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The Early Days Podcast by DULO

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Welcome to The Early Days Podcast - a show about the hustle, the excitement, the doubts, the successes, the failures, the ups and downs of building a business from scratch.

We interview fellow entrepreneurs about their experience of starting businesses. As we are building our own apparel company and documenting our early days, we wanted to go behind the scenes with other entrepreneurs and find out what their early days, weeks, months, and years were like.
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How to create content at scale | The Early Days by DULO (S3E2)
How to create content at scale with limited resources? Discussing clever content creation models with Kareem Mostafa of Tribetactics.THE DULO NON-IRON DRESS SHIRT: ▼https://weardulo.comKareem Mostafa ( is the co-founder of Tribetactics ( - a bootstrapped content creation company which helps businesses maximise their efforts in producing compelling content across a wide range of media and platforms.Naturally, our conversation gravitated towards the importance and value of having a solid content production and distribution processes. We went behind the scenes of how Kareem and his brother, with whom he co-founded Tribetactics, work to deliver valuable and contextually-relevant content to their clients. Furthermore, we touched on how one big piece of content can turn into multiple smaller pieces that can fuel your content plan for a month. We also talked about the importance of speed over perfection, financing the business, managing client expectations, business lessons from hip hop and much more.As usual, you can find a bunch of resources mentioned in this episode with links below, as well as the main topics we covered in the episode.When we asked Kareem if he had a question for you, he came up with this ask instead: “Create daily documentaries!”Topics we cover in this episode:01:36 - Who is Kareem and what is Tribetactics02:30 - How the Tribetactics content machine works03:20 - What is the GaryVee content model05:18 - Behind the scenes of the Tribetactics process06:35 - How to know when it's time to do something fresh07:30 - How Kareem and his brother decided to work full-time on Tribetactics10:07 - Managing and setting client expectations12:55 - Breaking down the asset delivery process13:55 - Working with clients overseas16:12 - Working with a co-founder who is also a family member17:27 - Thoughts on funding and bootstrapping the business20:18 - The biggest lesson Kareem learned since starting Tribetactics21:23 - What's the biggest challenge Kareem is having at the moment25:06 - Speed vs Perfection27:50 - Deploying the content model to market the business30:02 - How Tribetactics attract their customers34:35 - Business lessons from hip hop36:25 - Plans for the next 6-12 months37:48 - Ask of the day from Kareem "Create daily documentaries!"FULL LIST OF SHOW NOTES AND RESOURCES: ▼ SOCIALS▼▸Instagram:▸Twitter:▸Facebook:
How to grow a SaaS business | The Early Days by DULO (S3E1)
Discussing growth marketing for entrepreneurs with Foti Panagio of Growthmentor (S3E1)Foti Panagio is the co-founder of Growthmentor - a platform that connects founders and marketers with growth mentors. We were first introduced to Foti and Growthmentor thanks to Julian who is an active mentor on the site.Growthmentor is Foti’s first attempt at entrepreneurship and in our conversation, we touch on a lot of topics around the early days. We go behind the scenes of the process of idea validation, transitioning from full-time employment to part-time entrepreneurship, the biggest challenges facing the business today, tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) and much more. As we go along, Foti shares a lot of useful resources, tools, and methods he uses to steer the growth of the business (check out a list with all the links below).We also gave Foti the opportunity to ask you, our audience, to answer this question of the day: "What is your biggest pain point in growth [marketing] that you have right now?"Topics we cover in this episode:02:44 - Who is Foti and the origin of Growthmentor05:20 - Previous startup experience06:04 - Foti's first steps into solo entrepreneurship08:40 - How Foti validated the idea for Growthmentor13:50 - Transitioning from a full-time job to part-time entrepreneurship15:00 - Balancing family and co-founder relationship with a spouse17:15 - Splitting responsibilities between co-founders18:50 - What's the current focus of the Growthmentor team24:00 - Foti's current biggest challenge26:40 - Timeframe to start monetizing27:20 - What KPIs is Growthmentor tracking28:22 - How are they tracking KPIs31:15 - Plans for Startup Grind32:36 - Nailing the elevator pitch35:08 - Resources and techniques for starting and growing a business37:27 - Delegating work to virtual assistants38:00 - Following up with cold leads and personalized outreach39:30 - Resources for growth marketing and performance marketing40:22 - Future plans, targets, and ideas for the next 6 months46:40 - How does Foti go around selecting mentors for the platform50:00 - Foti's question to the audience: "What is your biggest pain point in growth [marketing] that you have right now?"Useful Resources and Links:Connect with Foti -  twitter, LinkedInCheck out Growthmentor AdWords - Google's advertising platform, useful to run A/B testsinstapages - quick landing page creation2018 Marktech Landscape Plan - overview of marketing technologies for 2018Trello - project management softwareGoogle Drive - document and cloud storage set of toolsIndieHackers - a community of - marketing content aggregationuseloom - a browser extension that to share a recording of your screen with audio and videoUpWork - if you want to look for virtual - automated cold emails and follow-ups
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