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Why, Let's Talk? Well, the very thing Teresa Ann got in trouble for in school, is now what she does for real! When she was young, she misused the "gift of gab" and got in lots of trouble and now she uses it to point people back to Jesus! So come on! Grab your drink, have a seat and LET'S TALK with Teresa Ann!This podcast is in partnership with the “LET’S TALK with Teresa Ann” YouTube channel and
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It just seems appropriate after prayer and a few nudges to end 2020 with a final "Heavenly Wit Monday". I will be posting other videos; just not as consistently as I have for the last four years. Although I have no idea what's next...I get to draw closer to the LORD in ways that I hunger like never before.I am so grateful for your love and support!To order "5-Minute Devotions For Mom"
Are you experiencing unannounced moments of depression, grief, anxiety? Do you want to live in peace? Then today's episode will point you to the Father God and show how to live practically in the midst of it
On today's Heavenly Wit Monday, I get to highlight what Jesus addressed on prayer and forgiveness. In addition to that, forgiving seventy times seven? Really? Isn't there a loop hole for this?Listen in on today's episode.
It's another "Heavenly Wit Monday" as I get to share a recent moment of inconvenience that turned into an unconventional reminder of seeing GOD in the midst, YET AGAIN!Your feedback is welcomed here!
I was planning on a six week series with the Book of Galatians...and then 9 days later my daughter was in a severe car accident...BUT GOD!You can follow my YouTube channel to listen in on all that has happened since this was
To say that I am so excited about this episode is definitely an understatement. I get to have one of my subscribers from Let's Talk with Teresa Ann and now dear friend and sister in Christ, Tricia Funk in the studio with me.   Before we came in the studio, we had met up for a fun day and I had asked her some questions that led me to hear the beautiful faithfulness of God in her amazing story. To hear about the grace of God on her life to even surrender and to see a glimpse of what that can look like, I couldn't help but ask her to share on my show, so that each of you could hear it as well. If you are blessed by this episode, please share it with your friends, family, on your social media and let's spread this kind of message!Surrendering to God opens our eyes to see the mission fields in the midst of the battlefields.www.LetsTalkStudio.comTo order my book, Heavenly Wit: Seeing. Mission Fields in the Midst of Battlefields
Although the last two weeks my episodes were about going back to my video archives to speak truth to any lies I had spoken...this week I was led to do something different. Have you heard the saying, "Knowledge is Power?" Perhaps you say it? Me too. Of course, I love the Word of God because it settles our cliches that we've taken on as "Scriptural."As you listen to today's episode of Heavenly Wit Monday, we read II Peter 3 and I Peter 4:12. If you haven't ordered my book, Heavenly Wit, you can do so by going to my website: or click here to go to Amazon. Thank you for listening and I look forward to next week!I mention Jennifer Allwood's book find out more about her, if you don't already know her, just go to her website by clicking here: and find out about her book, Fear Is Not The Boss of You.
