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Author: Ian Trottier

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A Miami based weekly radio program hosted by Mr. Trottier. Independent. Unfiltered. Live and unbiased.

Wednesday evenings. 5pm EST. Thought provoking. Listen LIVE on - Miami radio. Focusing on toxins and other harmful chemicals which flood our environment, Im calling out big box corporations for their carelessness. Deep State corruption. As epidemics like diabetes, opioid abuse, cancer and heart disease are all products of being exposed to these poisons - together we work to make a change for our future generations. Support this podcast:
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Take off your maaaaasks folks. Stand up and fight for your freedoms. --- Support this podcast:
Autry Pruitt is CEO OF NEW JOURNEY A POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE (PAC) dedicated to exposing the lies and misdeeds of the political elite in the Democratic Party. He is the author of Planes, Steak & Water: Defending Donald J. Trump and proudly continues to support our president as he seeks to drain the swamp and restore America’s place in the world. Autry is a champion of fiscal responsibility, limited government, and a Free Market economy that fosters real growth and a sustainable economy. Autry Pruitt’s speeches encourage Conservatives to keep the fire burning for the restoration of family values and limited government while he challenges the false assumptions, misunderstandings, and outright lies of the Washington Elite, the Liberal Press, and the Democratic Party. He is staunchly anti-Socialist, anti-Identity Politics, and anti-Swamp Creature and believes that government must work for the people, not for themselves. --- Support this podcast:
Riggs Eckelberry is the founder and CEO of the innovative water technology company, OriginClear, which is delivering water solutions for industrial customers worldwide. Based in Los Angeles with operations in Texas, Virginia and China, OriginClear has developed and licensed an invention that treats industrial and agricultural waste water with very little energy, and no chemicals. And now, industrial users can treat their water right where they use it, using prepackaged “point of use” water treatment systems that have an amazing life cycle of up to 100 years or more. Riggs came to the water industry from a quarter century in high technology, specializing in commercializing breakthrough technologies. During the dotcom, he worked on a series of tech successes, such as Quarterdeck’s CleanSweep, security software vendor Panda Software, and the sale of companies to EarthWeb, BeFree, and BellSouth. Just prior to founding what is now OriginClear, he helped drive security software company, CyberDefender, to an IPO on the NASDAQ as its President and Chief Operating Officer. The son of an international businessman, Eckelberry learned management in the nonprofit space and as a commercial ship captain and officer. He enjoys skiing and sailing, and transforming the water industry to deal with the growing water challenges of our time. --- Support this podcast:
Program regular, JP Linstroth (Oxford PhD) is joined by Brian Knowles - Dept head at the Palm Beach County School District (FL) of:  African, African American, Latino, & Gender Studies Summer Institutes.  This is Brian's third time joining program.   JP and Brian are joined by first time guest to the program,  Royal Palm Beach High School teacher, Brandon-Derrick Gilbert.   Listen to what the four of us conclude in our near 2 hour Discussion.  Unification heals, folks.  Lead most importantly by open honest communication.  God Bless America --- Support this podcast:
“Captain Trottier,  this is Mrs. Rebekah Roth, and... I'm being methodical.” Rebekah Roth.  After a thirty-plus year airline career and now enjoying her retirement, Rebekah Roth set out to write her first novel.  In searching online for a name to give a character, she discovered several of the accused hijackers from 9/11 were and still are alive.  Several of them had had their identities stolen, a fact she found confirmed by the director of the FBI.  Upon that discovery, Rebekah dedicated thousands of hours to research the details and discovered what really happened to the planes, passengers and crew members that day.  The results of her research formed the basis for her first book Methodical Illusion. --- Support this podcast:
Antony P. Mueller is a professor of economics at the Federal University UFS in Brazil where he is also a researcher at the Center of Applied Economics, and Senior Fellow of the American Institute for Economic Research. Antony Mueller earned his doctorate in economics summa cum laude from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany. He was a Fulbright Scholar in the United States and a visiting professor at the Universidad Francisco Marroquin (UFM) in Guatemala as well as a member of the German academic exchange program DAAD. Antony Mueller has recently published the book “Beyond the State and Politics. Capitalism for the New Millennium”. --- Support this podcast:
