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Unleash Your Authentic Power

Author: Judy Wolvington

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Welcome to Unleash Your Authentic Power with Empowerment and Business Success Coach Judy Wolvington. As a Therapist, Certified EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner Judy's podcasts skillfully help you move from feeling invisible, not good enough, or not worthy to a place where you can finally reconnect to life with a sense of purpose and craft your life and your work to be a reflection of what you truly care about.

It is Judy's passion to help you build self-mastery and connect to your authentic power. From there you can embark on new directions in your life, your relationships, and your business. If you are an EFT or Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner or other Service Provider, many of Judy's podcasts will provide business tips that can help you Unleash Your Dream Business. You are shining your light – your strengths, talents, and brilliance – for the entire world to see, and as you do, the WORLD benefits from your PRESENCE.
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In Eckhart Tolle’s Book, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose (2005), he writes about the existence of our “Pain-Body”. In this podcast we will take a look at how our thinking mind, our negative emotions, and our “pain-body” all work together to keep us in chaos: anxiety, fear, anger, physical illness, and so... Listen now »
In today’s podcast we will revisit The Four Agreements, the truly wonderful guidelines for living from Don Miguel Ruiz’s profound book, As individuals we act out against others and especially against ourselves as the judge and the victim, and our belief systems tell us that we’re not good enough, that we are not worthy (of... Listen now »
Are you frustrated that you’re not creating the fulfilling life of your dreams? Do you have amazing intentions, but things always seem to block you from achieving them? In this podcast I will present 4 steps that will help you get back on track so you CAN consciously create your life, your work and your... Listen now »
A Course in Miracles is a study program that helps us turn our thought system from Fear to Love. We’ll go over how the Course came into being, the definition of “Miracles”, and an overview of 10 of the Lessons that are here to help us reprogram our thought system. Whether you’ve never heard of... Listen now »
I believe that your highest purpose is to awaken to who you really, truly are. You are a being of LOVE, here to express the amazing gifts and talents that you were born with. But what if you are blocked and clueless? What if you have an inner “naysayer” that is holding you back, telling you... Listen now »
Are you an EFT Practitioner or other healing professional, and you’re stuck and struggling because you’re not making enough money? Have you been under-charging for your services? Are you serving humanity out of the goodness of your heart, and feel it would be selfish or unspiritual to charge more for what you do? Do you... Listen now »
Matrix Reimprinting is an amazing tool for being able to forgive yourself. No matter what the event, how long ago it was, how devastating it was, Matrix Reimprinting can help you forgive yourself. Completely. On this podcast I will demonstrate how this works with a volunteer “client”. I will also explain how Matrix Reimprinting works and how it... Listen now »
Join us as we take a look at anger and how we can shift to a higher energy and a more spiritual way of being in the world. I’ll be sharing some ways you can use EFT Tapping to eliminate anger. Spending time in anger is a total WASTE of our time! It’s taking us... Listen now »
Relationships are our teachers! It is there that we learn, practice, grow and evolve from the core of our being. To go solo throughout life is to go without depth. In isolation, we have no mirror, no reflection from which to learn and in which to see ourselves clearly. Yet why is it that relationships... Listen now »
Are you ready to live your life differently? Today’s podcast will help you get there. Living in fear is living in the absence of love. When we’re in fear mode, we tend to refrain from taking risks, we withhold our light, and we “play it small” in life, in relationships and in our work. Join... Listen now »
Are you ready to live your life differently in 2018? This Podcast is designed to help you get there. Here are some of the things that we will cover: •The Top 10 Strategies for making 2018 your best year ever •The top 5 things that may have been sabotaging you for years •5 Strategies for... Listen now »
On my last program we delved into the Shadow – what it is, why we have one, the importance of embracing it, and tools that the shadow uses. We went over how it’s our shadow’s job to keep us feeling guilty, shameful, resentful, angry, fearful and looking everywhere for approval. This time I will work... Listen now »
We all have a shadow side of ourselves, and it creates havoc in our lives when we don’t know how to tame it. It tends to sabotage everything we do unless we learn to recognize it, embrace it, and loosen its grip in our lives. Here are some of the tools our shadow uses: Projection... Listen now »
I know you are passionate about the work that you do. I also know that many of you struggle with getting enough clients to make a great income! Find out how you can make your practice thrive! Are you an EFT Practitioner or other Service Provider who has been drawn to this work because you... Listen now »
Are there people in your life that you simply cannot forgive? How about entire situations that you can’t let go of? Failing to forgive can leave you stuck and struggling in an undercurrent of anger, resentment, sadness, and a myriad of other energy-depleting emotions. In this program we will address both forgiveness of others and forgiveness... Listen now »
I’m excited to be presenting one of my favorite subjects when I’m working with my business success coaching clients, which is helping them come up with their Niche. When I was a Therapist and a general EFT Practitioner, I wanted to work with everyone. I was afraid it would be too limiting to specialize. What I... Listen now »
It’s so possible to reprogram your limiting beliefs such as: “I’m not good enough”, “I don’t deserve to be loved”, or “I’m not worthy of success”, EFT is such a great tool to reprogram all of this. Are you ready to take back your power, to reconnect to life with a sense of purpose, and... Listen now »
This program will dive deep into ways you can Unleash Your Life. Ask yourself if: You are ready to make BIG changes in your life You’d like to put an end to Self-Sabotage, Stagnation and feelings of low Self-Worth It’s time to Put Yourself First, instead of always being there for everyone else but YOU You... Listen now »
In today’s podcast, you will discover the power drain of your “story”. You know, the one that keeps running through your head. Most stories started as painful experiences, and your response to them gets reinforced each time you remember them. The painful experiences are over, and yet the stories live on. Your old stories have... Listen now »
We came into life with a purpose for being here. Imagine that there is something inside of you, that you are here to bring into the world. In today’s program you will learn to identify and clear the blocks to discovering your Life Purpose. You will be given exercises to find the clues to why... Listen now »
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