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Welcome to Craft Your Confidence, THE Podcast for dreamers and doers on a mission to connect the dots from creativity, intuition, and passion to craft a life by design. Confidence Coach, Kara Gott Warner, teaches you life-changing mindset tool to get to the root behind what keeps you stuck. You're always just one thought away from stepping into your greatness.
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Today I'm sharing another "bare bones episode," with no bells, no whistles. Just me talking raw and real about letting go of the need for control.We always have an invitation to step into the power that's already there if we're willing to let go, do the work and walk through the fire. When you finally do, you'll see the coals weren't so hot after all. "The only way out is though."- Robert Frost I'm sharing my vulnerability to illustrate the breakthroughs I've discovered by really going deep by looking in the mirror at what's holding me back. There were some hard pills to swallow, but they have shown me what to embrace, and what to let go of with love and compassion for myself, knowing that in doing so they lead me down a path to greatness, purpose and meaning.  The painful belief that is wedged so deeply in your heart, may be the very thing that will free you. "Are you paralyzed with fear? The more scared we are of a work or calling, the more sure we can be that we have to do it." -Steven Pressfield, The War of Art 
Whether we’re trying to improve our relationships or work on ourselves, it all starts with self-love.Today I’m chatting with Maggie Reyes, a Life Coach and Marriage Mentor. Maggie specializes in helping Type A women, often married to Type B men, have better, stronger, happier marriages without adding more work to their lives or waiting for their partners to change. Maggie’s also the Host of The Marriage Life Coach Podcast and Author of the Questions for Couples Journal.Listen in as we discuss how self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-love are all interconnected and how they determine the way you experience your outer success. Maggie shares her definition of self-love and the methods she uses to coach others in cultivating self-love, essentially turning this episode into a coaching session (we love it)! She also gives powerful advice and a simple technique that will help you step into self-love every day. What you’ll learn in this episode:·      What it means to build the self-love muscle·      Why self-love isn’t selfish·      How to access positive regard for yourself·      The 4 core elements of self-love·      How to stay in a mindset of self-love·      Why celebration is essential in life and in marriage·      How self-love improves your relationships, career, and creativity·      The difference between desire and dependency·      Helpful questions and journal prompts to foster self-love “My philosophy is that one person can change the world and one person can change a marriage.” - Maggie ReyesWhat if we loved ourselves through all the failures, struggles, and obstacles in life?Self-love is actually a serious topic because it affects every part of our lives. Like the muscles in our body, there are ways to strengthen our self-love and to use it to help us achieve more in life, including a healthy, thriving marriage! About Maggie:Maggie Reyes is a Life Coach, Writer and Marriage Mentor who loves helping whole-hearted women (yes, that means you) re-think, how deep, rich and fabulous (and sexy!) married life can be. More than anything in the world, Maggie cares about love and keeping that engaged, connected feeling fresh and alive and blooming for your whole life.She believes we heal and change the world one love at a time. So, your marriage matters to more than just you, it matters to everyone your life touches, whether you are stopped at a traffic light, doing groceries, or raising a family.If there is one thing Maggie gets really excited about it is seeing happy couples thriving, as individuals and as a team.Connect with Maggie:On the web: On Facebook: Podcast: Get her book, Questions for Couples Journal: Resources Mentioned:Episode #54 of The Marriage Life Coach Podcast on Self-Love: The Marriage MBA Program:
When we put the systems in place to give ourselves this special gift of REAL time off, instead of taking the time off but NOT really taking time off in our brains.Welcome to another "bare bones" episode, which is totally fitting for this week, because I just got back from vacation, and while I was relaxing by the pool, I had a little Voxer chat with one of my clients and I said,  "sometimes we need to shut things down ... to recalibrate." So after sending this note, I spent time thinking about this, and it really made me wonder:Why do so many of us need to take a digital detox, go on a a social media diet ... or whatever new name someone has coined for this modern dilemma? What you'll learn in this episode: How to take the middle way, instead of taking a digital detox How to practice a new kind of self-care to put systems in placeWhy this is a time to do things differently ... a time for reinvention Why many of us fall into this trap when we love our business, serving our clients, coaching them, and creating things for them. Time off to recalibrate is a gift we get to give ourselves. "I first saw the power of systems and automating processes when I was a magazine editor.  Yes, it took time, but creating a process is what allowed me to hand things off to my assistant, or a contractor, and I knew the ship would keep moving without me."Give yourself the gift of putting processes in place now so you can create a sustainable business and the ability to honor your time away from the work love so you can come back with fresh new ideas. Instead of "shutting it all down" and swearing off social ... create the systems so your business can work for you, instead of being chained to your business. This is the best kind of digital self-care you can give yourself. I believe coaches are creatives and creatives are coaches, and if you have a message that you want to share with the world, a podcast is the BEST way to reach the humans that need you! In my FREE Masterclass I show you the 3 steps to get started with your podcast ... because all you need is a microphone, a message and a desire to make an impact >> Go to to sign up and watch now! 