Last week's episode was unable to upload, however to listen to it, you can do so on my YouTube channel. On today's episode I discuss the temptation to judge others - especially when it comes to the "Rightfully So's" of life. Thank you for taking time to listen and if you were encouraged by it, thank you for sharing it on your social media, your family and friends. www.LetsTalkStudio.comTo purchase my book, Heavenly Wit, which is what this weekly shows is inspired by, you can go to my website or via Amazon to purchase.Link to purchase on Amazon:
Today's episode I share the scriptures from throughout the Word of God in which it show what it looks like to be the Light of the World and the Salt of the Earth. It's living the Heavenly Witted life of seeing God over anything else so that we can see mission fields in the midst of the
Today’s “Heavenly Wit Monday” episode is covering a question I asked on my Instagram story. I received so many great answers. With that said, I ask, why do we praise? What is our motivation in the praise and worship? I reveal with transparency what Holy Spirit highlighted in me. Please share with me after you watch today’s episode of what has been revealed to you. mouths. On today’s episode I speak about this with transparency .Email: LetsTalkTV74@gmail.comTo purchase my most recent books, “Did You Know” or “Heavenly Wit,” simply click on the following link:
The only race we were meant to focus on? I talk about that today. It's not in the way you may stirred after prayer doodling. A phrase came into my mind, "Not of this World" - that was when I found the old Petra song titled as the same. As I read the lyrics it was a reminder of the true race we are to live out in Christ.For more information about "Let's Talk", you can go to my website:www.LetsTalkStudio.comTo order your copy of my book, "Heavenly Wit" - you can also go to the following link:
On today's Heavenly Wit Monday, there are so many things that distract us. Even as we pray for freedom for others, we forget we need freedom ourselves. The triggers of life are not meant for us to just be triggered and attempt to keep going broken and bitter; this will never allow a life of forwardness in Christ. Instead it's allowing the triggers of this life to notify us of what we get to surrender to Jesus. The One who causes us to be radiant with joy as revealed in Psalm 34:5. These times when things surface in us, those are the precursors to freedom and breakthrough from slavery to the bondages and breakthrough to Jesus Who is our Freedom! We get to surrender the fractures; the broken places to see God minister His peace that makes every broken place become made whole; makes every crooked place straight in Him; and causes the dry places to flourish with living waters of Who He is.Thank you for your feedback, please share the scripture or scriptures God has given to you to stay fixed on Jesus!www.LetsTalkStudio.comThe mug is from "Pearls In Bloom" - you can Direct Message Celina via Instagram @PearlsInBloom or you can message me here to get more information about Pearls In Bloom! The messaging of Better Together was inspired by Holy Spirit through Celina in June is definitely for this moment! When we realize our need of God is when we will realize our need for one another to help point others to the Father!
On today's Heavenly Wit Monday episode is flipping the misconception of is so not blind...but watch today's episode to see what faith blinds you to! Oh yes! This is a good one! Simply profound!To order my book, "Heavenly Wit" Seeing Mission Fields in the Midst of Battlefields, you can go to this link:
Today’s “Heavenly Wit Monday” episode is based on a hard moment in which I struggled with thoughts instead of allowing my thoughts to be squashed and struggle with Jesus! But such a great lesson from Him...just call on Him as He will answer!To purchase my most recent books, “Did You Know” or “Heavenly Wit,” simply click on the following link:
On today's "Heavenly Wit Monday" - I highlight chapter three from my book, "Heavenly Wit." I believe you will see the difference of doing good from a place of worship or doing good from a place of spite. They both have the same results but one is done from a place in love while the other isn't.To order my book, you can go to my which will direct you to my link onAmazon:
Today’s “Heavenly Wit Monday” episode is based on a parable that we’ve heard and read about and is the foundation - and yet again, Holy Spirit blows me away with profound insight and understanding. Perhaps you have received this revelation, but I had to share!!!To purchase my most recent books, “Did You Know” or “Heavenly Wit,” simply click on the following link: @PureHealthSoCalPaolaHerreraAlisa Hope Wagner, Butterfly Princess Bookwww.AlisaHopeWagner.comCoffee Mug:Custom Designed by Godly ChitChat on Etsy
On today's episode, Teresa Ann shares a few experiences that surround a simple and yet profound moment after hearing God's gentle voice with Psalm 46:10 and later, reading and listening to the Book of Ephesians. To order her most recent book, "Heavenly Wit" or write a review about her book, you can click on the following link to her website:www.LetsTalkStudio.comOR you can go to the following Amazon link:
On today's "Heavenly Wit Monday," is there really a loop hole to an absolute of always?! You'll need to watch via my YouTube channel or listen via my podcast channel!YouTube channel link:'s Talk Studio Website: link to my new book, "Heavenly Wit":
On today's episode I get very candid about something that I did; and it's not something I'm proud of. However, you just might want to listen to what I share today.
Today's episode is the last one for this year...2019. I reflect on 3 things that I learned about God and myself in the last year. You'll also see why i ask myself this specific question. Thank you for your helpful comments, sharing and subscribing to my YouTube channel
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