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Author: Ben Oosterveld

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Ben Oosterveld goes WITHIN the lives of business owners to experience the real and raw side of what they’ve HAD TO OVERCOME personally to reach the high levels of success that they experience today.

Also, hear Ben’s soul grabbing inspirational rants, keynote speeches, and listen in when he’s a guest on other shows.
54 Episodes
54. No One's Coming to Help

54. No One's Coming to Help


Nobody can help you! You need to look within to find the answer and have the strength to stand alone. Don’t wait for someone to do it for you; it’s not going to happen. Make decisions from your own heart. Time Stamps: 00:48: Getting to the place of emotional health 01:12: Nobody is going to help you 01:29: The answer is within your soul 02:44: Start looking within 03:06: They have the answer 06:16: The trick was not to look outside yourself, but say "What do I really want in life?" 07:17: Don’t close the door to help or feeling loved
Renae Oosterveld is Ben's wife. They have been together for 17 years and they have 5 children. During this episode, Renae will share her views on raising children to have their own voice and the differences between her and Ben's beliefs and the challenges they face.  Time Stamps: 04:37- The journey of what Renae believed and when Ben questioned his 07:26 - Do we teach the kids the right way or do we teach them to listen to their heart to make the right decision 09:24 - Having real conversions with our kids 10:09 - Parents fear how their kids are going to turn out 11:38 - Belief vs knowing 15:00 - What does Ben believe? 16:40 - Questioning what Ben believes 20:07 - Renae’s own belief journey 23:26 - Ben being scared of everything around him 24:49 - Ben’s quest for truth 26:10 - Live in fear or live truly who you are 28:17 - Why Renae wanted to come on the podcast 29:28 - Deep conversations with our older kids 30:14 - What Renae has taught Ben about being a better dad 37:19 - How Renae tells someone how to hear their kids  
Scarlett Oosterveld is Ben & Renae Oosterveld's oldest daughter, who is thirteen. During this episode, Scarlett will share some memories and what it's like growing up in a family of 7. She'll also talk about school, friends, emotions and her relationship with her dad.   Time Stamps:  00:50: When I sprained my ankle in grade one 02:27: Why I fully don’t trust my teachers 04:01:  Scarlett gives advice to kids on how to deal with teachers and school 05:17: The difference between “Are you OK?” and “You’ll be OK” 06:50: “My mom has a big heart for kids” 07:51: What’s it's like growing up in a family of 7 09:28: Describing who Scarlett is 10:53: My relationship with my dad 18:58: The difference between a stressed dad and a calm dad 22:23: A funny memory from growing up 23:36: How I choose my friends 26:20: Where I feel at a disadvantage in life 29:52: What’s the one question I would ask my dad? 35:10: What advice would you give 13-year-olds today? Want more? Visit
Robyn Robertson is a full-time unschooling mom to two fun-loving kids. She was a mixed heritage kid, who had lived and travelled in 7 different countries by the time I was 6 years old. During this episode, Robyn will share why she chose to homeschool her two children. She'll discuss growing up as a Jehovah's witness and how being mix-raced challenged her.   Links: Honey I'm Homeschooling the Kids Unschooling as flow with Robyn Robertson One Last Talk Edmonton Time Stamps:  2:29 – Robyn’s background and introduction 4:25 – The path that society wants us to go on 5:50 – Losing your way 11:30 – Wanting a change and making the change 16:05 – Moving to Jamaica and the beginning of homeschooling 18:41  - “The biggest thing about homeschooling that was so exciting that we all loved as a family, was that not only about the books and the learning and the one plus one, it was all about experiencing life together, and building our relationship and our connection and our communication“ - Robyn Robertson 20:48 – How they saw life and were experiencing life 22:37 – Questioning the structured schedule 25:40 – Personal value and homeschooling 29:42 – Why are you not following the rules 30:49 - Unschooling can be different things for different families 35:05 – The social element 42:17 – Growing up Jehovah’s Witness 54:50 – Upcoming One Last Talk Want more? Visit    
Tucker Max is 4x New York Times Bestselling Author and the Co-founder at Scribe, a platform that helps experts turn their ideas into incredible books. During this episode, Tucker will share how you can start to remove the barriers and frustrations when writing and make it much easier to turn your ideas and knowledge into a great book. He’ll discuss ways that he has evolved as a person from his first book to where he is happy today. Expect to hear about some of his vulnerable and authentic moments including being asked about his regrets. Learn about his experience with MDMA therapy and how it fundamentally changed his life. Links: What MDMA Therapy Did For Me After the Ecstasy, the Laundry One Last Talk: Why Your Truth Matters and How to Speak It Time Stamps: 02:56 - Tucker’s background and introduction 08:18 - Letting somebody else grow your business 09:42 - “If you think you’re good at something, do it at scale and then see if you’re still good at it” - @TuckerMax 15:03 - Working with a shaman holistic healer and MDMA therapy 26:14 - “MDMA - It has changed my life” - @TuckerMax 26:47 - Bringing baggage into your existing relationship 29:06 - How Philip McKernan met Tucker Max 32:49 - Being vulnerable and authentic on stage at One Last Talk 38:08 - Comparing your past to your present 38:23 - “I will never have regrets for being who I am, ever” - @TuckerMax 41:17 - Analyzing who you truly are now 43:20 - Valuing you your life and living it to the fullest 52:02 - Why Ben Oosterveld hasn’t written a book yet   Want more? Visit    
