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An oceanic news and research podcast. Find out what's happening in our oceans with us: Nick, Allie, and Raye!
63 Episodes
Raye is back! In this episode Raye describes some freshwater news on plastics in the Great Lakes and the loss of large freshwater animals, while Nick gives you some happy news about California's MPA system! 
An interview with Iain Kerr of SnotBot and Ocean Alliance starts with Pharrell Williams, whale snot, and drones then dives into some of the sadder things happening to our oceans and how we can make a difference together. 
In this episode we discuss a giant raft of pumice making it's way to Australia, manta ray friendships, a traditional whale hunt possibly starting again, an almost official new Marine Protected Area, and 16-year-old climate change activist Greta Thunberg who just sailed across the Atlantic.
In this episode we talk a lot about plastic. Nick shares that recycling is kind of a sham and Allie shares some news about microplastics being found in snow in remote areas and a new report by the World Health Organization that basically says we know nothing. Allie also shares a new research article about ship strikes causing whale deaths. 
Raye raves about Rowan

Raye raves about Rowan


In this episode Allie discusses recent research (now available free on MarXiv) about sediment effects on critters and Raye tells you about a wonderfully written article about a plastics summit, some good news for coral reefs, and a recent interview she did on her hometown radio station. 
In this episode Allie shares some feel-good news followed by some new research about sharks and fishing vessels. Nick moves a bit away from ocean news to share some news about a recycling plant shuttering, faculty making some threats for a good reason, and Monsanto getting up to no good.
Raye and Allie interview Timothy Fitzgerald who works in the Oceans Program of the Environmental Defense Fund and focuses largely on sustainable fisheries. He also did some cool stuff with sharks in the past!
In this episode we share that a new country now tops the charts for the most deaths of environment defenders, corals might like sea level rise over the short term, a teenager won a bunch of money for a new process that could help clear our water of micro-plastics (also see here), and The Skimmer by OCTO is out for this month.
In this somewhat upbeat episode, Nick and Raye update you on the ridiculousness of big publishing companies and share some fun news.
Do not pick up giant clams

Do not pick up giant clams


In this episode, Raye and Allie discuss a new literature item about the perceived impacts of SCUBA diving and share some news and information about a "ghost fleet" in Maryland and about a gaping hole in the Green New Deal. Hint it's blue. 
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