Over the past couple of months I’ve been reflecting with gratitude on how I’ve been able to help life coaches share their message through the powerful medium of a podcast, and I had this really awesome revelation come over me this past weekend ...This past November, a fellow life coach asked if I could help her with starting a podcast. Whenever I see someone show interest in this, in a hot second I'm on it like white on rice.So we chatted, and I gave her some resources to get started, and she said ... "you know, this would be great to offer this to coaches."  So that's exactly what  I did ... The seed was planted. I started doing live classes on the topic, and it was exhilarating. Then, I created a free Masterclass taking all the feedback, which became the manifestation of what I now offer my clients.My mission became to help coaches see they do not need permission to get started. All they need is a microphone, a message and a burning desire to help the humans that need them.What you'll learn in this episode:  Why I became a podcasting renegade ... and I want you to become one too.The benefit of recognizing podcasting as a powerful broadcasting medium that has become the "new radio." Why coaches are creatives and creatives are coaches.You don't need anything but a burning desire to share your message.No matter what we are creating - writing, knitting, a visual manifestation, or a coaching program, the inner game is always the same.  I believe coaches are creatives and creatives are coaches, and if you have a message that you want to share with the world, a podcast is the BEST way to reach the humans that need you! In my FREE Masterclass I show you the 3 steps to get started with your podcast ... because all you need is a microphone, a message and a desire to make an impact >> Go to to sign up and watch now! 
As podcasts are rising in popularity, podcasting has become one of the best methods of media and content creation for coaches of any kind, especially in 2021. Though, most coaches aren’t naturals when it comes to creating a podcast … so, how do you get started?Today I’m chatting with Danielle Napolio Cox, an Intuitive Goals and Accountability Coach, Host of the Your Excellent You Podcast, and Creator of the Success in Six framework. Danielle helps ambitious women entrepreneurs take targeted actions that get results so they can work less and live more.Listen in as we discuss her experience working with a podcast coach, how to overcome fear and hesitation in pursuing your goals, and why you could benefit from hiring a coach to help you build and grow a successful podcast. What you’ll learn in this episode:·      What inspired Danielle to become an entrepreneur, a coach, and a podcaster.·      The power of vulnerability and intimacy in podcasting.·      What Danielle loves the most about podcasts.·      The benefits of hiring a podcasting coach.·      Potential challenges of starting a podcast.·      How to overcome your limiting thoughts. “I know that if I want to do something quickly, with less work and with less headache and less emotional struggle, then a coach is the way to get things done.”                                                                       - Danielle Napolio CoxGreat coaches have coaches! When growing a brand, starting a business, or trying something new, it’s vital to enlist the help of people whose strengths compliment your own. Podcast coaches hold space for you to evolve and give you the much-needed recognition you deserve. About Danielle Napolio Cox:Danielle Napolio Cox is a Goals + Accountability Coach, host of the Your Excellent You podcast, and the creator of the Success in Six framework. She helps ambitious women entrepreneurs take targeted actions that get results so they can work less and live more.Connect with Danielle Napolio Cox:Visit her website: Follow her on Instagram: Listen to her podcast, Your Excellent You, on all major streaming platforms or here: Resources Mentioned:Join Danielle’s Goals and Planning Challenge:
Movement is powerful. Movement can propel you to places you’ve never been before, opening doors to growth, positivity, and empowerment.Today I’m chatting with Jill Angie, a certified running and mindset coach who helps women who have never felt athletic start running so they can feel confident in their body. Jill started the Not Your Average Runner movement to teach people that runners come in all shapes, sizes, and speeds.Listen in as we talk about her journey with running and the mental shifts she made that really made her fall in love with running, celebrating her body, and connecting with her creativity. Jill shares powerful insights into why running can be a catalyst for so many different kinds of change and how to get started with a simple and enjoyable exercise routine.What you’ll learn in this episode:·      The meaning behind Jill’s Not Your Average Runner movement.·      The power in focusing on how you want to feel rather than what you’re scared of.·      How to silence your inner mean girl and shut down negative thoughts.·      How Jill coaches women to incorporate movement into their lives.·      Different ways to do thought work, including in spreadsheets and mind maps.·      How running and movement enhances creativity and confidence.·      Advice for getting out of the loop of limiting thoughts.·      We are the MASTER of what we think!“I really started to enjoy running the way I was running because of how it made me feel and that was so compelling to me that I stopped being as concerned with what other people might think.”                                                                                          - Jill AngieCrappy thoughts = crappy results. It’s that simple.Jill encourages you to ask yourself: If you didn’t believe those negative thoughts, how would your life change and how would you show up differently in the world?Connect with Jill Angie:Visit her website: Follow her on Instagram: Connect with her on Facebook: Check out her books: Listen to her podcast: Jill's Rebel Runner Roadmap is open for new students on April 11th!The Rebel Runner Roadmap is a 30-day online course for beginning runners that will teach you the foundational skills of running along with the mindset tools that will help you stay motivated and excited about it! The waitlist is currently open and the class opens for new students on April 11th.To learn more and sign up, visit:! Interested in redeeming a FREE coaching session with me? Set up your session today:
This month is about running a little experiment ... I’m letting go of the social media things to trust and align with all that I am doing with the podcast. Right here, behind the mic is the “all inclusive" vehicle to attract all the abundance I need.The other reason for my experiment ... Belief that I can rewrite and recreate what I want the way I want it. NO social media not required. There are no rules, there's not permission slips. What people say is what people say. Just because “the guru” found some sort of success monetarily or with download numbers, does not define your personal success. I know this to be true when I launched my first podcast, Power Purls. I did it without touching a spec of social media and ...  it was a wild success. It was all about connecting with a network of people who were my biggest cheerleaders,  focusing on the concept of “a rising tide lifts all boats,” to create community and real connection. When it comes to starting a podcast, we may think: “I need the right name, the right niche, the right messaging ...” At the end of the day, what matters is your passion and your voice and your motivation to be a force in the world for the people who need you. When you see this as a responsibility and something outside yourself, the “right” niche, the messaging, and podcast name emerge effortlessly.So I invite you to experiment ...Stand on that edge and see what's there. Let go of what no longer serves you. Let go and see how it puts you back in the driver’s seat of your emotions. Then ... YOU get to decide how you want to show up.I BELIEVE that a podcast has the power to be your number one vehicle for creating change in the world, AND just one person at a time who needs your help. With this mindset, you have the potential to have a love affair with the art and craft of the spoken word — because you’ll know that every time you show up behind the microphone, you’re giving a gift to someone seeking a solution to transform their life. 
