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Author: AK Caggiano

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Vacancy is the audio serialization of a piece of modern fantasy fiction. Follow Lorelei Fischer as she learns the secrets of bizarre bed and breakfast Moonlit Shores Manor and its extraordinary live-in employees.
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20 Episodes
Reverse weapons...hmmLearn more at
Trow, trow everywhere, but not a one to speak!To find out more, please visit
What's in the basement? Monsters, of course!Find out more at
An evening without guests sounds great to the employees of Moonlit Shores Manor, but without power--any powers? Not so much...Find out more at
Is Lorelei headed to Hollywood or is it "gonna be a no from me, dawg?"Find out more at
Good job, Lorelei, you've started a howling...Learn more at
Moonlit Shores Manor has visitors, but they're not looking for a room, they're looking for a boy.Find out more at
What could be waiting for Lorelei at the bank in Bexley?To find out more, please visit
The Warlock General suggests not passing through an interdimensional portal more than seven and a half times a day. To learn more please visit
Spooky happenings are occurring at Moonlit Shores Manor as Lorelei ventures into the basement for the first time. To learn more, visit
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