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He said I talk too much...

Author: Meredith K

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Welcome to He said I talk too much, a podcast that covers the musings, stumblings, and expectations of a 40-something woman as she navigates life and wonders what else is 'out there.' I've always been told I talk to much, most recently by someone senior to me. This podcast is an outlet (for me), but I also hope it's a catalyst (for me & you) and perhaps cathartic for some of you out there. Maybe you can relate? Prepare yourself for bad jokes, witty puns, and some serious stuff.
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The in crowd

The in crowd


In this episode, the 'resurrection' of my podcast, I talk about why you shouldn't listen to influencers and why they don't care about you.   This podcast was inspired by videos from Lindsay of Lady and the Truck-check out what she has to say here:
I am a lover of beauty and have many 'things' done to me. In this episode I talk about hair extensions, lash lifts, gel nails, and spray tans. I give an overview of what to expect and all the 'little' things you may not know about aftercare. I'm not saying beauty is pain (it can be) but I am saying that it requires more maintenance (and money) than you think. If you have any additional treatments/services you would like me to discuss, feel free to reach out at
so I'm catching up with y'all about 'where I've been' -cue the ominous music. Also, I've been watching, reading, & learning some interesting sh*t lately. Let me know if you have anything to say- I've got an email. It's Thanks!
Hello & Welcome.....this is all about my 'you-wouldn't-believe-the-stuff-I-went-through-since-my-last-pod' kind of unit of time. Seriously. You wouldn't believe me. So I talk about instincts & intuition-and how I don't ignore the signals anymore (and it works to my advantage. I can't change what is out of my control but I can definitely handle my response). I also went to the ballet and promised some links so here they are: Frame by Frame: Pas De Deux: PS-if you message me, I WILL tell you what 'it' is.
moments in friendship....

moments in friendship....


Here I talk about some friendships (or what I thought were friendships) and the dreaded 'friendship shift'. I actually have 2 examples and another example from someone I spoke to over the weekend. I talk about what I call 'Toronto Syndrome'-where it's all about 'the look.' Let me know what you think-send me an email @
Monthly recap

Monthly recap


Missed an episode or just want a (really short) summary of everything I talked about for the month? This is your episode. Enjoy! Got something to say to me? Email me....the email is in my profile. Thanks for listening.
Content Consumption....

Content Consumption....


Keeping it lighter this episode by discussing the books, youtube channels, and Netflix shows I've been watching. I would love to know what you are consuming-please feel free to reach out via email, my address is in my profile. Thanks for listening, appreciate you.
OMG I'm fat again....

OMG I'm fat again....


So the dance class that I want to take-it's starting at the end of this month. And I'm feeling conflicted. This is probably one of the more difficult episodes because I own up to my issues with my weight. I don't have a solution for it, not sure how this is going to sound, and at one point I sound like I'm going to break because I actually (almost) did. In this video, I reference several choreographers-I've listed them below and the videos you should watch that I really like from them. THIS is the kind of stuff that makes me want to move-all can be seen on youtube. Jojo Gomez-Sorry not sorry Phil Wright- LEMON Kyle Hangami- How long No matter what you think of me after this episode, thanks for listening. I appreciate you.
I try to be deep and talk metaphors in the first half of this only to be hit in the face with reality (and perhaps a karma boomerang) and have to redact pretty much everything I said from 9 minutes forward. This pod is ultimately about being yourself & how you choose to do so. I reference a YouTuber in this video, Emilia Fart. Highly recommend you check out her 'Showing what I looked like when I was normal' video. Warning, she's a lot to take in-if you can't handle it, just close your eyes and listen. The end is the best part. Check my profile-I've added an email address.
Welcome, welcome, my teaser. Hmm. I've never been the best 'sales' person -especially when it comes to myself. But sh*t, I hope you'll listen to what I hope becomes a full fledged doin'-it-every-week podcast. In this first episode, I talk about myself, why I'm doing this, and what you can expect. Hopefully, you'll be interested enough to come back and hey, maybe some of you will even LIKE this. We shall see. This podcast is going to be for anyone who is both sick of it all and wants it all. Who loves their life but knows there is so much out there to explore and wants to kick societal 'rules' and judgement right to the curb. Thanks for listening & y'all come back now.
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