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Marriage, Kids and Money

Author: Andy Hill

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The Marriage, Kids and Money Podcast is dedicated to strengthening your family tree and guiding you to financial freedom.

Andy Hill, a mid-30’s father of two, hosts the weekly podcast and takes you through the trials and tribulations of being a young parent and husband who is planning for his family’s future and winning with money. Hill interviews millionaire entrepreneurs, early retirees and financial industry experts to provide you with easy-to-understand information you can use to give your family the life they deserve.

Carpe Diem!
207 Episodes
Do you think your spouse spends too much money? Financial Coach, Ericka Young, has some advice for you on how to resolve this marriage and money issue. We discuss the following: - Why it's important to learn about your spouse's history with money - How budgeting together can help your financial situation - Why compromise is key to marriage and money success
Co-Authors of "Start your FIRE", Dylin Redling and Allison Tom answer a listener question about how to increase income to retire early. Also, Childhelp's Daphne Young discusses the state of child abuse in the US during the pandemic and what we can do about it.  
Want to learn how to become a millionaire by age 30? Lisa Schader from Money Fit Moms shares the 7 steps she took to become a young millionaire and take her family to the next level of wealth and happiness. With these steps, we're hopeful you will achieve your own version of financial independence and financial freedom as well. 
Looking to create a financial independence plan? Let's define what financial independence means to you and review the tools to get you there. Also, we chat with Deacon Hayes from Well Kept Wallet about how he paid off his mortgage in 5 years and how others can do the same!
Think your child is better suited for a career in the trades instead of traditional college? Find out how your teen can earn a high paying job with no college degree from Ken Rusk, Author of "Blue Collar Cash". He discusses six-figure career options for your teenager and why selecting a college for the "experience" might be something to think twice about. 
Early retiree, Steve Adcock, joins us to answer a listener question from David who wants to retire by 40. He discusses what FIRE (financial independence / retire early) means, how to reach early retirement and how side hustles can help.  We also hear from the Founder of Qube Money, Ryan Clark, about why cash envelopes are more effective than using credit cards. He also shares how their new fintech solution gives you the best of both worlds. 
Are you interested in achieving financial independence, but the traditional path seems too difficult to reach? Slow FI might be your ticket to a happier and more fulfilling life. Jessica from the Fioneers explores how Slow FI helped transform her life and we also discuss the different levels of financial independence people can achieve throughout their life. These periodic wins can be helpful (and potentially more satisfying) along your path to financial independence. 
Have you heard of Coast FIRE or Coast FI? We're learning all about this retirement planning strategy with Sam Dogen from Financial Samurai. Also, we chat w/ Sarah Philips from 4 Pocket Allowance about helping your kids become mortgage-free in the future.
We've reached episode 200 of the podcast!! On today's show, I am interviewing my son Calvin, my daughter Zoey and my wife Nicole. Every 50 episodes, I've done this as a way to remind myself and my family that they are the most important people in my life. For episode 200, we're chatting about our crazy 2020 year so far. We touch on job changes, Coronavirus, and racism.
Jedidiah Collins, CFP explains how Roth IRA investing can help you increase your wealth as you move through your financial freedom journey. We discuss the advantages of a Roth IRA, how you'll save on taxes and how to open an account today. 
After nearly 10 years of focus and partnership, our young family just hit the millionaire mark! Here are the 10 steps we took to become young millionaires. Also, we hear from Colin Nabity from Breeze about the importance of long term disability insurance and why young families might need it.  Lastly, my daughter Zoey and I talk about how to set up a chore and reward system for your kids. 
Where does giving back and generosity fit in when pursuing financial independence? Author Dave Mason thinks it should be a major part of everyone's FIRE journey. He shares 3 ways for you to give back as you are working toward your version of financial freedom.
Are you wondering if you have enough saved for retirement? Joe Saul-Sehy shares why we should focus on our expenses over income when it comes to retirement. Also, Bob Lotich shares how he went from $46,000 in credit card debt to mortgage-free.
Do you want to achieve financial independence? Author of The Simple Path to Wealth, JL Collins, shares how we can all work to achieve financial independence through index fund investing. We review how to start your journey to financial independence, where to invest your money and why index funds are a better investment choice. 
Student Loans are already a confusing subject. Now when you add Coronavirus into the mix, it becomes even more complicated! Robert Farrington from The College Investor joins us to explain why you shouldn't pay back your student loans right now.  Also, we hear from Brian Harrison from SAVVI Financial about how we can take 3 steps to financial empowerment this year. 
Patrick Aime shares his journey around the world that helped him go from bankruptcy to a young millionaire in a decade even in the midst of a recession.
With all the pay cuts, furloughs and job loss from the global pandemic, families are looking to save some money quickly. Here are 10 ideas to consider that will help you and your family save money during this quarantine season. 
Couples financial counselor Adam Kol stops by to share smart strategies to end money fights and improve communication in your relationship.
This season of a global pandemic has caused a lot of issues for families. Elle Martinez and Andy Hill discuss ways for parents to thrive financially and personally in this crisis. They discuss how to handle debt, investing and parents working from home.
Keith Robinson shares his journey to becoming mortgage-free and offers tips for anyone who wants to pay off their mortgage early. We also discuss how complete debt freedom gives his family security during a financial crisis.
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