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Bad Hair Day with Matt Beck

Author: Matt Beck

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Matt Beck (Founder of, Social Media Content Creator, Professional Hair Stylist, and Salon Owner) Sits down every week to share his thoughts. Support this podcast:
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What an awesome episode hanging out with my new pal Jack Martin talking about his latest makeover of Sharon Osbourne's Hair. He took her from 18 years of red hair color to a beautiful natural silver tone in one day. Listen to this podcast and you will learn lots of new tricks to do the same to your guests. Hope you enjoy!    This episode is powered by the best salon equipment brand in the business Minerva Beauty. Check out there website here for special pricing --- Support this podcast:
This episode hits on what is truly important and that’s finding your passion --- Support this podcast:
In this episode I spend time with the guys from @hairdustry talking about how our parents felt about us going to beauty school and when/if you should make the move from Salary to commission  --- Support this podcast:
In this episode Matt talks how to build confidence in your work, building a clientele, and saying NO when necessary. Hope you enjoy this podcast and like always PLEASE share with your friends. Thanks so much!  --- Support this podcast:
In this episode I hang with @JCash_TheHairTech and we answer questions about When are you ready to be an educator, Should you have to have a license to be a hairdresser, Do we care more about our social media accounts than people, and How to get new clients.  --- Support this podcast:
On this episode we talk the benefits of working at a commission salon and a studio suite plus we talk cancelation policies. This is a must listen for all stylists and salon owners. Thanks for choosing to spend your time listening! 🙌  --- Support this podcast:
On episode 1 of the Bad Hair Day Podcast Matt talks about whether or not hair trends still exist, Chik-fil-a's strict hair color policies, and celebrity hair changes. Please share with your friends and join the conversation.  --- Support this podcast:
We start off in a professional relationship with our clients and before you know it we are friends and some take it too far. In this episode I go over my thoughts on customers asking for free services.  --- Support this podcast:
To give some context to this interview. I was attending NAHA in Las Vegas, NV and had the opportunity to sit down with guys for the Schorem Barbier a barbershop based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. This interview tells their story of opening the shop and how they started their brand Reuzel. This interview is sure to leave you inspired and entertained 😂 --- Support this podcast:
Get your Sideline Phone Number Here: On this podcast I get real about what to do when you get out of beauty school or if you're transitioning from assisting and I also throw out my thoughts on haircutting. Hope you enjoy and please share with you friends. Thanks so much!  --- Support this podcast:
With over half a million subscribers on YouTube, Matt Beck has leveraged the power of social media to spread a wealth of knowledge to hair stylists around the globe through his platform, Spend the afternoon with Matt and Millennium’s Tanya Reece as they discuss how to create a better brand presence across your social media platforms and the necessary skills to take your social media accounts to the next level.    In This Coffee Talk We’ll Cover:   -Creating stronger social media content  -Mastering video as a useful social media tool  -How to improve your brand presence on social media  -And so much more!    Rock Angel by Joakim Karud Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported— CC BY-SA 3.0 Music promoted by Audio Library --- Support this podcast:
Matt Beck and the team discuss the realities of having good friends as colleagues and partners in business.   From the SPLITTING HAIRS PODCAST #113  Watch the full podcast here: --- Support this podcast:
Matt Beck, Ryan Teal and Thaddeus Boland give advice on being an apprentice or assistant and choosing good mentors.  From THE MATT BECK SHOW 7-13-17  Watch the full talk here: --- Support this podcast:
Matt Beck and the team talk about important skills hairstylists should focus on outside of work to stay inspired and relevant in the industry.  From the SPLITTING HAIRS PODCAST #113  Watch the full podcast here: --- Support this podcast:
Do you have that guest that no matter what you do they won't rebook? then take a listen to this podcast where I discuss tips on getting your guest excited to rebook with you every time.  --- Support this podcast:
If you're a Hairdresser, Educator, Platform Artist, or Brand please take the time to listen to this episode --- Support this podcast:
To my commissioned friends. Early in my career I worried so much about my commission percentage. Especially when I ran out of money. Now after owning a salon for 9 years I look at things different. I now understand that 90% of salons close within 10 years because even well run successful salon businesses are working with at best an 11% profit. which is not even 10% of the industry. The beauty of this business is we all have the power to make the paycheck we want. To get 40-45% of what you bring in is incredible if you think about it. I want to challenge you to focus on 3 things for 3 months. #1 build better relationships with your guests for instance listen to things they are saying about their hair and then offer some exciting things for their next visit. Doing this will instantly bring up your Frequency of Visit and Your rebooking percentage. #2 Average Ticket. Grow your average ticket by staying educated. Think about how when a new product comes out and you effortlessly sell it to your customers because it’s new and cool. This works the same with services. If you keep up on the latest trends through education you will easily be offering new services to your guests which will raise your average ticket. #3 change your work experience. Take pride in the way you prepare for each guest. When you’re not with a guest get a mannequin and try something new. Keep busy. There is nothing less motivating to yourself and the people around you then complacency. My point is The average U.S. Stylist brings in 50k in services. That means they take home 25k or less take home. Focus on these 3 things and send me a DM in 3 months I want to hear the changes in your mindset and paycheck. #makeyourownluck #freesaloneducation --- Support this podcast:
Last night on Instagram someone asked me what I thought about stylists that take too much time cutting hair. Well here is my answer. Thanks for listening!! --- Support this podcast:
Latest episode of Free Salon Education Podcast Network --- Support this podcast:
Latest episode of Free Salon Education Podcast Network --- Support this podcast:
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