You don’t need to be fancy. You don’t need the bells and whistles. You don’t even need intro or outro music. All you need is a mic and a message. Years ago, a wise friend said to me: "do the opposite." These words never left me, and I just heard this phrase while listening to Sarah Wilson’s book. This One Wild and Precious Life. Wilson relates this to the Sanskrit philosophy:  “do what you’re not doing.” Then she says:  “do the opposite.” Maybe it's as simple as walking a different way on your morning walk, or like my way of shaking things up: to record a podcast without intro music.The thought "do the opposite" loosens things up. It helps us think of new solutions, allowing our brain to work on new creative pathways to shift those old habitual grooves. What's you'll learn in this episode: How I started my first "no bells and whistles" podcast, The Morning Cooldown in 2014How this led to my first guest, Hal Elrod, best-selling author of The Miracle MorningHow my love for podcasting went from hobby to the all-inclusive tool for my businessWhy you don't need social media to broadcast a powerful message How to avoid podfading and have a love affair with the art of the spoken wordHow easy the tools are so you can test the waters and get started todayIf you're ready to roll up your sleeves and make a podcast your “all-inclusive” platform, and you want to bypass the social media noise, I have  a free Masterclass with 3 simple steps to help you get started with your podcast. The steps are not what you’ve already heard. I’m not going to tell you to buy all kinds of equipment, because that will only create an obstacle. A podcast can be your powerful megaphone to share your coaching and teaching with your baby birds. They are waiting for you ...Watch the Masterclass:
You're excited to share your message with the humans who need you, but you're unsure how to develop your voice and create a flowing resource of inspiring ideas to tap into.All you need is a mic and a message.You just start where you are because that first person who started talking into that mic for the first time, had not idea how to do it, how to get it out there ... they just had the desire and passion to do it. You do not need permission from anyone. You only need a message and a microphone.Someone's RIGHT could be your WRONG. Learn from your own doing.You’re ready to tell your story. So why not begin with the first chapter. Why not begin this journey with a sense of pleasure, curiosity and excitement ... like it's a hobby ... a labor of love. This is a beautiful chance to create an intimate experience for your clients and potential clients. Get out of your own own way. Let it be organic, then feel into what comes next. Connect to that intuition and take the next step on the staircase. And ... when you get out of your own way, to share your message... your vision on your own podcast, you have this amazing, beautiful thing -- the gift and art of the spoken word, and coaching, and teaching for the humans who need you. What a beautiful reason to get out of your own way, right?Through a podcast, you’re giving mini transformations - before someone even gets on a consult call with you. You get to be the coach ... anytime you want to be. Watch my Record to Transform Masterclass: you're ready to make sparks fly with your podcast, then learn about my Confident Podcaster program here: 
Stuck in “the doing” forgetting why the heck you’re DOING it in the first place? Today's episode is about this thing I'm calling "activity addiction." I'm super-guilty of this, and I know many of my coaching clients fall into this trap as well. This episode is going to show you how to get the heck out of this sneaky trap!I hear this all the time with my coaching clients — they get caught up in the planning and strategizing and doing all the good business owner time management stuff.When I see this happen, I ask: WHAT is the goal? What is the RESULT YOU WANT? It's the chicken before the egg scenario ... we start all the insignificant things: Instagraming, Facebooking, email marketing ... ALL BEFORE we even have a solid business concept!What you'll learn in this episode:The ONE question you need to ask to create income-generating actionsWhy this question removes distraction and tendency to be "BUSY" How a piece of chocolate creates the same rush of excitement we get from checking off a box on our to-do listYou'll learn about the #1 death wish of productivityActivity for the sake of activity is an addiction and a false sense of security.Why do you want what you want? What’s driving the bus? Without focus and clarity we are like the hummingbird. Our wings are fluttering  this way and that compared to a dove soaring effortlessly in the sky. 
