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Wherever you are on your journey, we want to take steps together to know and become like Jesus.
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Conspiracy Culture

Conspiracy Culture


Why do we believe in conspiracies? How should a Christian respond to the many conspiracy theories that are put forward in this age of uncertainty?
Pastor Paul encourages parents to consider Posture over Position as we look at our plan for raising our students, vs. God's plan. Includes a special interviews with past and present JW Students leaders.
Jesus lived out the blueprint for how to engage in politics as a Citizen of the Kingdom of God.
Christians should be involved to some degree in the political process. Could it be that the way we are engaging in the political process is making our souls sick? In this message we will seek to gain some perspective, whether we are on the left or the right.
We have been living through an intense season of change, but how do we choose to respond to this as Christians?
Without Hindrance

Without Hindrance


Things Change. The relevance of the Gospel and the importance of the church that is entrusted with the message, is more profound than ever before.
What does it look like to have radical trust even in the midst of chaos? Learn from the apostle Paul as he navigates a critical situation on his way to Rome. Radical trust is discerning God’s provision and then believing it. What are areas of our lives that we can discern and trust God’s provision for us?
A great deal has changed in the last year! What has not changed is Jacob's Well's commitment to help parents be the spiritual champions in their kids' lives. We will walk with kids as they take their first steps towards God. And our best days are ahead of us! The God who has always been faithful to his church and has poured out blessings on Jacob's Well for the past 20 years is faithful again now, to provide everything we need to be light in the Chippewa Valley and beyond.
Communication is key in any relationship, when caring for others they want to be heard. Good communication includes verbal and non verbal (body language) skills, as well as Active Listening, which is the most important piece for good communication.
The trials of Paul at the end of the book of Acts can teach us so much about power, perspective, and keeping your eyes on eternity.
Pomp & Position

Pomp & Position


Do we live as if the resurrection is real? Many who profess faith in Christ live as though the resurrection is not important. 
SPECIAL GUEST - Jef Whitfield. This was a beautiful and enlightening conversation about racism in America and how it impacts our brothers and sisters here at Jacob's Well.



How can we use our freedom to serve the common good? Seeing our freedoms as a tool to serve others makes us very grateful for the freedoms we have when we have rule of law and Justice for all.
How can we be faithful to the gospel and witness at every opportunity when we might feel trapped between a rock and a hard place? Paul gives us an example of just this in Acts 24.
This week is all about the beauty of looking at scripture from a fresh perspective.
How can we make what we do every day a Holy calling, our mission, and a vocation? How can we move everyday challenges into eternal opportunities? Instead of changing our “job”, what would it look like to change our perspective about work?
How do we embrace hope after such a long season without it?
This year we've all lost our minds, at least just a little. Easter is the time to stop deflecting hope and hear the risen Savior say your name.
In an age of isolation, it is more important than ever to recommit and rediscover real community.
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