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TThoughts podcast, where we talk about everything that happens but only if we care about it.
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Why should public sector workers be able to strike when they have pretty sweet cushy jobs?
No matter how careful or how well you plan you can’t control this thing called life
“The world is over populated have you thought about dying earlier” WHATTTTTTT
It is late as always but I think you’ll enjoy it. It’s my first attempt at writing a short story.
Can men afford for women to stay uneducated or unemployed ? Let’s check the data. Census Canada:
Thoughts about BLM protests . . . Black Celebrities make melodies not policies so please keep your opinions to your verses.
Special guest on this episode! Sorry guys audio is a bit difficult but bear with us and enjoy.
We get ready to discuss the current Covid 19 situation with a very special guest.
Ever wondered if u can sleep in your contacts?
TThoughts Podcast covered a conference on Black Women’s Perspective on sexual pleasure
If you are not careful you will wake up 30 and alone and that’s worse than waking up thirty and with you?
Happy New Year - A review books I have read this year
Wrap of of my year
In world of trash dms why not try Facebook dating
Dating people of a different religious or cultural background
I love shea butter
A little music for the holidays
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Having to see family and friends that you don’t get along with makes Christmas a little more fun
We all love Christmas but there are also little annoyances
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