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TThoughts podcast, where we talk about everything that happens but only if we care about it.

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“That stock is down 97% y’all at this point I’m holding onto it for me to humble myself.” Catching up on the investing temperature from the 2023 Toronto Money Show Toronto and reviewing: -Why Black investors should consider the ethics and practices involved in private lending -What investing lessons can you learn when you have decided you are not retiring at 40 or quitting your job to be a day trader.
The burden of booking a trip while single and the increasing cost of tipping while dining out
Race based Affirmative Action was struck down by US Supreme Court. The challenge of podcasting when you are holding back and why we won’t stop podcasting.
Discussing my trip to Cuba and the annoyances of the human population on planes and airports . . .
DIY and RIP Rhemykins

DIY and RIP Rhemykins


If you want the job done right then might as well do it yourself, it can be taxes or websites designs
Fall of the Slay Queen

Fall of the Slay Queen


A tragic fairy tale based on real life events as witnessed by me
Fall of the Slay Queen

Fall of the Slay Queen


A tragic fairy tale based on real life events as witnessed by Me
A random poetry reading
Discussing the new drinking regulations set in Canada while trying to figure out new equipment
When you meet up with people from the motherland but they not actually from the motherland
Looking back at the year, books of the year and of course quotes of the year
Fall Finances Short
I graduated 6 years ago today and to those wondering if school is “worth it” it is. Let’s discuss along with phone upgrades
Thoughts on inflation, the energy crisis and lessons from the Toronto Money Show
Wondering why people excuse domestic violence 
Trying out video podcasting while wondering why people excuse domestic violence. 
Race is not biology and that “free” CERB money was not free.
Ontario election winner and why people voted for him.
Looking at the news timeline, inflation, roe vs wade leaks, the war in Ukraine and what you owe the dead and peoples babies
Stop judging people over food preparing culture - you don’t need to wash chicken
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Starvin Marvin

a country is ruled by it's residents

Mar 13th

Starvin Marvin

aaaw she don't speak shona

Mar 13th
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