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Bundyville: The Remnant

Author: Oregon Public Broadcasting

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Bundyville: The Remnant, a co-production between Longreads and OPB, explores the world beyond the Bundy family and the armed uprisings they inspired. This series investigates extremist violence that results from the conspiracy theories of the anti-government movement, who is inspiring that violence and who stands to benefit.
18 Episodes
Bundyville Trailer

Bundyville Trailer


“Bundyville” is a deep dive into the politics and fringe religious beliefs that drive the Cliven Bundy family and their followers. From prophecies and nuclear testing to white supremacists and radical plans to shrink public lands, “Bundyville” explains how one family has beaten the federal government twice — and why this battle has just begun.
Episode 1: The Battle

Episode 1: The Battle


Our series begins in April 2014 in Bunkerville, Nevada, and chronicles the Bundys' leadership of two armed uprisings and their two victories over federal prosecutors. It also puts the Nevada and Oregon standoffs in a broader context of the growing far-right movement in America, which has grown steadily and substantially since two violent standoffs in the 1990s — Waco and Ruby Ridge — left dozens of people dead.
Episode 2: The Bomb

Episode 2: The Bomb


Dig into Cliven Bundy’s past and find out where his determination to dismantle the federal government began. It’s a story that takes us back to the government’s nuclear test program in the 1950s — imagine bombs in the Nevada desert — and culminates with Timothy McVeigh blowing up a federal building in Oklahoma City, killing 168 people. Along the way, the family patriarch becomes more emboldened to fight back against a government he believes is out to get him.
To understand the Bundys, and their unwavering belief that they alone can save the U.S. Constitution, you must understand their faith. The Bundys are Mormon and deeply religious, but their beliefs are rooted in fundamentalist scripture disavowed by the modern Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
Many journalists have written about the Bundys, and much of that writing has been done during the chaotic armed standoffs the family led in 2014 and 2016. But few people have talked to Cliven Bundy at length in his home in Bunkerville, Nevada. The man at the center of these events tells his side of the story in his own words.
Welcome to Bundyville, a ghost town high in the Arizona mountains that used to be home to 200 people, most of them named Bundy. Find out how this family history has helped attract anti-government activists from around the country to Cliven Bundy’s cause. The episode also discusses the white privilege and double standards that have allowed far-right extremists inspired by the Bundys to become more bold in their actions.
Episode 6: The Murders

Episode 6: The Murders


The Bundys want to talk about land rights and Constitutional law, but the fights they pick have real, tragic consequences. This episode assesses the damage done by the Bundys, a chronicle of pain that includes prehistoric artifacts trampled by cattle, politicians shrinking public lands and a pair of Bundy followers who hatched a plot to murder as many police officers as they could find.
Episode 7: The Future

Episode 7: The Future


The Bundys walked free in January 2018, but the story is far from over. The family has drawn large crowds on a multi-state speaking tour. Ryan Bundy is running for governor of Nevada. The national debate over public lands has tilted decidedly to the right. And in other forgotten corners of the West, momentum is building for another armed standoff.
"Bundyville: The Remnant" explores the world beyond the Bundy family and the armed uprisings they inspired. This series investigates extremist violence that results from the conspiracy theories of the anti-government movement, who is inspiring that violence and who stands to benefit.
In a remote desert town in the summer of 2016, a bombing took place and almost no one noticed. When Glenn Jones killed himself and blew up the family home of Josh Cluff, no one thought much of it. But what if it was something more? What if the bombing was actually a small window into the world of extremist violence that's been fueled by the anti-government movement?
Episode 2: The Bomber

Episode 2: The Bomber


The 2016 bombing in Nevada is far from the only act of violence related to the self-described Patriot movement. In fact, it wasn't even the only bomb to blow up that year. Another explosion happened that summer near a Bureau of Land Management cabin in Arizona — and the man who pushed the detonator tells us what made him do it.
Episode 3: The Martyr

