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In these days of increased security concerns for your guest it is vital that you have a robust and effective security policy in place. Whether this is to deter the targeting of your guests by terrorists, or to protect them against criminal activity, SecurityCheck effectively addresses all areas of risk. In this podcast, Andy Janes, Group Director of Operations for Intertek Cristal and Intertek Checkpoint talks about SecurityCheck and how it can help your guests feel safer when they travel. Intertek Cristal
In this episode of Assurance in Action, Intertek’s Building & Construction team, discuss Building Product Certification. Join our guest JP Kayl, Intertek’s Vice President of Global Certification Products for Building and Construction in discussing the things construction products industry should know about product
With pending regulation revisions by the European Commission, the cosmetics industry may have questions about any changes or additions that may be coming. In this episode of Assurance In Action, our cosmetics experts discuss the new pending amendment to Annex III of the Cosmetics Regulation and how it may effect cosmetics industry participants.
Cosmetics Packaging

Cosmetics Packaging


In this episode of Assurance in Action regulatory and industry experts Axelle Wipret and Anne-Sophie Moriceau discuss contact materials regulations and how they relate to cosmetics. Speakers further discuss  Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004 and how non-harmonized materials relate to the regulation, as well as what needs to be done to bring cosmetic products containing non-harmonized materials into the market.
Monkeypox has been a trending topic across the globe. In the latest Assurance in Action podcast, Jason Burnett, Technical Director at Intertek Cristal, talks about monkeypox, what it is, and how it affects global travel and
In Europe, marketing of cosmetic products is controlled by the regulation 1223/2009/EC. According to this regulation, cosmetic packaging needs to be fully included in the assessment of the cosmetic product. As you may know, compatibility testing needs to be performed with the formula in contact with the packaging to verify the stability of the cosmetic product, in real use.In today’s podcast, Anne-Sophie Moriceau, Product Safety Manager, Pharmacist Toxicologist, and Axelle Wipretz, Regulatory Affairs Specialist, discuss regulations regarding packaging in the cosmetics
This week, we have a special episode from our colleagues at Intertek Building & Construction, where they discuss issues related to consulting, testing, and certification for building products and construction. Join our guest Vinu Abraham,  Intertek’s Vice President of Products for Building and Construction. Vinu will be discussing the performance test that building products go through each day at Intertek and the importance of having the proper test done to provide building product manufacturers with the assurance that their products are fit for purpose.
Corporate human rights due diligence is slowly becoming a normal part of business. Governments from around the world are starting to address human rights due diligence through mandatory regulations and disclosure laws. These laws require businesses to report their policies and practices concerning the identification and mitigation of human rights impacts within their supply chains. Join Catherine Beare, VP, Supply Chain Assurance and Jenna Pires, Senior Manager, Supplier Management, Business Assurance Innovation, as they discuss human rights due diligence and what companies should do to mitigate these risks in their supply
Our latest episode of the Assurance in Action podcast is the third and final installment dedicated to the Chinese cosmetics market and focuses on the Cosmetic Supervision and Administration Regulation. Join Intertek experts Laure Moutier and Celeste Teng as they discuss the requirements introduced by China's regulations pertaining to the cosmetics
On this episode of Assurance in Action, Intertek experts Sandra Meixner, Britta Bellersen, and Gerhard Rimkus talk to David Morgan from the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) to discuss Intertek and GAIN’s partnership to find sustainable ways to strengthen the systems to improve nutrition around the world.  
The LPG Market