Hey coaches, now we have have a place to call our own: It's called Clubhouse. I stopped the presses to create this special episode to teach you about this HOT new community that embraces the art of the spoken word as a way to create connection in a whole new way. In this episode, I'll bring you up to speed on the WHY , the WHAT and the HOW so you can dive in to begin creating deeper connections, and get started to strategically use Clubhouse to grow your coaching or creative business. What you'll learn in this episode: Why it's easy to connect with influencers nowTo easily start creating your own community with RoomsHow use the app and and get invitedPowerful tool to strategically grow your businessHow to set up your bio and begin connecting with others using the app  Follow: Clubhouse and Instagram: @karagottwarnerWeb:
Failure gets a bad rap. Maybe you've grown up hearing the phrase: "Failure is not an option." We've been programmed to believe this, but what if failure is the necessary ingredient for achieving greatness? Viewing failure as winning or learning means we never really fail. We see it as a win-win scenario where we get to co-create with the universe. We become the uncommon person who shows up in the ring every day for the sake of our bigger vision because we're not afraid to fail. We know it is the insurance of our greatness. 
Are you ready to make 2021 the BEST year yet but you wish you had a clear path to manifest your dream? If you have big goals but you need some guidance and support, then don't miss this 3-day challenge to help give you a jump-start in the right direction. You'll learn that the secret to achieving anything is belief, and that you’re just ONE thought away from lifting the veil and stepping into living this reality. The solution is so simple: it’s already within you, and all you need is the key to unlock this for yourself applying these 3 steps. Save your spot for the LIVE 3-day challenge happening only on January 19-21, 2021. Learn how to bring your dreams to reality:
In this replay from a live video in The Craft Your Confidence Collective, an amazing community to help you take a deeper dive into the topics discussed on The Craft Your Confidence Podcast. In this episode, learn how embracing imperfection invites us to experience our human-ness, allowing us to embrace the messy parts to discover magical mistakes and loving the every minute of the process.
In this episode, I'm joined by my friend and fellow certified life and weight coach, Heather Beardsley who helps women to thrive in midlife. We riff on the topic of perfectionism and how this keeps us stuck in scarcity. We share oodles of inspiration and truth bombs to help you get unstuck, and our own personal vulnerability and willingness (even though it's hard!) to let go of the bonds of perfection. We shed light on why saying YES to imperfection is the green light to take a deep breath and relax and become the "curious watcher" on the journey to your authenticity. 
In this final episode of a 3-part thought work journey, learn how to put all the pieces together so you can use this amazing 5-step process. When we understand how to use this life-changing tool, we have the power to manifest what we want simply by shifting our thoughts. It's through this process that we also diffuse those self-limiting thoughts that keep us stuck, and make them less scary and overwhelming.
In part 1 of this 3-part series, I shared a powerful 5-step puzzle that reveals how our thoughts influence everything we experience. In this episode, we explore how feelings are created by our thoughts, not the events and the world around us, what people say, or even our bank balance. It is the thoughts we have about these things that make us feel a certain way. Feelings are everything because these are what drive the bus to get the results we want in the world. You'll learn how to harness your emotions and look in the "mirror" of your own awareness.
In this part 1 of this 3-part series, learn a powerful 5-step process to help you get to the root of any issue you face, and understand why they arise in the first place. When you learn how to apply these tools, you can manifest anything you want if you know how to apply this solution.
Welcome to the first official episode of The Craft Your Confidence Podcast with certified life coach and knitting rebel Kara Gott Warner. This is THE podcast for dreamers and doers on a mission to connect the dots from creativity, intuition and passion. In this episode learn 3 life-changing tools to crush your confidence and discover that you’re just one thought away from stepping into your greatness. 
In this episode I'll be sharing how this podcast is changing, and why. You'll also learn about my own personal evolution since I started this podcast 5 years ago and what the future holds, because I think you may identify with some of my own personal realizations and struggles in your own situation.  
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