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Author: Mike Puma

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25 years ago C21 Beggins was created with 1 office in Apollo Beach, FL and a handful of agents. Today, they have over 400 agents, 10 offices and have performed over 55k transactions. They are now taking all of the experience they have gained over the years and are giving all of their best advice away for free. This podcast is a mix of all the audo from their daily documentation episodes, quick pieces of advice, podsessions and everything else. The goal is to empower, educate and encourage real estate agents and brokers across the world regardless of the logo that sits on their business card.
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Joe Brown has spent most of his life educating others. From the church to the classroom, and now real estate, Joe has one mission and that is to help people. In this episode Joe explains how he has used his background as a principal and leader in the educational space to excel in real estate. His journey is storied and impressive. You don't want to miss this one.   SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE OF THESE VIDEOS: ------------------------------------------------------------- JOIN OUR CLOUD BASED C21 BROKERAGE: JOINC21BE3.COM ------------------------------------------------------------- Getting started in real estate with C21 Beggins  http://www.joinc21beggins.comHELPFUL TRAINING  ▶︎ JOIN OUR TEXT MESSAGE LIST FOR SCRIPTS, TOOLS, AND TIPS ▶︎ HOW TO WORK & GROW IN THE REAL ESTATE BUSINESS ~~ ▶︎ REAL ESTATE COACHING -------------------------------------------------------------  TOOLS FOR REAL ESTATE AGENTS  CONNECT WITH US!  BE3 Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn: Connect with Mike Puma Facebook:  Connect with Jeff Beggins Facebook:  ------------------------------------------------------------- Looking to hire an agent? We can help.  ------------------------------------------------------------- Send emails to: -------- #RealEstate#Entrepreneur#Realestatetips #BE3nation #Realestateagenttraining Don't forget to LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE and check out our other social media pages, links below. Thanks for watching!
 Much has changed since Jim Beggins founded the C21 Brand in Florida back in the 70's. Yet, much is the same but simply evolved. In this podcast Jim Beggins Jeff Beggins Craig Beggins and Mike Puma discuss that evolution and how it will continue to evolve in the future. 
In this episode Mike Puma reviews why starting a podcast is so important and just how easy it is. He explains how voice is going to become bigger and bigger and why communicating in that environment could be difference between you being in business or out of business.
In this episode Jeff Beggins goes over how many follow up attempts it takes on average to get a "yes" in real estate.
In this episode Mike Puma goes over how to use the FB search bar to prospect and find potential real estate clients.
In this episode our Chief Marketing Officer Mike Puma goes through how to use to create FREE real estate videos in minutes. You can add music and post all from the platform. It is 100% free, easy to use and is a real estate agent game changer.
In this episode Mike Puma, Chief Marketing Officer for Century 21 Beggins, describes how to geo target through ads and drive leads for your real estate business.
In this podcast Jeff Beggins gives some advice on how to improve on your communication and connection with a potential client. He goes through why and how it mattes and what you can do to improve your connection with the person sitting across from you.
In this episode, our Chief Marketing Officer Mike Puma goes over 3 ways to bring your customers value via social media and how that translates to growing your real estate business. Take your sales hat off and starting bringing value. Marketing for real estate agents is simple. Don't complicate it.
In this episode, Jeff Beggins goes over the key steps to taking your real estate business to the next level. Every real estate agent looking to grow their business needs to listen to this. New or experienced, there is a "next level" and this will help you hit it.
In this episode expert real estate broker Jeff Beggins and Chief Marketing Officer Mike Puma discuss how to simplify your real estate business by discovering your niche, owning it and focusing 100% on it. They discuss the various methods to lead gen and prospect that aligns with your niche.
In this video our CMO and Director of Video production review how to improve your videos and use them to grow your real estate business. Agents should be shooting videos regularly. However, here are some tips and tricks from the pros on what to do and what not to do when filming.
Mike Puma, Jeff Beggins and Craig Beggins review the questions that all home sellers and buyers should be asking when interviewing a real estate agent. They also address the lack of information and value that many agents are bringing to the transaction. It's time for a change. In this podcast, they address the major questions that most sellers do not ask, but should!
In this episode Jeff Beggins and Mike Puma of BE3 and C21 Beggins go on a rant to all agents of all real estate brokerages to WAKE UP! You are in one of the best real estate markets ever, and you need to take advantage while it's here.
In this episode Jim and Jeff Beggins of C21 Beggins and BE3 Real estate discuss how to learn and go all in on your strengths in the real estate business. Everything works. But how do you know if you should be using social, or door knocking or cold calling etc. Listen and find out.
In this podcast we go through what potential sellers should be thinking about. We also address how agents need to reframe the way they represent their clients. Single agency should be offered and anyone looking to buy or sell their home should demand they be represented by a single agent!
This is a short clip of audio of Real Estate expert broker Jeff Beggins describing how most agents are so focused on what to say next that they end up killing the deal. Why? Becuase worrying about what to say prevents them from actually focusing on the person sitting across from them.
In this episode Jeff Beggins and Mike Puma talk about what the channel is about, why we are doing it, and talk high level about how the real estate industry has changed and continues to change every single day. Enjoy.
In this episode we tell bad jokes, discuss the various brokerage models, the art of recruiting agents, politics and much more.
At C21 Beggins we are one of the largest real estate brokerages in the Southeast. We have 10 offices and over 400 agents. Every week our Chief Marketing Officer and one of our brokers sit down and provide real uncessored advice on what they are seeing in the industry, where it's headed, what's currently working and what's not. Tune in on this episode where they heavily discuss mindset and how they actively try and talk agents out of entering the business for their own good.
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