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Ontario election winner and why people voted for him.
Looking at the news timeline, inflation, roe vs wade leaks, the war in Ukraine and what you owe the dead and peoples babies
Stop judging people over food preparing culture - you don’t need to wash chicken
Ukraine and NATO, Will Smith, Chris Rock and free speech
How to deal with the unexpectedly impolite Canadian - Lost 2018 episode but still relevant
Looking at different timelines and LinkedIn post appropriateness. Will this 2022 be better than the last two?
Quotes that moved me and a summary of the year
Happy New Year - Second Part of Books of the Year
1st part of 2021’s reading list and my thoughts on it. Podcast on Dowry link:
I apologize the sound is so low but enjoy the way I enjoyed my pizza
Sorry y’all
My attempt at being a national geographic host
Coronavirus, travelling and stay at home daughters in law
What to consider before having a baby
Compound interest can work against you but then it can also work for you
Looking at this months money progress and what could have been done better financially
Are you a spender or a saver. How do you feel about money in general
Fall Finances Intro

Fall Finances Intro


As summer comes to an end we all start thinking about our finances and how we can do better
July’s Done Already

July’s Done Already


Thoughts as everything starts to open back up in Ontario after Covid
Canadian Conflict

Canadian Conflict


How to feel about Canada Day as an immigrant that is aware of the First Nations Struggle. . . Going back to work work
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Starvin Marvin

a country is ruled by it's residents

Mar 13th

Starvin Marvin

aaaw she don't speak shona

Mar 13th
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