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Author: Ben Oosterveld

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Ben Oosterveld goes WITHIN the lives of business owners to experience the real and raw side of what they’ve HAD TO OVERCOME personally to reach the high levels of success that they experience today.

Also, hear Ben’s soul grabbing inspirational rants, keynote speeches, and listen in when he’s a guest on other shows.
38 Episodes
36: Dr. Scott Jurica: Stop Sniffing the Air and Take a Breath
Dr. Scott Jurica is a Wellness Consultant, Applied Clinical Nutritionist, Chiropractor, and Applied Kinesiologist. His private practice is dedicated to providing the most progressive and integrative healthcare by utilizing many innovative therapies such as advanced nutrition, applied kinesiology, myofascial work, chiropractic, cold laser, emotional/stress assessment, herbal therapy, functional nutrition, and advanced laboratory analysis to personalize a health program for each patient. Listen to this episode and find out how Ben and Scott met, hear how our stress levels affect our health, learn the importance of having a purpose for following a certain diet and lastly hear Scott’s goal to treat the person with the condition not the condition of the person.   Links:  @FromWithinPod @scottjurica   Quotes: “I feel like crap but my doctor says, I am fine. But I am not fine!”-@scottjurica “The number one you’ve got to think as far as your stress is a concern, is what is going on inside your brain, what are you thinking about.” -@scottjurica “Do not stress out so much. Just be right at the moment.” -@scottjurica “What your body can create it can heal.” - -@scottjurica   Time Stamps: 00:21 – Who is Scott Jurica? 00:21 – The impact Scott wants to make to the world 05:49 – Checking one’s health through a blood test and its reference range 09:06 – The different analogies of health 10:30 – New approach to working with patients 12:58 – All about adrenal stress 14:51 – What is more influential medication or emotional fix? 18:04 – Importance of taking a break and getting away for reflection and soul-searching 18:40 – Your ‘big why’ for dieting and your relationship with food 24:02 – Experiencing miracles 33:02 – Guilt and pressure- women’s biggest stressors 39:04 – Scott searching for purpose after losing his uncle and brother because of cancer 48:30 – Practical tips to optimize health 51:09 – Connect with Dr. Scott Jurica
35: Ryan Rishaug: Getting to the NHL…a Story of Powerful Focus and Humility
Ryan Rishaug is a top-level TSN sports broadcaster. He serves as an ice reporter on the NHL on TSN and covers Edmonton for SportsCentre. He appears regularly on TSN 1260 sports radio in Edmonton. In addition, Rishaug has covered numerous high-profile events for TSN including the Olympic Games, IIHF World Junior Championship, and Stanley Cup Final. Listen to this episode and find out how Ryan find value in Ben’s cold calling strategy that made him adopt the authentic approach to his own pitches as a sportscaster. Also, learn how Ryan created a new opportunity for himself as sportscaster after he retired playing hockey because of his back injury.   Links: • @TBFWPodcast • • @TSNRyanRishaug   Quotes: • “I did not know what, I just knew it was broadcasting.”-@TSNRyanRishaug • “I just kind of decided what I wanted, decided what I needed to do to get there. And started picking crap off the list and getting it done.”-@TSNRyanRishaug • “In the absence of clarity just take action.” -@TBFWPodcast •   “My belief system---you just go get it done, you go make it happen.” -@TBFWPodcast    Time Stamps: • 01:20 – Who is Ryan Rishaug? • 06:34 – Hanging up his skates to transition into broadcasting • 09:32 – How do you move forward to get what you want? • 15:20 – How he and Ben met the time he was dealing with some major life changes • 22:20 – How he became a TSN Sportscaster • 29:02 – Interviewing Burt Reynolds and Adam Sandler • 29:40 – Ryan’s motivation • 31:00 – Family or broadcasting • 33:56 – Long-term and short-term planning • 36:10 – Turning rejection into a positive experience • 38:18 – Hated but respected or Hated and not respected • 47:00 – How Ben balance everything in his life?    
