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You are listening to KiKi L'Italien's micro-podcast for short bursts or inspiration, introspection, and thoughts on the go.

[This is NOT the weekly Association Chat podcast. If you are looking for that, head over to your nearest podcast player and search for "Association Chat"]

KiKi L'Italien, CEO of Amplified Growth and host of Association Chat.

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A poem for this Thursday before I run off to Dallas for a quick speaking gig and come back tomorrow.
Potlucks and people

Potlucks and people


I grew up in an evangelical church in southwest Missouri and whether you believe in a higher power or not, there is a TON we can learn from the power of the potluck. Tent revivals came along every summer and there is a good reason why. Shared experience is powerful and shared purpose is holy. Seth Godin would say the power is in creating for the “people like me who do things like this.” And there is.
Earthworms and curiosity

Earthworms and curiosity


We take another look at curiosity on this Friday and I share a poem by one of my favorites, Anne Sexton.
How Does A Bird Fly?

How Does A Bird Fly?


More on developing curiosity...
I share one poem I wrote, For The Record, and another poem by the great poet Dylan Thomas to balance out this day. Hope you enjoy!
More thoughts on community and belonging...
You always remember, support, and protect who or what helps you belong. I share a little bit about my complicated personal history with community.
Jumping into the latest about the Instagram channel, book club, and the meaning of life. Yeah, this is one of THOSE kinda updates!
Turn lemons into a lemonade party and choose your mindset!
Do you ever get nervous meeting people who inspire you?
My mission is to be present and experience the lessons and networking available at ASAE’s Great Ideas conference in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Associations can change the world. So can you. Are you using your talents to change the world with your association? What are your primary drivers?
How do you create powerful community? What are the ingredients for a successful community?
Curiosity is a lifesaver!

Curiosity is a lifesaver!


Dark thoughts can haunt us all. But could curiosity be the thing that pulls us through our worst moments?
What if we are creating ghosts right now?
What’s your one sentence?

What’s your one sentence?


Legacy – what will yours be?
What were you like at 10-years-old? I was the type of girl who danced for farm animals. Who were you?
What if we have more important questions to answer than “would you recommend us to a peer?” Do associations have a trust problem?
What do you find yourself talking about with others most often (and what are the beliefs behind them)? Exploring this on today’s (LONG) post!
What is your purpose?

What is your purpose?


Happy Valentine’s Day! The question of today is, “What is your purpose?” - I attempt an answer to this question and go deep to figure out why my answer is the right one for me. What is *your purpose* and why?
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