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Welcome to The Build podcast with your host Daniel Simone.
The Build is a show for anyone on their journey of building a family, building a mindset, building a business and building homes.
56 Episodes
We spent so much time blaming external factors for the pain that we feel. However, we need to be able to stop reflect self assess and understand that most of our pain that we feel is self-inflicted. Connect with me on Instagram @danielsimonefit
Join me on this episode as I unpack who the top 3 people in my life are and why. 
Eliminate procrastination
On this episode I am joined by my wife Katarina and we talk all thing marriage, kids, love, life and we share a few old stories too. 
I rolled my ankle and let me tell you that was unexpected. On todays episode I go deep on the lessons I learned and tools I use to keep moving forward. 
Your identity is the one thing that is holding you back from your next level. Listen is as Daniel talked about was to drop your old identity and recreate and step into your new one. 
It’s been a crazy year, and so many events have happened which has created so many learning opportunities. Here are my top 4 things I learnt in 2022.
Only you know your intent and your standards. Do you have integrity with yourself? On todays episode I unpack the reasons why I restarted 75 hard. 
Entitlement is something that will stop you from becoming the best version of yourself. I held me up for many years and is still something I have to battle with.  ........ Connect with me on Instagram -  @dansim412
If you thoughts words & action are not aliened then you will not be able to operate at a high level.
There is a big difference with some who is interested in reaching there goals or committed. Only one will win.
Listen to the ins & outs leading up to and including my 2nd armature boxing fight.
Its fight week and one thing I have realised this week is you have all you need within you. A lot of time we are searching form things other people have to do what they do and we often forget to look with in and pull out what we already have.
Change is one of the hard things we have to do. A lost of the time we are not aware what change we need to make. Join me on this episode as I unpack making change in your life.
Letting go of the past can be hard, but it is often the one thing that is stopping us from moving forward.
In times of crisis and struggle the more important thing we can do is control the controllable. Join me on this episode as I take you though what is in your control.
If we can learn to cultivate our questions & statements and reframe them with a positive thought-provoking one we can start to create better thoughts. Better thoughts will create better actions better actions will create better words better words will create better surroundings Just by changing your thought you can change your life.
We are all super busy with the day to day of living, weather its running a family running a business or running for exercise reflection time is not always at the top of our list. On this episode I give you my 10 questions I use when I spend time in reflection. Here are the first 3 and you will have to listen for the full list. 1. What am I avoiding 2. How was I there for my spouse today 3. How did I show/express my love and appreciation to my spouse today
Being a father is one of the most hardest yet rewarding things I have and will ever do. Every day is a new challenge and a new opportunity to grow. Do I get it right all the time definitely not however we do our best every day with the right intent to bring up our children the best way we can. On this episode I talk the journey of fatherhood and the value we bring our kids up with. Connect with me on Instagram -  dansim412
A question I get asked a lot when sitting down with new clients to talk about building an investment property is "Is Now The Right Time To Invest" and the answer I give everybody is the same.... I have no idea because I'm a builder. So on this episode, Ron from RP Wealth Management answers that exact question and we also disuse the government's new  COVID 19 scheme that allows you to pull out up to $20,000 from your super.  
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