Trottier discusses his views on the coming global economic reset.  A digitization of global currency. --- Support this podcast:
Making his third appearance on Discussions of Truth, Mr. Thom Hartmann discusses the most recent installment of his series: "The Hidden History of... Monopolies - How Big Business Destroyed the American Dream.  Thomas Carl Hartmann is an American radio personality, author, former psychotherapist, businessman, and progressive political commentator. Hartmann has been hosting a nationally syndicated radio show, The Thom Hartmann Program, since 2003 and hosted a nightly television show, The Big Picture, between 2010 and September 2017. --- Support this podcast:
What makes President Donald Trump tick?  There's no better person to ask than Peter Ticktin, Donald Trump's former platoon sergeant who ran Company A for him at New York Military Academy, and lifelong friend. In What Makes Trump Tick: My Years with Donald Trump from New York Military Academy to the Present, Peter Ticktin outlines why he always has and always will stand behind 45. Including never-before-told stories of Donald Trump and their lives at New York Military Academy, What Makes Trump Tick is an eye-opening, firsthand account of the experiences that made Donald Trump the businessman, president, and simply the man he is today. --- Support this podcast:
... or kneel for the NEW WORLD ORDER --- Support this podcast:
Please read the article: --- Support this podcast:
New Jersey governor Phil Murphy has seemingly attacked small business owner Ian Smith from keeping his gym open.  Is this a violation of Smith's rights?   --- Support this podcast:
Vote Darlene Swaffar - FL Dist 22.  Stand behind law and order.  Stand up for 2nd amendment rights.  Stand up for freedom to vaccinate.  Vote Darlene Swaffer.  --- Support this podcast:
Anti-mask argument

Anti-mask argument


In this episode I give my personal opinion on where a "mandatory mask mandate" will lead.   This show encompasses my own personal opinion.  Do what you will with it.   --- Support this podcast:
Sharika Soal is an American celebrity publicist and social media personality who has worked for various outlets in the entertainment industry. She is the former content curator for The Huffington Post, a publication where she was also contributor.    Soal was born in Chicago and raised in Ames, Iowa. In 1989, she was adopted by foster parents, and since an early age, according to her public testimony, she was abused and molested by her adopted father. She has been public concerning her experiences from the ages of 11-17, and of how her adopted mother would always choose her husband over Soal.   After working at Interscope records, she became the Publicist for a number of agencies and publications. The following are the companies she worked for: DollHouse Radio, Nati Celebrity Services, Tamra Simmons Branding Agency and The Hype Magazine She now runs her own public relations firm based in Los Angeles, California.    #BwDivest --- Support this podcast:
Dr. Gerald Horne holds the Moores Professorship of History and African American Studies. His research has addressed issues of racism in a variety of relations involving labor, politics, civil rights, international relations and war. He has also written extensively about the film industry. Dr. Horne received his Ph.D. in history from Columbia University and his J.D. from the University of California, Berkeley and his B.A. from Princeton University. Dr. Horne is the author of more than thirty books and one hundred scholarly articles and reviews. His current research includes an examination of U.S.-Southern African relations since the so-called “Anglo-Boer War” at the end of the 19th century and an analysis of the Political Economy of the music called “Jazz” from the late 19th century to the present.   *University of Houston --- Support this podcast:
Catherine Austin Fitts - We are watching the Mother of All debt Entrapments: Pre-order my book here: bit.y/TrottierBookPurchase --- Support this podcast:
Founder of LaCorte News - Ken LaCorte was longtime executive at the Fox News Channel, running its online division for a decade. In an attempt to bridge the political divide and bring readers to neutral ground, LaCorte left Fox News in 2016 and subsequently launched his own news site.  In 2018 he recruited former NPR editorial director Michael Oreskes and former Fox News executive editor John Moody to launch LaCorte News, "a digital news startup with the stated goal of restoring faith in media." --- Support this podcast:
