for what would become FieldLevel, as he was enrolled in the university’s entrepreneurial program.  The aspiring entrepreneur won an award for his business plan, which gave him the opportunity to present his business idea to prospective investors. Brenton decided to forgo taking on any investors until he fully understood the business from a coach’s point of view in order to understand his consumers. In order to do so, Brenton took on a new role as Director of Operations at USC for a year in order to gain the knowledge he needed to grow the business.   Brenton and his co-founders launch FieldLevel in late 2008, one year after he graduated from USC. For its first several years in business, the FieldLevel team was split between Culver City and San Diego. After one of their bi-annual retreats, Brenton noticed how much his employees enjoyed being together, so he set out to move the entire team down to sunny San Diego. The company found a home in Solana Beach, where it is currently based. Listen in to hear all about Brenton’s journey as an entrepreneur, his plans for the future of FieldLevel, and his local favorite eats and brews. Thanks to our partners Cox Business for their support in enabling us to grow the San Diego ecosystem.   Brenton’s favorites Tacos - Rudy’s Taco Shop in Solana Beach Beer - 394 from AleSmith  Coffee - Swell in Del Mar   Keep up with FieldLevel:  Facebook: @FieldLevel Twitter: @FieldLevel Instagram: @FieldLevel
Dmitry Shapiro is the co-founder & CEO of GoMeta, which provides users with Koji, a platform that aims to democratize app development. Similarly to how blogs democratized text publishing, and Instagram democratizing photography, the GoMeta team believes that the general public are at a point where they are ready to get familiar with, and create things from, code. The Russia native moved to Atlanta, GA when he was just 10 years old. In 1984, during his teen years, Dmitry watched a movie called WarGames that immediately drew him to computers, and so, he began spending his free time at his high school’s computer lab. Soon enough, Dmitry went from being a rookie to learning how to program. His parents eventually got him a computer so that he could learn skills from the comfort of his own home.  Although his activity during his teen years would suggest a future career in computer science, Dmitry decided to spend his college years studying electrical engineering instead. After graduating with a degree he was burnt out from, Dmitry explored other career paths until rediscovering programming at 25. This caused him to shift gears and find work as a Sales Engineer and later on as a web consultant. After a few years, Dmitry was recruited by an up-and-coming San Diego company called College Club, spending just under a year there. After the company tanked, DMitry decided to begin his own venture. He founded Akonix Systems, a startup that sought to build online communities for individual brands, and raised his first round of venture capital, totalling $5 million, after about a year. Although the business was doing well, Dmitry and his co-founder decided pivoting the business to a cybersecurity company would be best.  With an eventual $34 million in venture capital raised, the future of the cybersecurity venture looked promising. In late 2004, five years into his venture, Dmitry had an epiphany: he wanted to make it easy for anyone to broadcast video on the internet. An idea he came up with several months before the launch of YouTube. He felt so strongly about his idea that he ended up leaving Akonix shortly after to pursue this new venture, Veoh Networks. In the five years he pursued this new venture, Dmitry’s team raised $70 million, competing directly with YouTube and Hulu. Nearing the end of its five-year run, the company was being bombarded with lawsuits from Universal Music, leading to its subsequent liquidation. After closing down his company, Dmitry was recruited by MySpace to become the next CTO of its subsidiary, MySpace Music, where he worked for one year before leaving to become a Googler. Four years later, Dmitry left his gig at Google and moved back down to sunny San Diego, where he started working on his current venture: GoMeta.   Listen in to hear all about Dmitry’s journey as an entrepreneur, his plans for the future of GoMeta, and his local favorite eats and brews. Thanks to our partners Cox Business for their support in enabling us to grow the San Diego ecosystem. Dmitry’s favorites Tacos - Taco Stand, The Brigantine, South Beach Beer - Stone Brewing, Karl Strauss Coffee - Achilles Keep up with GoMeta & Koji:  Facebook: @gometainc @madewithkoji Twitter: @metaverse @madewithkoji Dmitry’s Twitter: @dmitry 
Top Tech Awards 2019

Top Tech Awards 2019


