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The Energy of Business and Life Show

Author: Melissa Zoske

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Welcome to The Energy of Business and Life Show, I'm Melissa Zoske, Energy, Wealth and Business Alignment Mentor and I help entrepreneurs achieve higher levels of success While eliminating burnout, energy blocks and health challenges. By clearing your blocks to success and taking inspired action steps to your goals and dreams I help you create a business and life that lights you up right now and step into the next level no matter how far away it may seem. You can find out more about me and get some great free energy tools at
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This week we’re going to dive deeper into other ways the Root Chakra can sabotage you. Yes, there are many more! It can sabotage you from making more money and even kill your visibility.Find out the sneaky ways your Root Chakra can get out of whack making you feel doubt, insecure, incapable and running to hide which equals a failing business.There are all sorts of blocks that come into play there. So really pay attention to those feelings and listen in to see how these imbalances can affect not only your business but your health, wealth and happiness. If you're upleveling your business to the next income goal. Listen to this episode to learn more about how you can get your Chakras aligned and ready for abundance. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level right now let’s chat Schedule your free session by clicking HERE. 
Did you know that the Root Chakra is connected to how you attract clients, price offerings, gain money and other business and life areas? It can really get in the way of you reaching your fullest potential and charging premium prices for your programs and services. A lot of times we think of these energy systems and all the Chakra systems as being more of the spiritual side of life, but I want to remind you that every one of your Chakras is related to everything in your body, mind, and spirit.Today I wanted to talk about the Root Chakra because it's really important to have that balanced and activated in order for you to really hook up and step into the energy of money especially if you're upleveling your business to the next income goal. Listen to this episode to learn more about how you can get your Chakras aligned and ready for abundance. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level right now let’s chat Schedule your free session by clicking HERE. 
Entrepreneurs can get caught up in what we call... success. You get so zeroed in on spreading your message, focusing on new programs, reaching out to people, being on all the social media, and you get so excited with helping others without taking proper care of yourself... Why? because you're a spiritual entrepreneur. You're a giver, caregiver, lover of all things and you're trying so hard to build this health, energy or coaching practice or heart centered business to help as many people as possible, but it can be easy to forget one big thing, and that's your health. Get my Free training on balancing out your body's energy so you can create a better work, life and health balance
Learn why discovery calls are so important, how to inject charisma, magnetism and attract more of your ideal clients quickly. Also do this one thing in your discovery calls to give you the intel you need to tune into the vibration of abundance, money, health… all of it. Wealth on all levels. Let’s meet your dreams right now! Are you ready to make the most out of your business and start earning your worth all while feeling ah-mazing? Watch my free training so you can start attracting
The # 1 way I've found to really reset and align my energy business coaching practice back into success may feel a little weird at first. It may seem counterintuitive in ways to boost your sales and bring in more clients but it’s one of my go-to methods for shifting into a WIN state fast. Don’t forget to grab my FREE powerful energy technique to help you attract more ideal clients and boost your income today!
 Having trust that you can get enough clients and generate enough income with your business is a very real thing. When you worry that there are too many other people doing what you do and maybe have a little imposter syndrome sprinkled in the mix it can really shake you up. Add to that the worry that you don't know enough or aren't good enough and it's the perfect storm... Bottom line, if you don't have trust in your business, no one else will either.
Did you know that getting new clients and rapid income growth while working less relies on way more than marketing , opt-ins and a beautiful website? Yes, it goes so much deeper and I'll tell you how to dig it up and clear it out in this episode so you can uplevel your business and life. Here's the link to get the method to help clear out even the deepest blocks
Today we're going to talk a little bit about hope, and hopelessness. I know that most of you have felt that way in your business, where you're going along at an even pace, and you're so excited. Then, all of a sudden you hit a wall, and that wall brings a hopeless feeling. And questions like, why am I doing this? Why am I putting myself out there? Nobody's going to buy my programs, my plans, my services, none of it. Why even try?" I get it and in today's episode we are going to talk about ways to ID the root cause of this and you can download my free tool to get that business block moved on out so you can create the Dream life you want. Click here to get the energy clearing free tool
Making goals is important but reverse engineering them is key to increasing your income fast. When you’re throwing out content willy nilly and it doesn’t point in any way to your main goal, you not only waste your time but important income potential. It’s also a form of self sabotage that could be buried deeper than you think. Check out the Free Course the Quantum Key Method to learn how to bust through your upper limits and other sabotages keeping you from upleveling your business. 
This is the sneakiest business and life block ever. Why? Because we never look at success as a bad thing consciously... But your subconscious is weighing in here now. In this episode, we go over how this could be keeping you from success or moving up to that next level of wins in your coaching, programs and even life.
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