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Real Estate Investment Coach, WE BUY HOUSES & Teach YOU How To Create Profits with Real Estate Investing strategies which Do Not require your personal cash or credit to get started! Contact Jackie at or follow Jackie on Facebook, IG, LinkedIn, G+ Twitter and a whole bunch of places @TheJackieJackson and Subscribe to our Podcast! Learn To Flip Houses with Jackie!
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OMGOSH! On this week’s Tax Deed Tuesdays, the beautiful and talented Shena Buys Houses (My student 👩‍🎓🥰) Shares her Top 5 tips for Investing in the “Lands Available” List.  You DO NOT...want to miss this conversation!   TheJackieJackson #RealEstateCoach #RealEstateInvestor #Investor #Investment #RealEstateTrends #Property #CoachingProgram #taxdeedAuctions #realestateinvesting #flippinghouses #success #entrepreneur #taxdeeds #taxliens #Auctions #entrepreneurmindset #houseflipper #fliphouses #motivation #rei #webuyhouses #investinginrealestate #flipper #freedom #cashflow #flippinghomes #thejackiejackson.
Understanding which real estate strategies to use in a up market vs. a down market is the secret to success. Trust me...I know personally how painful taking losses can be (Episode 1-3), so I’m a huge advocate for minimizing risk. Listen and learn as Jackie share her wisdom of joe to protect yourself and remain Profumo a down market.
Wow! Jackie shares a mouthful, as she breaks down her new family tradition of writing ✍️ 101 goals. Jackie and her kids divide their goals into 5 Categories, Family, Business, Income, Travel, and Achievements. These categories clear the way and set the pace for focus on all things quantifiable in their entrepreneurial lives. Listen, Learn, and mirror the same tradition with your family. You’ll be amazed at how much abundance you’ll bring into your lives.
After taking a quick survey @thejackiejackson on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and my other social media platforms... I realized that many new investors are challenged with similar expectations when starting their Real Estate 🏡 Investing Business. So what are these challenges... (1) Support (2) Deciding Their Niche. (3) Focus Marketing for maximizing sales. Now I can truly empathize with these growing pains because I too experienced all of them. Listen and learn how I was able to get over the BIG HURDLE and pursue my dream of entrepreneurship with real estate investing!! Join Us Feb 22-24th in Orlando FL for our 3 Day Bootcamp & Bus Tour. We’re teaching you all the strategies and everything you need to know to start flipping houses and make money! Don’t wait...bus fills up fast 💨 grab your seat at Now!!
“A person who wants to be a millionaire is not really seeking money. They’re seeking power. They want the capacity to control what they eat, where they live, what they drive, and how they conduct their life” ~Dr. Myles Munroe What Kind of Power are You Seeking? ✅The Power To Live Where You Want ✅The Power To Choose Your Best House ✅The Power To Travel To Distant Lands ✅The Power To Educate Yourself ✅The Power To Educate Your Children ✅The Power To Love Your Debt Collectors ✅The Power To Give Freely without limitation ✅The Power To Experience The Arts ✅The Power To Sow Seeds & Invest ✅The Power To Be Prosperous & Abundant ✅The Power To Live Purposefully ✅The Power of Choice..... Join Jackie and her team of Real Estate Experts on February 22-24th 2019 in Orlando, FL for our 3 Day Bootcamp & VIP BUS 🚌 TOUR. Grab your seat on the bus at Over $10K Of Valuable Educate for a fraction of the price. Tickets 🎫 for all three days discounted to $397!!
You can do many things in your life, but the truth is... there’s only 3 things required for you to be wildly successful. Listen up and learn as The Jackie Jackson “schools yah” on the simplicity of building a Kick Butt business.
Ep 6 What’s the difference between Motivated Sellers who NEED to Sell their house verses those that WANT to Sell their house? Listen as Jackie explains the difference between the two caterpillars and how you should approach sellers. Need a Mentor? Contact Jackie today...visit or schedule a FREE STRATEGY SESSION at
Ep 5 Which Real Estate Investing Strategies Doesn’t Require Your Cash Or Credit to Get Started and Make Money? Listen in as The Jackie Jackson explains 6 types of deals she focuses on in her real estate investing business and teaches her coaching clients to do successfully across county! Want to learn how you can Cash Flow Your Life? Contact Jackie at or email at
Sometimes we all fall victim to want everything to be pretty, perfect and great before we put ourself out there to attract our goals. Now I’m not saying to not work with a spirit of excellence, I’m just saying if you’ve been procrastinating on following through on the goals that you set for yourself because of really simple stuff that you can easily get over....then you’re holding up your own blessings. Join my team and I as we teach you how to overcome analysis paralysis at our 3 Day Real Estate Investing Workshop On February 22-24th in Orlando FL!! Grab your seat today at
Jackie takes the time to describe her EPIC FAIL attepmt at investing in her first deal
Get To Know TheJackieJackson PART 1 and her transformational journey to becoming a real estate entrepreneur. Life definitely hasn't been easy, but the truth is, she really wouldn't have it any other way.
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