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Author: Ben Oosterveld

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Ben Oosterveld goes WITHIN the lives of business owners to experience the real and raw side of what they’ve HAD TO OVERCOME personally to reach the high levels of success that they experience today.

Also, hear Ben’s soul grabbing inspirational rants, keynote speeches, and listen in when he’s a guest on other shows.
72 Episodes
Bill Hart is a coach with over 19,000 hours in the coach’s chair, an author, and a three time cancer survivor. For the last 17 years, Bill has worked with leaders, executives, branch managers, vice presidents and business owners. Before he became an executive coach he worked for 25 years as a leader in the mortgage and real estate industry. During this episode, Bill discusses his new book “White Collar Warrior: Lessons for Sales Professionals from America's Military Elite” where he interviewed members of the US Special Forces and leading sales professionals. Bill talks about his coaching career and his past career in sales in the real estate and mortgage industry, his love for aviation, and offers his advice on how to be thoughtful. Links Coach Bill Hart All in Podcast with Coach Bill Hart Building Champions – Coaching Leaders in Business and Life on Purpose Book White Collar Warrior: Lessons for Sales Professionals from America's Military Elite
During this episode, Ben discusses the pressures of parenting, the relationship between your family and your business, and how to have an honest conversation with your kids.
During this episode, Ben gets interviewed by The Not So Black and White Real Estate Podcast. Ben discusses living on the streets to owning over 40 investment properties to becoming one of the top agents in Alberta and one of the top real estate coaches in the country. Gary McGowan and Colin Campbell are two guys who interview multi-million dollar business owners that set the bar for their competition while giving back to the communities they love. Links: The Not So Black and White Real Estate Podcast Facebook
James Desmarais, is a talented Edmonton based videographer who runs Chazah Video Productions. He works with realtors to create amazing video home walkthroughs, promos videos, as well as other projects for other businesses. During this episode, James discusses his journey on how he went from being an arborist to taking his video passion and turning it into a career as a videographer. James reveals the challenges he went through as he started up and where he is now. Ben and James talk about their longtime friendship and how they came to meet each other. Links Chazah Video Productions YEG Video Tours – YouTube
Cameron Herold is the founder of COO Alliance, a qualified and vetted peer group designed to support and develop the 2nd in command. He is the mastermind behind hundreds of companies’ exponential growth. Cameron’s purpose is to help you exceed your vision. Ben welcomes Cameron Herold back to the show for second time. During this episode, Cameron discusses how he developed mass publicity in top media outlets for 1-800-GOT-JUNK with a small budget and the launch of his book, “Free PR: How to Get Chased By The Press Without Hiring a PR Firm.” Cameron reveals how he landed the thousands of media stories, offers advice, and shares the origin story of how he landed a story on The Oprah Show. Links Second in Command Podcast Free PR: How to Get Chased By The Press Without Hiring a PR Firm Hardcover - Book Vivid Vision– Book
During this episode, Meryana Ashkar discusses her journey with the ups and downs in her real estate career and how she rebuilt her business to grow with the life she wanted. Meryana talks about her soul searching trips to India, Indonesia, Cambodia, Philippines, Japan, Germany, and Nepal and the struggles she faced when she returned back to Canada. Meryana offers advice on how to reconnect with who you really are and reveals her most recent travel plans.
Kelsey Grant is a relationship and love educator rooted in radical self-love methodology. She has helped thousands find themselves, love themselves and restore relationships around them. Ben welcomes Kelsey back for their 6th Love and the Raw Truth episode. During this episode, Kelsey discusses in depth the reasons we defend people that hurt us. Kelsey shares her personal experience with defense in her past relationships, as well as the shadow within us and self-love. Links @RadSelfLove  Breakup Done Right with Kelsey Grant Third Breakup …Where is “The One”? How to Embrace the Discomfort of a Broken Relationship Will I Ever Find a Match – Live Relationship Coaching Kelsey Grant: How to Speak the Alien Languages of Male and Female
Oliver Manalese runs a personal transformation consultancy. He is an expert in coaching high achievers who are succeeding in their career or business but find themselves spiritually bankrupt. With a focus on creating a meaningful life and making a difference, clients align their purpose with a business to serve others. Clients learn to share their unique gifts in a way that causes them to make more money, be a leader, and experience a newfound sense of satisfaction and inner peace.  Oliver's podcast, The Oliver Manalese Show, features high performing leaders on how they overcome adversity as well as lessons and insights for personal transformation. During this episode, Ben and Oliver discuss Oliver’s real estate career, the meaning of authenticity, personal growth, being a yoga instructor, the impact Ben has had on Oliver’s life. Links Oliver Manalese Website Instagram @olivermanalese  Facebook  The Oliver Manalese Show Reinvention Roadmap - November 16, 2019 @ Oakville, ON
Peter Estephan is an Edmonton real estate agent, father of 2 amazing kids - one with special needs and also a member of Ben’s Agent From Within Academy. Peter has been a real estate agent for 14 years. During this episode, Peter discusses his personal life including divorce and challenges with having a child with special needs. He also talks about his real estate career, the effect of having an assistant has had on his life, and his experience the Academy and how he transformed his business over the years.  
Neeley Koester is a victim of sexual abuse, and dedicates a part of her life in facilitating a group that supports one another in moving through their own abuse stories. Neeley is also a talented ceramic artist and ran her own studio while living in Nashville.  During this episode, Ben and Neeley discuss Neeley’s sexual abuse story, how she’s helping people, her struggle with the church, and her past ceramic art career. They also discuss how Neeley’s trust fund created a fear within her and how it affected her life. Links: One Last Talk Local, Mill Valley Neeley Studios (See Neeley's past work)
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