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Author: Dave Ellinger

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Metahuman Dave talks about all things Scotch and whiskey as well as video games, comic books, nerdy shit. Podcast, blog and Youtube reviews. Support this podcast:
43 Episodes
Come watch the premiere episode of Brown Bag Special on YouTube at 10am this Monday, 11/26/18 --- Support this podcast:
We revisited Proper Twelve Irish Whiskey for our YouTube channel. We'd love to have your opinion on the matter. --- Support this podcast:
For the next 11 days I will be uploading new videos for Spirits Advent Calendar so don't miss it. --- Support this podcast:
We are uploading a video every day this week dedicated to travel exclusive whiskys so make sure you're subscribed on YouTube and hit the bell icon to get notified of new videos! --- Support this podcast:
Let's discuss the Game of Thrones Edition whiskys coming out. Starting with Johnnie Walker White Walker. Plus other updates and happenings with Brolic Whiskey. Thank you so much for the support, we are enjoying this journey with you! --- Support this podcast:
Our first ever giveaway, exclusively on Instagram @MetahumanDave You can win samples of Conor McGregor's new Irish whiskey, Proper No. Twelve, Weller 12, and a sample from our infinity bottle. #BrolicWhiskeyGiveaway --- Support this podcast:
We're the first to try Conor McGregor's new Irish Whiskey. We review it, and tell you why it's not called Notorious anymore. We're also letting you in on the secret of where you can buy it before anyone else! --- Support this podcast:
Who and what is the Whiskey Warrior? Update about whiskey meet-ups and a new whiskey coming out from Metallica --- Support this podcast:
This review is for Highland Park Full Volume. Distilled in 1999, bottled in 2017. This is supposed to be Gordon Motion's masterpiece. Did he check it to 11? --- Support this podcast:
I interviewed Sean Hallman, owner and distiller of Shadow Ridge Spirits company. Based in Oceanside, CA. We had a few minutes to talk before heading out to our monthly whiskey meetup group. --- Support this podcast:
I definitely ruffled someone's feathers with the last rant. But shady owners will remain being shady owners. what's to come in the next episodes. --- Support this podcast:
I finally speak my mind about shop owners who charge way too much money for their bottles. Don't feed us your bull-- we know what's up. Earn our business if you want it. --- Support this podcast:
Two minute whiskey review of Bulleit Bourbon barrel strength, batch #2. Have you ever tried this one? --- Support this podcast:
Check out what's been going on with me for the last week or so. --- Support this podcast:
Suntory Toki is a Japanese blended whisky. Toki means time, but I think this one shouldn't have had the time of day. You can watch our full review on our YouTube channel. --- Support this podcast:
One of my personal favorites, Wolfburn Northland single malt Scotch whisky. 2 minute review Full review on YouTube: Brolic Whiskey --- Support this podcast:
A quick update on where I've been, some lost information and plans to keep producing more content for the podcast --- Support this podcast:
I interviewed the Vice Chancellor of The Wizard Academy and founder of Whisky Marketing School. He's widely known as The Somm from the youtube channels: The Whiskey Vault and The Whiskey Tribe. --- Support this podcast:
What is IGTV and why should you know about it? Listen to this episode and then look me up on IGTV. @MetahumanDave --- Support this podcast:
SoCal MBs meet-up

SoCal MBs meet-up


A breakdown of what happened at the meet up this weekend as well as how you can get a free Black Feather whiskey t-shirt. Hint: Watch our Youtube review of Black Feather --- Support this podcast:
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