Episode 3: The Martyr


When police killed Arizona rancher LaVoy Finicum in 2016 during the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge takeover, a grand jury deemed it a justified shooting. But for the Patriot Movement, it was an assassination. They call Finicum a martyr. So, what happens when people who have a deep-seated mistrust of the government finally have a justification to take action?
Stevens County, Washington, has been the origin point for a litany of white supremacist and anti-government violence over the past 40 years. In a time of extreme political rhetoric and conspiratorial thinking, we explore how the Patriot movement is workshopping some of their most radical ideas here and who is being recruited into the movement.
The violence perpetrated by the anti-government movement has long been fringe and rare. But more politicians are starting to accept extremist language and ideas as a part of their platform. One of those people is Washington state Rep. Matt Shea. He says he sees a chance for a 51st state in the Northwest — a place that would be governed by strict biblical laws and made up almost entirely of white people.
To find out how radical ideas enter the mainstream, we trace one back to a secretive religious community in Stevens County, Washington. That place — Marble Community Fellowship — has a dark past and is preparing for an apocalyptic future. One exile takes us inside to see what's really at the heart of anti-government extremism.
The bombing in Panaca, Nevada, was a case that led journalist Leah Sottile on an unexpected journey to a nerve center of hate and anti-government sentiment in the West. But newly uncovered evidence in the case offers a broader view of extremist violence — and some possible solutions.
In July 2019, Leah Sottile and Ryan Haas sat down with OPB's Dave Miller for a live Q&A event in Portland, Oregon. The discussion covered a range of topics, from how the second season of Bundyville came together to why conversations about white supremacy and extremist violence are necessary -- even when those conversations are uncomfortable.
Hosted by Peter Frick-Wright and award-winning journalist Rachel Nuwer, Cat People examines the strange relationships some Americans have with big cats and the legal loopholes that have made this country home to more captive tigers than there are left in the wild.
Comments (26)

Emitt Cummings

an amazing podcast

Dec 12th
Reply (1)

Sancho Panza

Great piece of investigative journalism. I also have to compliment the production values, thanks to which I was always tired or bored or watching. I can also recommend this to listeners looking for a crime/mistery or thriller podcasts.

Sep 7th

Nick Callaghan

good listen

Aug 14th
Reply (1)

Christopher Donaghue

talk about not knowing your audience. If any lawyer thinks that the jury can spot a bad Constitutional argument, he should just give up practicing law right now and find a job that doesn't involve other people.

Aug 11th
Reply (1)

Bryant Walton

I sense spooks

Aug 10th
Reply (1)

LaSandra Lee

Hey dude, the Boston Tea Party didn't start the Civil War....🤦🏾‍♀️ I literally cannot. OMG, these people.

Jul 18th
Reply (2)

Jake Smith

Top shit

Jul 16th

Mike McCarthy

An excellent listen, just about perfect in every way.

Jul 16th
Reply (1)

Wendy Bruder

these people are absolute nut cases. eek. just like ol Roger Simpson with his comment above. 1

May 31st

Roger Simpson

Don't down load this podcast. it's a globalist trap. lovers of TRANNY.

Feb 20th


This episode makes me feel really good about donating a bit to help fund the Bears Ears Visitors Center.

Dec 27th

Javier Camino Allendesalazar

really enjoyed it. thank you for your work!!

Sep 7th

Oz Beckers

Loved it! Binged on it while camping on BLM land

Aug 29th


very good reporting - binged the series in one night!

Aug 28th

Ben Rangel

Binged in one day. Excellent and important.

Aug 27th

Kaylyn Talkington

A necessary and well done look at a part of American culture we often collectively forget and dismiss. The story of the Bundy's is a continuation of the narratives of Ruby Ridge, Waco, and Oklahoma City.

Aug 26th

Paul Cook

Got pretty bored after episode 3

Aug 24th

Robb Robison

Well done podcast that I had to binge from start to finish. There are times were the characterizations seem to be stereotypical. No matter what side of the issue your on it's a compelling story.

Jun 10th

David Dempsey

This is a superb podcast. Well worth a listen.

Jun 4th
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