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Sapiophile (n.)- one who is attracted to intelligence. Join us, fellow fun loving lovers of knowledge, as we dig into your favorite topics with our very own nerdy diatribes, words of wisdom, and takes on life as millennials (with the occasional bursting into song) Welcome to the Sapio Files!
102 Episodes
Welcome to our 100th episode! We are so happy to have been able to bring you fun and interesting content over the last hundred episodes, and we thank you for being a part of our listener family! At the end of every episode, we remind you all to stay curious. So, we thought it was only fair to practice what we preach. For our 100th episode celebration this week, we bring you 100 things we are curious about! Thank you for joining us over these last hundred episodes, and we look forward to more!
Happy February! With Valentine's Day coming up, we thought we'd take a look at some of the most common interpretations of soulmates in literature and mythology. What is a soulmate? How is it different from a twin flame, kindred spirit, karmic soulmate, or life partner? Where do these ideas come from? Join us for this fun look at love and relationships from a unique perspective. And be sure to tune in next week for our 100th episode celebration!!
We're three weeks into the new year. Have you started struggling with your resolution yet? New Year's Resolutions are a popular tradition that people use to look forward to better times and find ways to improve themselves. Why then, do many of us not make it past January before giving up? Why are they so difficult to keep? This week, we're digging into the most common and popular New Year's Resolutions and the struggles with each of them. Join us for new inspiration, strategies for success, and ways to frame resolutions so that they are not only valuable, but achievable. Happy 2021!
2020 is almost over! We made it!! To say that it's been a crazy year would be the understatement of the century. This year has been so wild that in preparing this review, we found we forgot about major news events that happened just a few months ago. This week, we are breaking apart the major events of this wildly unprecedented year and the big lessons and takeaways this year provided. Happy (well-deserved) New Year, sapiophiles!!! We will be back in 2021!
Episode 96: A Juggling Act

Episode 96: A Juggling Act


This year, more than any year before, we find ourselves with a lot on our plates.  How can we balance all that this year has thrown at us and still maintain health and sanity? This week, we are unpacking the "juggling balls" theory of priorities-- and analyzing our own priorities to determine which tasks are rubber balls that will bounce back if dropped, which are metal balls that will make a lot of noise and be hard to pick back up, and which are glass balls that will shatter. 
Happy Thanksgiving! In most years, Thanksgiving weekend is a time when we have a big friendsgiving party and welcome in the holiday season. Like so many other aspects of "Normal life", 2020 has made that impossible this year. So, we thought we'd take our party online and include all of you! This week, we are joined by three friends to help us celebrate and discuss our favorite parts of thanksgiving, memories from the past year, gratitude, favorite books and TV shows that got us through the year, wishes and goals for 2021, shoutouts to so many of our friends, and a whole lot more! 
On a special edition of our show this week, we are talking to frequent guest host, Jake Sachs, about an exciting new project he's recently released! Join us for an exclusive interview about the making of his new album, "Continue", from the original concept all the way to production and release! Get a behind-the-scenes look at the music and the inspiration behind it. "Continue" is available now on all the streaming services! Download it here: 
Happy Halloween, Sapiophiles! For your Halloween-themed dose of dark and creepy tales this week, we're taking you on a haunting journey through the original Grimm's Fairy Tales. These are not your children's fairytale stories. Join us as we dive into the original versions of some of the most popular tales, and break down their gruesome, haunting, violent, problematic, and gory roots. It's a chilling episode you won't want to miss!For more haunting tales, check out the brand new radio play from our friends at interACT Audio Productions, "Ghostlights": 
There are few scenarios scarier than being a healthy, active twenty-something woman and hearing the words, "you have cancer". This week, we're talking to blogger and "accidental rare disease advocate" Christina Kosyla- who, as a young, active theatre teacher, actress, and yoga instructor, discovered that she had developed desmoid-type fibromatosis-- an incredibly rare soft tissue sarcoma that few have heard of, and even fewer have been able to diagnose. She's here this week to talk to us about her fascinating journey that has resulted from this diagnosis, how she's managed to stay strong and positive, how the global pandemic affects those with chronic health conditions such as hers, the universality of some of her struggles, why she calls those with her condition "the unicorn squad", and a whole lot more. For more on Christina's story, follow her blog at 
The covid-19 pandemic has made 2020 feel like it's thousands of years long. Maybe that's because in the recorded history of the world, it is only the 17th full-scale pandemic on record. This week, we're taking a look back at these pandemics and the lessons we can learn from them. What common themes exist across history in these pandemics? Find out this week.
