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Author: Dr.Glen Schaffer

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Podcast by Dr.Glen Schaffer
57 Episodes
Will we get back to Normal or will we have a new normal? Did we need the lockdown? What is it going to look like moving forward?
My perspective on COVID19, some practical tips on keeping your immune system strong and is there some positives
6 Basic, time tested principles to a Vibrant Life! Hosted by Dr. Glen Schaffer, a practicing chiropractor with 35 years of experience!
Episodet 54 - Are You Addicted To Food by Dr.Glen Schaffer
World Spine Day? Wow, that's amazing! Learn why this is so significant and why your spine is vital to your overall heath!
Do you have mold in your home or office? It might just be impacting your health! Find out in today's episode!
Podcast 51 - Proper Hydration by Dr.Glen Schaffer
Episode 50 - You Are A VIP by Dr.Glen Schaffer
Are you pregnant and hurting? Thinking about chiropractic care? Chiropractic works! And it safe!
School Backpacks

School Backpacks


Are your kid's backpack hurting their back? What's the right pack? How should it be worn? Find out in today's episode!
Stem cell therapy and Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is on the rise and is very promising. Is this therapy right for you? Learn about these two cutting-edge therapies today!
Your Need For Purpose

Your Need For Purpose


You were created for a purpose! Learn how to find yours and why it's so important!
What in the world is tech neck? It's what can happen due to our obsession with technology! What does it cause? What are some ways to help?
Getting Enough Fiber?

Getting Enough Fiber?


Are you getting enough fiber in your diet? What's good fiber? What are the benefits of fiber? Learn how to improve your health with proper fiber intake!
Have you or one of your kids sustained a concussion? Today message has info you need to know about regarding evaluation and treatment of concussion.
Believe good posture is just about how you look? Think again, good posture is actually a necessity for optimal health! Learn what good posture is and how to achieve it.
Our country continues to struggle from a health perspective. More reports confirming it's our lifestyle!! Are you willing to change?
Do you often wake up tired? Have a problem with snoring? Maybe you suffer with sleep apnea. Find out what sleep apnea is and what you need to know about it. Here's some practical tips.
How important is proper rest? It's vital to your health!! This episode discusses how to improve your rest!
Is part of your diet making you sick? Learn about inflammatory foods; what foods help and what foods to stay away from!
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