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Dr. P talks with Andre Amiger, the powerhouse music producer and Amazon Best Selling author who earned the title "Mr. Bounce Back" after surviving three strokes.
In this episode, Dr. P speaks with Leah Szumita, Director of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Clinical Trial Support Center. Leah provides a comprehensive overview of the organization’s proven support infrastructure and its successful pathways to increase clinical trials access and enrollment for people diagnosed with a blood cancer.
After 35 years of praying and educating, Dr. P and Rev. Edwin Sanders, Senior Servant & Founder, Metropolitan Interdenominational Church in Nashville, candidly discuss the trials and tribulations of addressing HIV/AIDS in churches. Through the lens of faith, they take a look at the past, where we are today, and the future of HIV/AIDS.
Dr. P is looking ahead to all of God's blessings in 2023 while she muses on World AIDS Day 2022 and gives thanks for a successful Healthy Churches 2030 Conference.
The 9th Annual Healthy Churches 2030 Conference is about to happen and Dr. P and Tanya Reid are giving you real-talk on why the conference is so life-changing for so many!Tanya Reid is a mental health advocate who founded the SoundsMinds Mental Health Awareness & Solutions Conference—an initiative focused on educating and empowering people to be mental health advocates in their homes, neighborhoods, communities, and for themselves. She is also a certified nonprofit consultant and a nationally certified mental health first aider. 
With an explanation mark of prophetic joy and power, Jackie Hendricks brings to the podcast a motivational moment of restoration and birthday wishes to Dr. P! 
September is Sickle Cell Awareness Month. Dr. P and Quannecia, a “Community Queen” in Houston, TX discusses her life with Sickle Cell and her passion for educating her community and raising her two sons, both with the sickle cell trait. 
September is Prostate Awareness Month. Dr. P chats with Dr. Moore, who provides essential, life-saving information for Black men and women about prostate cancer. Be prepared to take notes. You don’t want to miss anything!
On this week's episode of Dr. P on the Pod, Dr. P is joined by Dr. Hansie Mathelier, a cardiologist at Penn Medicine specializing in amyloidosis, cardiomyopathy, and congestive heart failure along with Randy, a person living with hereditary transthyretin amyloid cardiomyopathy (or ATTR-CM).This podcast episode is sponsored by Pfizer Inc.
Dr. P enjoys a candid discussion with Reiki Master and Sacred Shaman Priestess, Julia Jovone.Through their conversation, they share their unique struggles with self-care while acknowledging the power of knowing the connectedness of God as the source of all life, which dwells within each of us.About Our Guest: An Intuitive Reiki Master, Sacred Shaman Priestess and Spiritual / Wellness Coach, Julia Jovone founded Julia Jovone Studio in 2015 in Los Angeles, California which offers full- service Reiki sessions, energy healing and spiritual life coaching to clients globally.  She represents an underrepresented number of black women pioneering the practice of healing across the globe. Julia teaches that as humans, we must take care of the inside of our bodies in order for the outside to glow. Julia is also an Emmy Award Winning Makeup Artist.  
Self-care is essential to a person's overall well-being and influences how people go through life. Dr. P and Rev. Aquarius Gilmer explore powerful reflections and key tips during difficult times on this week's Dr. P on the Pod. Although life can seem to be a never-ending journey of hardships, Dr. P. and Rev. Aquarius Gilmer emphasize the necessity of reconnecting with something larger than oneself when practicing self-care. This helps you clarify what it means to you and inspires you to reconsider how you use it in your own life.To conclude, Dr. P. and Rev. Aquarius Gilmer discuss male self-care and the necessity of men being able to voice their needs. Self-care is frequently an outlet for reflection and assessment. Through this segment they stress the importance of males understanding their specific requirements and recognizing what techniques of self-care have a beneficial effect on their well-being.
On this week's episode of Dr. P on the Pod, Dr. P discusses severe mental illness and how greatly it challenges diverse communities. As mental health awareness continues to grow in the United States as a whole, African American communities continue to have trouble getting the right care and resources.Dr. P is joined by Pastor Shirley Wilkins McFarlin and Cassaundra “Cassie” Hayes , who give their heartfelt testimony relating to their personal and professional experiences with mental health. Lastly, they will talk about how important it is to get more churches in African American neighborhoods to support mental health education.This podcast episode is sponsored by Janssen Neuroscience as part of "The Community Health Equity Alliance." Bio Pastor Shirley Wilkins McFarlin is the co-founder Ray of Hope Christian Center in Whitakers, North Carolina, with her husband, Pastor McFarlin. Shirley knows she can do all things through Christ, who strengthens her, as a breast cancer survivor and person who has battled with mental illness.Cassaundra "Cassie" Hayes: After trauma, drug abuse, drug use, depression, and a planned suicide attempt, Cassaundra Hayes was born again on September 29, 1990. Evangelist Hayes is an ordained minister who serves at Genesis Victory Outreach Center, Inc. by ministering the Word of God, teaching Sunday School, and leading Bible study.
What does joy mean to you? This morning Dr. P woke up with joy on her mind! Being that Joy is the word of the year, Dr. P couldn’t think of anyone better to invite on the podcast, other than her sister-friend Yolanda Reid. During this episode, the discussion will be based around the power of positive thinking and the importance of remaining rooted in joy, despite what the outer world may reflect. In addition, Dr. P and Yolanda Reid will share the importance of claiming your morning. Though weeping may endure at night, always consciously keeping in mind that joy is to come in the morning. To close, Dr. P and Yolanda Reid will capture the essence of how increased mindfulness can be a vehicle that can determine the amount of distance between you and your joy. "I am the thinker, that thinks the thought, that makes the thing.” - Reverend Dr. Johnny Coleman About our Guest: Yolanda Reid, President/CEO, Credential America Inc. Richmond, VA
Wanda Edwards brings ‘real talk’ to the Dr. P on the Pod about the realities of menopause and the need for education with facts!This podcast is brought to you by Astellas Pharma Inc. 
The Honorable Stephen D. Holmes of Galveston, TX, reflects on the history of Juneteenth when Union soldier Major General Gordon Granger landed in Galveston on June 19, 1865, to announce the Confederate army had surrendered and that enslaved Black people in the state were free by executive decree. 
Guest: Tina Thomas, Director of Programs and Services at Alzheimer's Association®This week on Dr. P on the Pod, Dr. P sits down with Dementia Education Master Trainer Tina Thomas to discuss caregiving in Black families and what we can do to raise awareness around dementia in African American and faith communities.
This week, Dr. P chatted with Kalahn Taylor-Clark, PhD, about women, uterine fibroids, period equity, and ways women can advocate for themselves and their bodies. Dr. P also shares her personal journey with fibroids. This episode is brought to you with support from Myovant Sciences.
Dr. P is joined by Dr. Pervis Taylor this week for an in-depth discussion on the trials and tribulations of Black Men and mental health concerns. Dr. Taylor discusses real-time challenges and solutions for Black Men and the women who love them.
Karena Dykes and Dr. P discuss the challenges and pitfalls of becoming a visionary leader. As a sports mom, Karena offers tips from her book and “proud” advice as her 19-year-old son enters pro basketball.
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