The LPG Market


In this episode of Assurance in Action, we focus on oil and gas industry mainstay Intertek Caleb Brett as we discuss liquified petroleum gas (LPG). Intertek Caleb Brett supports clients involved with LPG production, distribution, and terminal storage sites and provides LPG analytical testing, trace analysis, loss control, and quality control are available during production, storage and cargo custody transfer. Listen as our Director of LPG Services, Brad Hicks talks about the global LPG market and associated Intertek Caleb Brett services.Linksintertek.comIntertek Caleb Brett LinkedinIntertek Linkedin
Our latest episode of the Assurance in Action podcast is dedicated to the Chinese cosmetics market and focuses on finished cosmetic products. Join Intertek experts Laure Moutier and Celeste Teng as they discuss the requirements introduced by China's new Cosmetics Regulation (CSAR) that came into force more than a year ago.
The Cosmetics Supervision and Administration Regulation, a new Chinese law, came into force on January 1st 2021, replacing the existing Cosmetics Hygiene Supervision Regulations. So what does this mean for cosmetic companies around the world? Join Intertek experts Laure Moutier and Celeste Teng as they discuss  the Cosmetics Supervision and Administration Regulation, the  requirements introduced by it, and other key changes and updates to cosmetics regulation in China.
In the third and final episode on sustainable cosmetics, The Intertek Assuris team focuses on the concept of ‘Clean Beauty’. Our experts discuss what the main objectives and drivers of the ‘Clean Beauty' trend, and what brands can do to assure their products follow guidelines and trends. Join our industry experts as they cover the topic and trend of 'Clean Beauty'
In episode two of Assurance in Action’s series on cosmetics, Intertek cosmetics experts discuss the market for vegan cosmetics, as well as steps organisations can take to meet guidelines for vegan product certification. Experts Maëva Duchateau, Juliane Coursol, and Emmeline Watier also look into factors such as labelling and consumer confidence as it relates to creating and selling vegan cosmetic products.Join our Intertek experts as they discuss the movement, market, and solutions behind vegan
In this episode of Assurance in Action, Intertek Business Assurance's communications expert Caitlin Connell discusses the do's and don't's of promoting a management systems certification. She also explores what it really means to hold a certificate and how that message can be conveyed to stakeholders effectively. Caitlin also goes over several methods to get your message out to buyers, clients, and decision-makers.Links:Intertek Business Assurance Client InformationSocial Media- Linkedin - Twitter
From the mass market to luxury cosmetics, brands are changing their commitments to go green. The natural market is therefore taking up more and more space in cosmetics and on our shelves. But while the natural and organic cosmetics market is booming, there were no regulations, no standards, and no text that could define what that meant until ISO 16128 was established in 2017. ISO 16128 sets the definitions of what natural and organic means within cosmetics. Join our Intertek experts as they discuss ISO 16128, how it changed the cosmetics industry, and what terms like ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ actually mean.
Total Sustainability. Assured.Enterprise Security is one of the most talked about and important aspects of running a sustainable business. Organisations today require extensive systems and measures to maintain the protection of the safety and security of people, critical assets and intellectual property of operations. Businesses globally receive threats to their enterprise integrity every day which may interrupt operations and put employees and the business itself at riskIntertek’s new Corporate Sustainability Enterprise Security certification standard offers assurance that your organisation is managing and controlling intellectual property assets and cyber risk in a sustainable manner. In this episode of Total Sustainability in Progress, Charlie Clark, Program Manager for Risk and Information Security, Americas, discusses the steps and blind spots to be considered by organisations when assessing information security, data protection, privacy, and physical asset protection. Social Media: LinkedIn | Twitter
Sustainable Compliance

Sustainable Compliance


Total Sustainability. Assured. Compliance is key to long-lasting business relationships between companies and for the overall health of an organisation. Remaining compliant with local, regulatory, and industry requirements can be challenging for large and small organisations alike. In this episode of Total Sustainability in Progress, Ed Crowe, Intertek’s Director of Risk, Compliance & Assurance, discusses the need for compliance in today’s market.  Intertek’s new Corporate Sustainability Compliance certification standard assures that your organisation is doing business the right way. This certification verifies that your organisation has established principles of Ethics and Integrity. These principles must also be maintained through the involvement of training and monitoring, enforced and owned by senior leadership. Listen to this episode of Total Sustainability in Progress to learn more about sustainable compliance. Social Media: LinkedIn | TwitterLinks: Corporate Sustainability Risk Management Certification | Operational Sustainability
Sustainable Finance

Sustainable Finance


Sustainability in business requires integrity of your processes and accounts. Your organisation needs to create long term plans, forecasts and strategic management of your finances, while still managing monthly reporting and budgetary control. In addition, it must ensure transparency with audited financial results and regulatory reporting.  Intertek’s new Corporate Sustainability Financial certification standard ensures your organisation links its financial processes to its overall sustainability objectives. In this episode of Assurance in Action, Hanny Widjaja, Global Commercial Director, Business Assurance and Food Services, discusses how finances fit into an organisation’s sustainability plan, what companies need to consider about their financial processes, and how the new Intertek standard addresses your organisation’s financial plan. Social Media: LinkedIn | Twitter Links: Corporate Sustainability Risk Management Certification | Operational Sustainability
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