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Happy Healthy Human Radio - Find Balance With Samantha Attard PhD, RYT, Doula
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Happy Healthy Human Radio - Find Balance With Samantha Attard PhD, RYT, Doula

Author: Samantha Attard

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These broadcasts deliver big life lessons in digestible packages. You'll find meditations, recipes, yoga, and lessons on gaining balance from Samantha Attard. Sam is a doula, yoga instructor, nutrition PhD, and coach who specializes in eastern philosophy and Ayurveda, the ancient Indian healing system. Listen and find bliss and balance in your every day.
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Hello friends! Welcome to another episode of Happy Healthy Human Radio. Let's talk about the other - our brains developed to split the world into me vs you and us vs them. But is that really the healthiest way to look at the world? Let's talk about how to turn the world to one big US, and why that's so important. 
When a Yogi Doubts

When a Yogi Doubts


When do you think the yoga poses were invented? While there were about 12 poses that were defined in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika over 3,000 years ago, the majority of the shapes that we do in our Western yoga classes weren't invented until the early 1900s. In today's conversation, I'm talking about the history of our yoga poses and what to do with that information. While the podcast is inspired by my experiences in the yoga world, it is useful for talking about any tool that you use to find more happiness, health, and joy in your life.
I don't know about you, but my hips could use some love. Whether it's from sitting too much throughout the day, your latest run or spin workout, or you're just naturally a little tighter in that area, let's do a 40 minute yoga sequence to specifically stretch out the hips. 
In today’s 12-minute guided meditation, we’re focusing on letting thoughts and emotions rise and fall. You’ll experience old thoughts and experiences flowing out of your body, releasing stuck emotions and finding new space to be present in your everyday life.No meditation experience necessary! Just find a place to sit or stand where you’ll be uninterrupted for 12 minutes.
Hello friends and welcome back to another amazing conversation with our resident astrology expert, Kathleen Barry. This episode is a little different. While we talk a bit about the summer solstice and Cancer season that we are in, we quickly turned our conversation to other topics, most notably how to make peace with our shadow selves. We also talked about the Trauma Recovery Yoga teacher training that Kathleen just completed down in New Orleans.This is an important and full conversation. Enjoy! 
Halfway there! In today’s episode, I’m talking about lessons I’ve learned through my conversations with clients as well as experiencing my own pregnancy. We’re going to talk about:Creating connection with your babyHow to involve your partner with your pregnancyThe wonderful Spinning Babies technique - standing releaseHow to feel good about what you’re eating (even if it feels super unhealthy compared to your usual diet)Why more exercise might not make you feel more tiredIf you're pregnancy or know anyone else that is, please come on out to my workshop at Take Care Shop on June 27th! We're talking about preparing mind and body for labor. Register here.
You can always win the game

You can always win the game


You can always win the game. The game of your relationships, your work, your energy, your life. You are in charge of you. And thus you can choose the rules. That means you always have the possibility of winning.Today we're talking about how changes in the weather and our life situation can impact us physically and emotionally. But just because they impact us doesn't mean that we're at their mercy. It's time to pay attention to the game you're playing and take action to bring body and mind into balance.You're also going to hear about how Ayurveda talks about this exact issue and teaches us how to balance body and mind. 
I love doing this podcast because it's an opportunity to talk to people with a completely different skillset and set of experiences. I so loved talking with Diana for this reason. She's a social media expert that has worked for larger corporations, non-profits, small businesses, and for herself. She uses these experiences to craft social media strategies for her clients. We had a wonderful conversation that ranged from the nitty-gritty of social media strategy to the over-arching role that social media can play in our lives. It was a beautiful conversation, and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.Diana Morales is the founder of Lust Local Media - a full service Social Media Consulting Firm. Diana actually began her career in social media when she was working in  Corporate Recruiting at the Lucas Group. During this time, Diana was able to master Social Media Management, working under the wing of one of the top ranked recruiters in the country, Diana was able to establish a savvy social media strategy that would leap the firms visibility in the online world. From this desire to connect people socially Lust Local was born in November 2015, and has been managing media and strategy for the past two and half years. Find Diana
Life moves pretty fast. So take 25 minutes out of your day to slow down, breathe deep, and feel some peace.Today's yoga sequence is a gentle practice designed to help you find peace and ease. Enjoy! 
Hello friends! We are BACK with another Moon Chat with the fabulous Kathleen Barry. Today we're talking about the new moon in Gemini and Mercury in Cancer, which leads to conversations about time, following your intuition, and your positive (or not so positive) self-talk.It's an amazing conversation with tons of information to help you feel your best.  Enjoy! 
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