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Aptive is a huge company that just recently started doing digital marketing. What's it like building out a new team in a company worth hundred's of millions? That's what we wanted to know.
The summer break is over, Season 5 is in full swing! We decided to start the season off with a reunion show. We brought back the original cast to talk through the days when we first started. Welcome back Nate and Paxton!The episode goes back to the beginning with clips from our earliest episodes. We also play a quick game of digital marketing roulette! Have fun!
IHOB - Episode 424

IHOB - Episode 424


IHOB? Is this for real?
Bots are people, too!
Google IO and Dark Patterns, one is good and one is bad...which is which?
What is the ideal team structure?
Kickstarter - Episode 420

Kickstarter - Episode 420


Kickstarter is fun...
Brandon and Jon are in the hot seat as they try and fill 30 seconds of unprepared value on a given topic of Jacob's choice.
Comparison shopping is huge. Listen up for some killer hacks.
Sometimes you have to remember where you came from.
Would you Rather listen to this episode now or listen to two episodes next week?
2018, the year of voice, chatbots, and influencers.
To Gate or not to Gate, that is certainly one way to ask the question.
Digital Marketing Roulette...take 3!
We talk ethics, a philosophical debate
Small business owners aren't using digital marketing like they should...let's change that.
After 3 months...we're officially back!
Amazon wants to do what? BK is back in the news...and more.
Contact us if you want to play Who Wants To Be A Millionaire!
Would you Rather listen to this episode or fall 12 feet into a big field of cacti?
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