Welcome to a special edition of the Tacos & Tech Podcast, where we recorded live during the annual Top Tech Awards on May 16, giving you a backstage pass to the show. Alongside our great ecosystem partners at Cox Business, we set up backstage to briefly interview each of the recipients shortly after receiving their awards.    Winners: Nathan Short - Encinitas Unified School District Keith Fernandez - Sheriff Department Matt Mowry - Point Loma Credit Union Das - CTO Family Health Centers Chris Petersen - Mark Zecca - SD Office of Education Travis Fawcett - AristaMD Mark Sulzen - SmartDraw Ali - Cali Bamboo Geoff Howard - National Funding Brian Nordman - Dudek Frederick - Xiris Pharma Mark Kohlheim - CACI Ken Kraft - Cox Business Jared Ruth - Cox Business
Brad Chisum is the co-founder & CEO of Launch Factory, an entity that creates startup companies, focusing specifically on business execution. This focus, Brad says, makes Launch Factory startups better suited to handle the business challenges in front of them. The El Paso, Texas native attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas, where he studied electrical engineering and math. Although he went into college with aspirations to become a theoretical physicist, Brad always secretly wanted to become an entrepreneur at some point. Challenging himself to live in each of the major US time zones, Brad began searching for a post-college job on both the east and west coasts. He narrowed it down to a job in San Diego and a job in Virginia, but what really sealed the deal was the lunch he had on the east coast. The team at the Virginia-based company told him they’d be taking him out to eat Mexican food and went to Chili’s. At that moment, Brad knew he needed to live in a place where he’d be able to eat authentic tacos whenever he craved one. And so, he made his way down to sunny San Diego, working for STMicroelectronics. Several years in his career, Brad began working as an engineer at SPAWAR, where he met his now-co-founder, Richard Waters. It wasn’t long before the pair began working to build a venture of their own, all while Brad was pursuing an MBA at San Diego State University. Through the many years of Lumedyne, the duo and their team faced numerous setbacks and hardships before being acquired by Google. Brad remained part of the team post acquisition, until he left Google in 2016. It wasn’t until 2018 that Brad began working on his next venture, Launch Factory. James Hereford, a former colleague of his, had the advanced skillset that Brad desired in a potential co-founder. The duo worked on developing Launch Factory, which aims to give startups all the tools and knowledge they need to become successful. Listen in to hear all about Brad’s journey as a two-time founder, his plans for the future of Launch Factory, and his local favorite eats and brews. Thanks to our partners Cox Business for their support in enabling us to grow the San Diego ecosystem.   Brad’s favorites Tacos - Tacos el Gordo (various locations) Beer - Stone Brewing   Keep up with Launch Factory on social media: LinkedIn
Hayley Brooks is co-founder & CEO of Whooo's Reading, an EdTech company that provides a machine learning algorithm that automatically assesses students’ comprehension for elementary and middle school teachers. This tool is a viable replacement for multiple choice and encourages students to think more critically and creatively about what they’ve read. Hayley spent most of her childhood in San Diego, having moved to the area when she was just six years old. She went away to attend college at Williams College in Massachusetts for a few years before making her way back to the sunny city. Majoring in math, Hayley did not know what she wanted to do after college until she took a class during her senior year, where she learned how to write a business plan. She and her classmate, who is now her co-founder, also conducted market research for their business idea. After graduating from Williams College, Hayley and her co-founder decided to try building the business they had already created a foundation for. The duo ended up recruiting and third co-founder, their former classmate, who was able to manage the technical side of the business. Together the three of them started working on the business remotely. After getting funding months later, the Whooo’s Reading team was able to move to San Diego in order to work on the business together. Listen in to hear all about the genesis of Whooo’s Reading, Hayley’s plans for the future of the company, and her local favorite eats and brews. Thanks to our partners Cox Business for their support in enabling us to grow the San Diego ecosystem.   Hayley’s favorites: Tacos - Avocado & mushroom tacos at Tacos Libertad in Hillcrest Coffee - Better Buzz’s Hillcrest location Beer - Orange Avenue Whipped from Coronado Brewing Company   Keep up with Hayley on social media: Instagram: @hayley.marie.26 LinkedIn   Keep up with Whooo’s Reading on social media: Facebook & Twitter: @WhooosReading
