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TThoughts podcast, where we talk about everything that happens but only if we care about it.
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After a long break back to remind y’all that I can’t stop I won’t stop. . . P.s its my 3 year anniversary not 2 like I said and I finally gave my opinion on the Middle East
2 Tigeres at the same damn time
Women’s Day Poems

Women’s Day Poems


Some poems on matrimony from 300 years ago : “Knowing the part she'd acted once before: Wwhile he good Man, so pleas'd with what he'as done, Proclaims her Chastity to all the Town.” Excerpt From The Fifteen Comforts of Matrimony: Responses from Men Various
Valentines, dating, new job and our new favourite topics communism and religion
Thoughts on some Zimbabwe culture and the importance of gift giving
20 Books of 2020

20 Books of 2020


Lesson from the books I read this year. . . Happy New Years
Merry Xmas y’all
What I love about Christmas andddd my letter to Santa
Christmas preparations and considering what would happen if computers “took over”
Arghhhhh annoying
When to give up on something you care about
Going into red zone again and talking about the mental and financial effects of Covid during the holidays
Recorded but forgot to post it. Looked back at the quotes that I found most interesting this year
Should you tell your friends everything and what do people want from your social media
Going through my timeline again, covid conspiracies and procrastination
Gratitude is always a must and we have to constantly remind our selves of how to remain appreciative
Just going through the random stuff I see on my timeline
We talk about how you can maximize what you get from work through utilizing ALL your benefits or negotiating better.
Was preparing for a seminar and decided to share. More academic than my usual stuff but enjoy. Works cited: Keck, M. & Sikkink, K. (2019). Transnational Advocacy Networks in International and Regional Politics. International Social Science Journal 68 (Issue 227-228). Special Issue: 70 years of International Social Science Journal, 65-76. Klotz, A. (2002). Transnational Activism and Global Transformations: The Anti- Apartheid and Abolitionist Experiences. European Journal of International Relations 8(1), 49-76.
Looking at the pros and cons of dowries for men and women.
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