Dr. Hamdesa Tuso, Historian Brian Knowles and Dr. JP Linstroth join panel to discuss the current racial climate in America and its global reverberation. Dr. Hamdesa Tuso is a first time guest to program. Bio: he was born and raised in Oromia in the Ethiopian Empire. He began his activism for social justice during his high school - he joined the Arsie Basic Schools Movement (ABSM) when he was in grade nine and served in the leadership role for six years. ABSM was established to spread literacy among the peasants in the Rift Valley of Oromia. In addition, ABSM advocated for social change and justice for the landless peasants who were being exploited and abused by the absentee landlords during the feudal reign of Emperor Haile Selassie. His journey in search of more knowledge led him to pursue higher education in Australia and North America. He attended Avondale College, NSW, Australia, receiving a B.A. and subsequently pursued his graduate education at Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan, where he received his M. A., and Michigan State University where he obtained his Ph.D. Professor Tuso started his professional career in the field of international education. He served as the International Student Advisor for five years and the Director of the Office of International Programs and Services for three years (both at George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia). During the last three decades, Dr. Tuso has taught at five universities in the field of Peace & Conflict Studies in U. S. and Canada – more he recently taught at the Department of Peace & Conflict Studies, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. During the last three decades, he has played in critical roles in the formation of several Oromo organizations – the Oromo Committee for Immigration & Refugees (OCIR, Chair), Oromo Community Organizations (OCR, Chair), Oromo Studies Association (OSA) (founder), Shanachaa Jaarsummaa (Chair) (www.shanachajaarsummaa). He is the Director of the African Working Group (AWG) www.( and he served as Associate Editor of the Horn of Africa Journal for over 10 years. For further information regarding Professor Tuso’s professional accomplishments, research & publications, and history of activism for social justice and peacemaking activities, you may visit his website ( “DISCUSSIONS OF TRUTH” “ANTI-RACISM, COLONIALISM, & EDUCATION” July 8th, 2020 Recap overview: • Mr. Brian Knowles, Manager, African, African-American, Latino, and Gender Studies, School District of Palm Beach County (PBCSD) • Dr. Hamdesa Tuso, Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies, Arthur V. Mauro Institute for Peace and Justice, University of Manitoba Topic discussion points: Anti-Racism, Colonialism, & Education. Quick synopsis: Mr. Brian Knowles brings to the discussion his views about the “Eurocentric” problems associated with the American education system. He believes a greater effort needs to be made to “decolonize” American education and to make certain all voices are heard as equals. Dr. Hamdesa Tuso, who has spent the majority of his life living in exile as an Oromo-Ethiopian and having lived in Australia, the United States, and Canada, demonstrates through his academic acumen an understanding of colonialism and racism. It is important to place the current era following the murder of the African-American, George Floyd, in perspective and where we may go from here in terms of conflict resolution and dialogue and peacebuilding. The discussion on anti-racism and racism was lively and demonstrates how much needs to be done to make progress and to create a better environment about these sensitive issues and to address “racism”, not only in the United States, but wherever it exists. --- Support this podcast:
Kevin Galalae is a Canadian human rights activist, author, historian and the world’s foremost independent authority on covert geopolitical programs and policies with respect to decarbonization and depopulation. Galalae occupies a truly unique role in the world today and an unprecedented position as a lone outsider and formidable force without official function or the support of any government, but who nevertheless imposed his will on the UN system, the Holly See and governments around the world and forced them to steer away from covert methods of depopulation towards overt population control legislation, therefore single-handedly reshaping the post-World War II international framework for peace and setting mankind on a new course. Kevin's studies: Global Public Health at University of Michigan International Economics at Columbia University Environmental Science at Stockholms Universitet International Relations at University of Leicester Distance Learning Political Philosophy at University of Oxford  Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga at Sampoorna Yoga Teacher Training History of Architecture at McGill University History of Art and German Studies at University of Victoria The Role of Medicine in Population Control and Civilization Building from the Dawn of Civilization until the Present Time. Med Clin Res, 3:1 --- Support this podcast:
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