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Author: Mike Puma

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25 years ago C21 Beggins was created with 1 office in Apollo Beach, FL and a handful of agents. Today, they have over 400 agents, 10 offices and have performed over 55k transactions. They are now taking all of the experience they have gained over the years and are giving all of their best advice away for free. This podcast is a mix of all the audo from their daily documentation episodes, quick pieces of advice, podsessions and everything else. The goal is to empower, educate and encourage real estate agents and brokers across the world regardless of the logo that sits on their business card.
95 Episodes
Jimmy is proof that if you stay authentic to who you are you can have a very successful real estate career. Many set out focused on the income they had previously and try to get back to that. But that mindset is actually limiting. Jimmy explains how he mentally unlocked himself, found his niche and dared to be different. It's paid off, so have a listen/watch.
Cheryl is proof that as a new agent you need to focus on getting 1 deal. Not 5, not 10, 1. Then do a great job and that one deal will turn into 5 or 10 or more. Her story and background is pretty insane. She was involved in a scandal with the city and has completely rebounded to become a top producing real estate agent. Enjoy!
Sara, Molly and Lisa are Team Imagine. A 3 person team that has been dominating the Tampa Bay market for a few years now. They found their niche in the early days using rentals. They strategically leveraged rentals to create a foundation of future business. That strategy has paid off and the team that started with the goal to make some extra income is now a top producing team and only getting stronger.
Rachel Jordan is a top agent who went from helping folks list their mobile homes to being a multi million dollar producer. The punchline is, she helps everyone. Her commitment to her clients is second to none and her journey is one that you will want to follow.    Help Out and Donate Blood!
Jodi Meyers currently works with the top 100 Century 21's in the South region. But it was not long ago when she had nothing but her family, a desire for something more, and the commitment to go all in. She bet on herself, and it paid off. Her story is proof that if you follow your dreams and focus on what makes you happy, you can achieve everything you want.
Vincent Jackson spent 12 years in the NFL. He was a 3 time Pro Bowler and had 6- 1,000 + Receiving Yard seasons. His commitment to being the best version of himself showed through on and off the field. Instead of spending his off seasons relaxing on a boat or jet setting around the world, Vincent was meeting with thought leaders and executives from various industries so that he could gain knowledge, better himself and prepare for success after Football. That has led him to become a successful entrepreneur, owning multiple businesses from restaurants to real estate. Vincent and his team at CTV Capital recently made the decision to come under the Century 21 Beggins umbrella. After hearing his story, you will understand exactly why we are so thrilled to call him our friend and business partner.
Session 17 : Write a contract like a Master! - Next Level University 
Session 16: Negotiate the contract like a master! - Next Level University
Session 15:  The Buyer Presentation - Next Level University
Session 14: The Listing Presentation - Next Level University
Session 13: Learn your scripts!
Session 12: Listings are the key to success in this business and this session will help you get more of them.
Session 11: Building your farm allows you to build a brand and build a pipeline. This session takes a deep dive into it.
Session 10: Remine is a great tool. This session shows you how powerful it truly is.
Session 8: The world will never know how great of an agent you are unless you tell them. So creating and sharing content is a must. You have to be consistent!
Session 9: FSBO's and Expired's are a great source of business. This session will help you master them.
Session 7: Creating an experience for your client will separate you from every other agent. You need to guide and lead through the entire process. This will create trust and connection and a client for life.
Session 6: Attracting and connecting to people is a science.  It can be learned and mastered and that is what this session is all about.
Session 5: Social Media 101 - Next Level University July 2020
Session 4: How to Become Disciplined and Focused - Next Level University July 2020
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