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Author: Te'Shawn Crenshaw

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The millennial podcast giving you the tools and motivation through real life situations to help you get where you want to be. Support this podcast:
49 Episodes
Quarantine Talk

Quarantine Talk


Checking in to add my 2 cents to the situation right now and what it has done for me while we all wait for this to end. --- Support this podcast:
When the opportunity arises, you gotta take advantage! I spent about 30 minutes chopping it up with Bugus about life before music, growing up in Georgia, and manifesting what you obsess about. To hear anything you've heard from me on audio on the go click here! Be sure to check out Bugus and journey as an artist! Spotify: Apple Music: Twitter: Instagram: Diemon Website: Bugus Merch: Music Catalog: --- Support this podcast:
In this episode I intertwine a story about learning from other people I meet, who do well for themselves, and how it effected me from my point of few. --- Support this podcast:
I got my friend Neisha on the show! Traditionally you would have friends in high school, we were on opposite ends. We knew each other, just never talked, now we talk all the time., funny how that works! In this episode we talk about personal upbringing, importance of being accountable, and sharing the male vs female perspective on common issues that should be addressed more often. --- Support this podcast:
Phillip and I have similar outlook on passion in different avenues and we began to share the highs and lows of the reality of what it's like trying to find your purpose. Some of the things you may have heard before that ring true! It goes to show that starting out on the right foot will still have you stepping in muddy waters... --- Support this podcast:
You can find Nikeisha on Instagram: nikeishaangela She posts amazing things that will have you thinking. Support the movement, support women, inspire more! --- Support this podcast:
Thalia was nice enough to spend some time and talk about life with me, where we think things are going in the future, and sharing our thoughts and feelings into the day to day task to make steps toward our goals. FB, IG, Twitter: @teshawncrenshaw Subscribe to the newsletter! --- Support this podcast:
When it comes to getting what you're after, how committed are you? Are you willing to do it more than one way or do you give up? In this I share my story that may not sound like a big deal but I lived by my actions. Sitting on the sideline would have meant nothing. --- Support this podcast:
This was a great time to express the true meaning behind doing what you want to do beyond money.  --- Support this podcast:
My sister and I had a conversation on the phone that spurred into having a huge conversation for a family meeting. I shed some light on her, gave some advice, and how it effects me too personally.  --- Support this podcast:
In this episode I describe my situation with money  that you or your kids  will relate to starting out in the real world and trying to make sense of your life. --- Support this podcast:
Sacrifice For Success

Sacrifice For Success


This was a question I wanted to answer from a message sent to me from Instagram. She asked, "What do you think is okay to sacrifice, whether it's for relationships or work/careers?".  What do you think? --- Support this podcast:
Recently I had an old friend bring up a question that inspired this podcast to talk about finding yourself in a place where you want to be fulfilled and there is little to no one to support you that you know. This is how you know you're on the right track! --- Support this podcast:
2019 has already started abruptly with a reality check for most people that are dependent vs. the independent and it shows in many forms.  --- Support this podcast:
My first Q&A challenging my thinking. Some topics that we hit were enough to make you rethink your choices and being resourceful to the little clues in life. Some are just obvious as hell, we just choose to ignore. --- Support this podcast:
Updates from what's going on into the year for 2019 Any questions for anything or ideas hit me up! Twitter & IG: @t3shawnsb --- Support this podcast:
Patience Is A Bitch

Patience Is A Bitch


Going through the waiting process. I explain my thoughts on it, what I've learned, and how I get through it during that time when waiting is just your BEST option at the moment. --- Support this podcast:
In this episode I express the reality of what does happen in the age group from your teens to late 20s unfortunately. It's not a story about why work sucks, it's about how people assume other peoples ability to work. Life is already stress enough, so I share a story how it goes down with a few tips to live by. --- Support this podcast:
I break down a topic expressed across the nation about how you'll love three people in your life or "it happens in three's" concept. I like the idea from these examples but not everyone find's their true love the third try exactly.... --- Support this podcast:
On this episode I have a chat with a coach and friend of mine who has been part of the process for my jiu-jitsu journey. If you love jiu jitsu or want some kind of inspiration to push through difficult times, this is it! --- Support this podcast:
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