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I talk about a cliche that is very well known. Getting to explain how the cliche and the meaning does not come close to the meaning at all. •••Let me know how this speaks to you. •••To order the “12-Week Bible Study For Moms” book:
I believe today’s episode will bolster your love for God to know He is our only Confidence. Proverbs 15:15, Amplified Version
Jesus called us fishers of men. Professional fishermen know what bait to use for their catch. We need to use the bait of God’s goodness to point people to Him! Romans 2:4
Repentance is a glorious response to the Father God’s goodness.Here’s the podcast link that Teresa Ann highlights. It’s a must listen to:
Continuing the Book of Colossians. I am being transparent as to what God revealed to my heart. Beautiful correction to love by putting on the garment of God’s love. 
The Mystery?

The Mystery?


The Book of Colossians written by Paul to the Church of Colossae is incredible. A book that equips us and reveals the greatest  mystery this world has ever known! 
Chapter Seven“The Freedom Fighter”I read the last chapter of “God Is Enthralled By Your Beauty.” I pray the last seven chapters have stirred a deeper desire to know the Lord and dig into His Word, over and over again by the Spirit of God. 
On today’s “Heavenly Wit Monday,” I get very real about a time in my life that speaks to condemnation, conviction and God’s forgiveness. 
This episode is an interjection of how I was corrected just recently. I need to share that before we go onto the last chapter of the book,  “God Is Enthralled By Your Beauty.”By Monday evening, Chapter Seven, “The Freedom Fighter”  will be posted. 
Chapter Six“My Redeemer”I read chapter six, a continuation from Tuesday’s  reading of Chapter Five, “God Is Enthralled By Your Beauty.”By Saturday evening, Chapter Seven will be posted. 
Chapter Five“Beauty for Ashes”I read chapter five, a continuation from yesterday’s reading of Chapter Four, “God Is Enthralled By Your Beauty.”By Thursday evening, Chapter Six will be posted. 
Chapter Four“The Eye of the Beholder”I read chapter four, a continuation from yesterday’s reading of Chapter Three, “God Is Enthralled By Your Beauty.”
I share about one of my struggles that God continues to deliver me into more freedom of Who He is,  in the midst of control and an eating disorder. His love causes us to control self, so that nothing else can be in control of our lives. 
Chapter Three“The King Adorned In Peace”I read chapter three, a continuation from yesterday’s reading of Chapter Two, “God Is Enthralled By Your Beauty.”
Chapter Two“The Place of Secrecy”I read chapter two, a continuation from yesterday’s reading of Chapter One, “God Is Enthralled By Your Beauty.”
I’m starting a reading on each chapter of my first book, “God is Enthralled By Your Beauty” released in 2007. This episode is the introduction and chapter 1. There are a total of 7 chapters. For the next 7 days each episode will have a chapter posted to this podcast. This is the book that reveals my journey in falling in love with the LORD. 
To sit at Jesus feet. To serve others, must start with being at His feet. Being intimate with Him. Learning to know Him. To trust Him. To surrender it all. And yet, it all starts with sitting at His feet.Here is the link to listen to the sermon I recommend today. You can fast forward to the 18:45 minute mark of the video:
How do we know if we are pleasing God and in His will?I was asking God and then these answers from His Word came. And so on today’s episode, I unpack it with you.
Teresa Ann talks about the misplaced focus that has been on the body of Christ. You might just want to listen. Link
God’s Word.  Knowing Him through His Word allows us to know we can ask God for His wisdom and He gives it to us liberally, generously.We also find in His love that we are able to see spiritual warfare from His perspective by the Spirit of God!
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