34: How to Find Your Brand & Build a Team Live Coaching Session with Steve Sims and Ben Oosterveld
Ben's co-host for this episode is Steve Sims, the visionary founder of Bluefish, the world’s first luxury concierge that delivers the highest level of personalized entertainment services to corporate executives, celebrities, professional athletes, and other discerning individuals interested in living life to its fullest. They have their live coaching winner Chris Miller, a real estate agent and entrepreneur, who is in the process of building a new brand and having his own team. Listen to this episode and find out how Ben and Steve help Chris address his struggle in building a brand and having a team. Also, learn how Chris prided on the relationship side of the real estate business and stayed in tune with people he encounters as supposed to just shooting for the mighty dollar.   Links:  @TBFWPodcast @uglysims Resources:  Bluefishing: The Art of Making Things Happen     Quotes: “Support is an investment, not a cost.”-@uglysims “The one thing that we all want is more time .”-@uglysims  “To do something that you can’t do and don’t want to do. Then all of a sudden it becomes an investment because it gives you more time.”-@uglysims   “You pay people to do what they can do so you can do what you can excel at.”-@uglysims   Time Stamps: 00:48 – Steve Sims background—The Real Wizard of Oz 02:40 – Live coaching contest winner, Chris Miller’s background 04:14 –Chris Miller’s struggle as a business owner and a realtor 06:01 –How do you build a profitable business and maintain a happy team? 10:05- Building a team of online virtual assistants for support 11:22- Support as an investment, not a cost 14:40- Power of outsourcing 19:23- How to hire people 23:20- Controlling your team 29:41- How being an entrepreneur is tough 31:51- Personality brand and being authentic 37:12- The ‘Chris Miller’ Culture 41:19- Getting feedback about your service and your values  from the people around you 54:47 – Doing marketing for the business and having fun
33: If You Died Today Would You Feel You Fully Lived...Interview with Philip Mckernan
Philip McKernan is an inspirational speaker, writer, and filmmaker. Philip works with entrepreneurs and business leaders all over the world. When people are seeking clarity about their future or want to move through roadblocks, seen and unseen, they call Philip. Philip helps people get clear on who they are and where they need to go. He helps them transition in their personal and professional lives so people feel aligned in all areas of life. Philip believes who and what we do ‘off the ice’ has a huge impact on our results ‘on the ice’. Listen to this episode and find out how Philip is able to challenge people to seek clarity through his deep empathy and fiery spirit. Stick and listen to this episode.   Links:  @TBFWPodcast Philip McKernan Facebook Philip McKernan  Instagram Quotes:   “Business owners have the worst heroes in the world.”- @PhilipMcKernan  “Challenge what we believe .”- @PhilipMcKernan  “I have so much courage when it comes to giving myself a rate of 5 because I want to know that I am not assuming anything.”- @PhilipMcKernan  “In the absence of clarity, take action.”- @PhilipMcKernan   Time Stamps: 00:30 – All about Philip as a mentor 01:18 – How Philip impacted Ben’s life 02:49 – Ben’s journey as told by Philip 04:44 – 'Business from Within' was once a 'Bullying from Within' 07:04 –  Philip’s before and after according to Ben 10:34 – The testament to letting go: Philip burning his journal 13:08 – How much of personal growth is being challenged in challenging yourself? 15:19 – Does he have regrets looking 10 years back? 16:12 –  Parenting beliefs that can be challenged 19:25 – What is connection and vulnerability? 30:08 –  Shadow side of being not in line with your own ideas 30:31 –  Best way to support people: being a friend and a foe at the same time 33:42 – Transitions and owning your truths. clarity and taking action 39:07 – Stats of people dying with regrets. 42:03 – Closure: speak your truth, move on and let them go 48:10 – Fear of trying 48:40 – Uncovering the things you need to do 50:34– Philip’s advice about working on your self-worth 53:03– Reaction as the clue for you to have clarity  
32: Third Breakup ...Where is "The One"?
In this episode of the Love The Raw Truth, Ben and Kelsey Grant put their heads together to do a live relationship coaching with Carisa, a 28-year old who has been into 3 break-ups and is on a search on finding  “The One”. They dug deep into the challenges of finding that person while she was in her personal journey of personal development and self-awareness. They also talked about the reasons why people tend to be receptive, and the relational psyche that are naturally imprinted on us from our childhood experiences. Enjoy as the Love The Raw Truth coaches dig deep and give their no BS pieces of advice about the transformational things and non-negotiables that Carisa must consider for her to find that special someone who will come to her life during her 2-year Saturn Return transit period.   Resources/Links @RadSelfLove A Year of Love Masterclass @TBFWPodcast  Wayne Dyer Quotes:   “To be able to stand in our conviction, we have to be balanced in both our masculine and feminine energies.”- @RadSelfLove   “We are trained that receptivity is a weakness.”- @RadSelfLove   “A lot of problems happen when you do not speak your truth in it.”- @TBFWPodcast   “We have these stories we tell ourselves and we are so convinced that they are true. Because we do not want to face what is really going on.”- @TBFWPodcast     Timestamps 02:08 – All about Carisa 02:26 – Her relationship history 09:45 – The stories we tell ourselves according to Ben 13:10 – Where challenges come in during personal development and self-awareness discovery 15:22 –Struggles with doing confrontations 17:09 –What control and manipulation does to people 21:50 –Receptivity in relation to masculine and feminine energies 25:39 –Relational psyche that is imprinted in us since childhood 33:49 – A cosmic rite of passage: Saturn Returns, the two-year window for self-discovery 43:42 – Figuring the way out through the pain called discomfort 52:12 – Working on the non-negotiables 54:40 – Spark and butterflies as a structure of a wounding pattern 59:39 – Kelsey’s protocol: Give 3-9 months to dating before going into the commitment