We think we know what will make us happy. That's why we do things like focus on the positive, give ourselves as much choice as possible, and focus our energies on becoming like those people who have the lives we want. And most of the time, we're totally wrong. This week, we are breaking down common misconceptions about what will make us happy. Based on the online course called "The Science of Well-Being" and the accompanying podcast "The Happiness Lab" from Yale professor Dr. Laurie Santos, we are diving into the ways that humans find happiness and why it isn't what you think. Find out why positive thinking can lead to negative outcomes, why we don't actually want as many choices as we think we do, and much more.Find out more:
How much do you really know about the common expressions you speak? Do you know where they originated? Do you know why they were used? This week, we break apart common expressions and their origins... and find that many of them have completely different meanings from the ones we know today. 
It's been six months, and while restrictions have loosened a bit, many of us are still living the quarantine life. How does this affect our relationships with partners, friends, families, and colleagues? This week, we talk about the unique challenges we're facing in this time in history and what we can do about it. How can we keep physical distancing from becoming true social distancing? How can we leverage the technology we have to find creative ways to reconnect? Join us as we share our thoughts on this universal topic.
In every corner of our lives, we see and hear societal expectations of what a healthy or attractive body should look like. We are bombarded with images in the media and on our friends' social media feeds that tell us that our worth should be tied to the number on the scale. Every fad diet claims to have the solution that will "finally give you the body you always wanted"... and almost none of these "ideal bodies" are sustainable or even healthy for the vast majority of us. The diet industry has done a shockingly great job at creating an entire society of self-conscious, insecure people who have been trained to hate their bodies. This week, we are digging into the psychological effects of diet culture, unpacking some of the most dangerous misconceptions about health and weight loss, and giving you our favorite self-care suggestions for breaking the constant battle with our minds. Find out why there is no "correct" healthy diet for everyone, where the BMI scale came from and why it is, frankly, b***sh*t, how to listen to your body to figure out what it actually needs, our favorite influencers and media sources to help us practice self-love and body compassion, and a whole lot more. 
For years, people have thought of IQ as the ultimate measure of intelligence. But real intelligence is more complicated than that. In fact, IQ tests only touch on three measures of intelligence. This week, we're dissecting Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences theory and finding out the many ways in which humans display intellect. 
We love music! This week, we are using that love to play a song association game and give you some recommendations! What songs come to mind when you think of a sleepy afternoon? An exciting first date? A tough time in life? Join us as we try to come up with songs for each of these (and more) occasions and share some of our favorites with you!
If you've been following us for awhile, you already know that we LOVE personality tests! But while these tests provide lots of fun and insights, what do they really mean from a psychological perspective? This week, we are joined by Psychology Professor Katrina Graham, who helps us analyze these tests through a scientific lens and clues us into some of the strengths and weaknesses of each one. Find out what we need to watch out for and how to use and interpret these results in the way they are meant. Plus, we take a look at how certain abnormal psychology conditions can affect the ways in which we act. 
As women in our early thirties, we find ourselves frequently coming face-to-face with societal expectations. But where do these expectations come from? How do they affect us today? This week, we're pulling apart these stereotypes-- from the idea that a single woman in her thirties is somehow "less than" for not rushing towards marriage and kids, to gender norms that make men hesitate before showing love to their friends, to the contradicting simultaneous phenomena of slut shaming and virgin shaming. How do we interpret these expectations in our own lives? Join us this week to find out!
Welcome back for part two of our flirting episode! We are once again joined by Jake and David as we break down even more of the flirting discussion. Join us as we dig into friend zone, flirting with preexisting friends, specific flirting behaviors that we've found useful, and what NOT to do. 
Why do we flirt? How do we flirt? Why is flirting such a universal concept, yet one with so many styles and different purposes? This week, we are joined by Jake and David- two of our favorite repeat guest hosts- as we break apart the psychology of flirting, strategies, behaviors, gender norms, expectations, types of flirting, favorite moves, and more. It's a fun and enlightening conversation for singles and couples alike! And because there are soooo many fun angles to take with this topic, be sure to join us again next week for part two of the flirting discussion!
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