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Decentralized is a Podcast dedicated to covering news, education + information on Bitcoin, Money, Technology, Libertarian Philosophy, Psychology, Science and more.

We run QA style shows and also bring you interviews with leaders in all of these fields, including the likes of Simon Dixon, Jimmy Song, Murad Mahmudov and many more.

Stay tuned for new Episodes broadcast monthly.
8 Episodes
Host: Aleks SvetskiTwitter:  CEO @  Guest: Murad MahmudovTwitter: & Aleks cover a broad range of topics, inside & outside of Bitcoin, including these & a whole lot more:  The different Narratives of Bitcoin- Bitcoin as Money- Thoughts on the Deflation as a concept-  A modern, verifiable, open information networkBitcoins long term life cycle Lightning - The future? Or not?  - Self sovereigntyBitcoin VS Blockchain - History & Facts - Blockchain & DLT - Smart (Dumb) Contracts  Market Outlook- 2019- 2020 and the halvening - The next cycle
Host: Aleks Svetski  Twitter:  Medium:  CEO @   Guest: Jimmy Song Twitter:  Medium: Book:  Overview In this marathon podcast, which you’re going to want to download & listen to (maybe a few times), Jimmy & Aleks cover a broad range of topics, inside & outside of Bitcoin, including these & a whole lot more:  Bitcoin VS Blockchain - History & Facts - Blockchain & DLT - Smart (Dumb) Contracts  Homo Sapiens, Money, Evolution Bitcoin - Bitcoin as a monetary innovation first; a technological one, second. - What is Money + it’s History - Why BCash got it soooo wrong  Lightning - The future or too early to tell?  Concepts & Ideas - Central / Top Down management VS Decentralized, Free markets - Current state of the world - Equality of Outcome VS Equality of Opportunity   Links Referenced During Podcast: Jimmy’s Articles:
Tone Vays & Aleks Svetski talk about Bitcoin, the origins of Money, markets, fragility, skin in the game, evolution, Sapiens, Amber ( and a whole lot more - all before the Brisbane Poker game that they had to run to before Tone's flight that night.. Resources & links for this podcast are:  Amber (The App)  Homo sapiens, Money, Evolution & Bitcoin (Think Sapiens meets Bitcoin Standard)  Sapiens (Book #1)  Skin in the Game (Book #2)  Enjoy, Like, Share!
Nexus founder Colin Cantrell, speaks with Aleks about all things Nexus. Recorded in Sydney May 2018
Independent Reserve

Independent Reserve


Another week, another episode - this time with Australia's longest standing Crypto Exchange: Independent Reserve.Did you know they've been around since 2013???We caught up with Lasanka (co founder) at APAC Blockchain and really got some insight into how they view the market, how they're handling security and the influx of new customers rushing into the space.Very insightful Podcast.As usual, find us on iTunes & Subscribe: Like. Share. Enjoy!
Austrac & Bradley Brown

Austrac & Bradley Brown


Another episode from APAC Blockchain in Melbourne, this time with Bradley Brown - one of the leads at Austrac.We discuss regulation, ICOs, exchanges, new Austrac laws that come in 3rd April and much more.As usual, find us on iTunes & Subscribe:, Like, Share, Enjoy!
Hey Guys!Welcome to the latest episode of Decentralized.This week we've got an episode with one of the most popular exchanges in the world - from one of the land's down under!We got to sit down with early team member Adam (BDM) & Allan Boothe (Cryptopia's new CEO).This is a VERY rare insight into how exchanges operate, how they're tackling some of the challenges in the space and how they're working to improve the business, the customer experience and more.This is a GREAT episode, especially for all of you that have coins on Cryptopia.Enjoy the episode & As usual, find us on iTunes & Subscribe: & Kosh
Hey Guys,This is the MOST anticipated episode of the year so far.In this "East meets West" episode, you'll hear the clash of philosophies, regulation VS the Free Market, open VS closed, public VS private.We talk about everything from how the government & regulatory bodies view crypto, blockchain, bitcoin, etc - and why they believe they can do it "better".Please make sure you share this episode around as it's one for the ages.Also - apologies for some of the stuttering by Aleks (me) - I was a little fired up during the interview and wanted to get as much info as possible.Enjoy the episode & subscribe for more!PS - we've also got a trailer for this one on our YouTube page: usual, find us on iTunes & Subscribe: & KoshDecentralized
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