30: Where Did My Money Go! - Barbara Knoblach –Master Money Coach
Barbara Knoblach is a Certified Money Coach in Edmonton specializing in time and cash flow management for career-driven professionals and real estate. Barbara is not only a money coach, she is also a research scientist who investigates a genetic disorder that afflicts young children. All of this has taught her to eliminate clutter from her life and to focus on core values, such as personal integrity and financial independence. In this episode, Ben and Barbara talk about how life is consists of many choices, especially in making financial decisions. Barbara shares her money coaching style- a non-judgmental and analytic way. Lastly, they tackled about as coaches how they help people determine what is most important to them, the importance of self-awareness and overcoming self-sabotage. Link:  Barbara Knoblach for Money Coaches Canada Facebook-Barbara Knoblach Facebook- Money Coaches Canda   Quote:      “If people just invest to personal value first, everything else will change..”-@TBFWPodcast   “ Essentially you can just spend the money that you have, there is no way of spending things that are not available to you.”-@barbara_at_MCC   “If you want to invest in a business you have to probably become the person to run that business otherwise it will just fall apart on you.“ -@barbara_at_MCC   “You can see people for who they are if you can see yourself accurately.“ -@TBFWPodcast   Timestamps: 02:27 – How Ben and Barbara met 04:11 – Barbara’s science background and the competitiveness of the research industry 04:42 – Barbara’s career turning point from being a scientist to being a money coach 06:46 – Barbara describes her ideal client and the problem she solves for them 10:00 – Common mistakes people do when managing their wealth 10:55 – Generational impact on money management 11:42 – Money management: a personal or a financial issue? 17:20 – The taboo about money management, money as a tool of power 19:00 – Setting up a weekly budget 26:12 – Self-sabotaging thoughts 26:50 – Barbara’s advice to little kids about money management 31:20 – Barbara’s take on investments 50:32 – Barbara’s question for Ben 55:55 – Overcoming childhood adversities and moving forward 57:30– Self-awareness and pain points  
29: Wrestling Demons -  Phil Randazoo Interview of American Dream U
Ben interviews Phil Randazzo founder of American Dream U, a nonprofit organization that assists the veteran entrepreneur and military veterans transitioning out of the military. The program, taught by some of the world’s best and most successful entrepreneurs, is designed to provide soldiers, airmen, sailors, marines, and coast guard personnel with the tools to obtain their dream jobs or start their own business. Ben and Phil dig deep into topics like the importance of truth, transparency, self-sabotage, the first taste of success, relationship and going after the opportunity or pursuing well-deserved breaks. Also, why should one develop a routine, why you should allow mourning in your past for you to move on and move forward. Listen to this episode and hear authentic, no BS insights about success and pursuing a passion.    Link: Your Erroneous Zones by Wayne W. Dyer Aubrey Marcus Podcast featuring Paul Chek Kelsey Grant | Radical Self Love   Quote:      "The best investors in the world, they do not look at the business. They look at is the person running the business. And they invest into that person.”- @TBFWPodcast   "We can visualize and create our future.”-@phil_randazzo   "We are busy. But when we are not busy devil will make us busy.”-@phil_randazzo "Just being by yourself is really important.”-@phil_randazzo   Timestamps:   00:21 – How Ben and Phil met 01:19 – Overview of what American Dream U is all about: the transition from military life to civilian life 10:26- Phil’s migration story: Coming to the US from Sicily 11:35- What drives Phil to do what he is doing 12:35- What a hectic day in Phil’s life looks life 14:30- The Wakeup call 17:04- Self-sabotage and First taste of success 19:52- Trap of wanting other people’s wants 25:51- Ben defines ‘The Loop’ 27:11- Aubrey Marcus Podcast featuring Paul Chek 31:37- Morning Routine and owning the morning 34-44- Grabbing the opportunity versus taking a well-deserved year off break 35-50- Story of Wayne W. Dyer and his book Your Erroneous Zones 41:10- Radical stories of forgiveness and energy blocks 47:11- Distractions and scheduling your time for yourself 50:24- Question for Ben: If I ask your wife, where would she say you are at right now? 56:15- Ben’s relationship breakthrough with Rene 1:00:32- Beating ourselves up 1:02:03- Better ways to treat your kids as a Father 1:04:30- Mourning to your past and moving on 
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