Sheryl Netzky is an award-winning teacher and shamanic state-shifting practitioner with over 30 years of experience. Sheryl has supported leaders of small businesses and Fortune 500 enterprises heal the things that hold them back-- everything from broken bones to broken hearts, to broken dreams. She has even presented to thought leaders on Sir Richard Branson's Necker Island and for the Gates Foundation’s teacher-leaders. During this episode, Sheryl will share how you can release obstacles, connect to a higher purpose, and amplify abundance in your life. Learn to own your problems instead of facing them and ultimately to soothe yourself. Better connect with yourself and others including ways to redefine your feminine energy.   Links: Love Warrior: A Memoir   Time Stamps: 01:09 - Sheryl’s background and introduction 06:26 - Addressing your problems in the world 08:02 - “We so deeply don’t want our kids to be wounded in the same way that we’ve been wounded” - Sheryl Netzky 10:43 - Owning your problems instead of facing them 13:38 - Learning to soothe yourself 20:40 - Healing others through physical means 27:55 - The cause and cure to your anxiety 34:02 - Teaching your clients to heal for a life 38:26 - Speaking to at Sir Richard Branson's Necker Island 43:30 - What do you need to do in your lifetime before you die 51:48 - “It’s all about how we connect to ourselves and others” - Sheryl Netzky 55:06 - The beauty and pain of culture 1:00:00 - Learning from the biggest triggers in your life 1:10:06 - Redefining your feminine energy within the masculine   Want more? Visit  
Philip McKernan is the founder of the One Last Talk™ movement, undoubtedly the most powerful live truth-telling event on the Planet. As a speaker, he has inspired and challenged the Canadian Olympic Team and The Pentagon to name a few. During this episode, Philip dives into what it means to discover your truth and speak it, why people should do this, and then explains how this can be done. If you feel living more authentically could allow you to have a greater impact on others, or you can't find the words to speak your truth as boldly as you know you need to, this is the episode is for you. Make no mistake, the path Philip lays out is simple, but not easy, because your greatest gift lies next to your deepest wounds!   Links: One Last Talk: Why Your Truth Matters and How to Speak It Hardcover   Time Stamps: 00:43 - What is one the last talk you’ll ever give 07:52 - The difference between truth and story 11:33 - “Show people don’t tell them” - @PhilipMcKernan 15:33 - Create your one last talk and release your truth 16:06 - “Every man and women on earth needs to create their one last talk and deliver it to one other human being in order to free your truth” - @PhilipMcKernan 21:01 - Judging yourself in holding your back from success 26:57 - What does it mean to be seen by the world? 34:47 - How to honor your pain and learn from it 35:24 - “I don’t believe there is a greater teacher on earth then pain” - @PhilipMcKernan 39:16 - Why the “One Last Talk” movement is unique and authentic  
It’s time to stop hiding behind God and your religion! Take responsibility for your own life and face your own beliefs. Learn to overcome the sinner mindset and decide to apply your free will. Realign your faith and know what you believe. Now, have the guts to stand in your truth and be you!   Time Stamps: 00:38 - Hiding behind your religion and prayer 02:36 - “Sometimes praying about it is the best way to never deal with it” - Ben Oosterveld 03:00 - Overcoming the sinner mindset and false beliefs 07:55 - “Know what you believe then you could find yourself” - Ben Oosterveld 09:38 - Learn to raise your personal value 12:18 - Defending your faith and finding your truth 12:46 - “If you doubt your faith you will have a tendency to defend it” - Ben Oosterveld   Want more? Visit
Cameron Herold is the founder of COO Alliance, a qualified and vetted peer group designed to support and develop the 2nd in command. He is the mastermind behind hundreds of companies’ exponential growth. Cameron's purpose is to help you exceed your vision. During this episode, Cameron will share some tools that will help you create an inspirational, detailed, and actionable mission statement for your business and personal life. Learn how to build great leaders and what you need to do before you start to outsourcing work. Find out the strengths of Bipolar and ADD so that you can make that dream a reality!   Links: Mindvalley Podcast Episode Vivid Vision - Book Let's Raise Kids To Be Entrepreneurs - Ted Talk Time Stamps: 01:21 - Why Camren went inside a level 4 state penitentiary 07:05 - “I had dinner one time with the largest cocaine dealer in US history” - @CameronHerold 15:41 - Outsourcing leadership and building leaders 18:39 - Creating your Vivid Vision for you and your business 30:01 - Ben’s vision breakdown and process 32:58 - “Evolve your company and the way you run it to make your vivid vision come true” - @CameronHerold 36:04 - Do this before you outsource your work 39:07 - “My effective hourly rate is $2,100 an hour for coaching” - @CameronHerold 43:55 - The strength of Bipolar and ADD 51:57 - Adjusting your work life balance and being a great Dad 57:39 - Are you pricing your goods and services too low? 01:01:54 - Analyzing your strengths and weaknesses    Want more? Visit  
Dr. Laurence Tham is the founder of Drive Your Practice, a coaching and mentorship program focused on helping chiropractors in their first 5 years of practice get out of "survival" and into sustainable and profitable practice. During this episode, Laurence will share why you need to go all in with your business and exactly how to do it. He will explain ways to build your client base and give them mind-blowing customer service. Find out how to grow your brand and establish authority from a simple yet impactful video strategy.   Links: Tim Ferriss TED Talk: Why you should define your fears instead of your goals Time Stamps: 01:18 - Dr. Laurence Tham’s Introduction and backstory 04:42 - Building up your self-awareness 06:31 - Why you need to go all in 100% into your business 09:28 - “The things that have been pivotal in my life have always been when I took a risk” - @laurencetham 14:44 - How comparing yourself to others will slow you down 18:24 - Working towards your purpose and passion 30:30 - “Never make a decision based on emotion” - @laurencetham 31:54 - Building your client base and why you’ve been doing it all wrong 45:29 - Creating a mind-blowing customer experience 01:01:45 - Nitro mastermind development and investing in yourself 01:09:35 - A video strategy for your brand and authority 01:20:33 - Implementing the system into your business   Want more? Visit
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