Mike Glanz is the co-founder and CEO of HireAHelper, an online marketplace for shopping of moving services. The company has full-service and labor-only movers in 50 states. A San Diego native, Mike grew up in the Mission Bay area and went to school at Clairemont High. He later moved to Riverside to attend college at California Baptist University, where he studied information systems management. After college, Mike landed a “real” job in the area only to start his company a year later. As soon as he was able to afford it, Mike made his way back down to San Diego, landing in Oceanside. Mike and his co-founder struggled finding investors who believed in their startup, so they raised a family and friends round, totalling $150,000. The duo’s funds allowed them to launch HireAHelper in June 2007. Nearly 12 years later today, the company has a nationwide presence. Listen in to hear all about the challenges Mike had to overcome in the first few years of HireAHelper and his plans for the future of the company. Thanks to our partners Cox Business for their support in enabling us to grow the San Diego ecosystem.   Mike’s favorites Tacos - Beef tacos at Mexico Viejo in Carlsbad Mexican food - Santana’s Mexican Food in Pacific Beach Coffee - Bird Rock Coffee Roasters in Pacific Beach and Keurig Donut Shop K-Cups   Keep up with HireAHelper on social media: Instagram & Twitter: @HireAHelper Facebook Pinterest
Nicole Carr is the CFO of Measurabl, a software platform that enables owners and operators of real estate to measure, manage, and report non-financial ESG data, such as energy, water, and waste consumption data. Nicole grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a known beer city. She went on to attend University of Colorado Boulder, studying accounting and playing volleyball for the Buffaloes. After spending four years in Boulder, Nicole moved to Denver to begin her career working for KPMG, one of the “big four” accounting firms. A few years passed and Nicole felt burnt out in her public accounting role, so she began working for one of her best clients, Realty Income, a San Diego public company. There, she spent about six years with that company, working in financial roles.     During her time at Realty Income, Nicole became more familiar with ESG (Environmental Social Governance) and realized she wanted to make it a bigger part of her career. She stumbled upon Measurabl while flipping through a long list of San Diego companies and it happened to be the only business she dogeared, so she knew she had to get in touch with the team. A year later, Nicole is leading the company’s financial division. Listen to the rest of her story. Thanks to our partners Cox Business for their support in enabling us to grow the San Diego ecosystem. Nicole’s favorites Tacos - Karina’s Seafood in Mission Hills Beer - Tart and sour beers at Modern Times Coffee - Influx in Golden Hill   Keep up with Measurabl on social media: Instagram & Twitter: @Measurabl Facebook LinkedIn
Craig Cecilio is the founder & CEO of DiversyFund, a fintech platform created to build wealth for anybody regardless of their net worth and socioeconomic background. Craig grew up in Connecticut. He had always wanted to venture out to the west coast and finally did so after attending college in Colorado. In his first couple of years living in sunny San Diego, Craig spent time working odd jobs and building relationships in the local community. He also immersed himself in the real estate syndication industry, soaking up as much information as he could. After the recession hit, a colleague of Craig’s came up with the idea to take advantage of the low real estate pricing, so he banded together with some investors and began to purchase real estate. In 2015, he dissolved that company to focus on DiversyFund, which he formed in August 2016. In November 2018, DiversyFund became qualified by the SEC to offer investment to anyone regardless of socioeconomic background. The fully-online platform is open to anyone in the United States, with a minimum requirement of $2.500. It is intended to help people diversify their portfolio, hence the name. In the next couple of years, Craig plans on introducing another product, like a venture fund or another alternative investment. Additionally, Craig shares what he loves about living in Downtown San Diego. He also shares his favorite local taco spot and his favorite adult beverage. Thanks to our partners Cox Business for their support in enabling us to grow the San Diego ecosystem. Craig enjoys the many great offerings in San Diego, including: Tacos at Tacos Stand Coffee at Influx and Achilles, both downtown He also enjoys sipping on Yamazaki 18 Year Whisky Keep up with Craig on social media: LinkedIn Twitter - @CraigCecilio & @DiversyFund
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