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Author: Darian Jackson

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The Darian Jackson Show. It's weird, its fun, plenty of laughter, serious topics, and spreading all that love out to all . Come join us in this walk as we go from an array of topics ranging from a bit of politics to crazy ass stories that will make you laugh your dicks off . You'll meet my close friends and see how nuts the conversations start getting the moment we are in the same room.
15 Episodes
On this Episode Jeird and I discus Trump's wall and the scrutiny I.C.E has been going thru .
In this episode I have my brother on and we talk about the new research that is going on for the illegal drug MDMA
On this podcast Erik and I go thru the many strange instances that made us scratch our heads at how freaky ,spooky or alien a situation was in our past .
Episode-12 Drinking Sesh

Episode-12 Drinking Sesh


In this one I have all the guys over and we start the podcast a litle tipsy.
Just kicking it talking a bout video games ,our generation and the future.
In this episode I have all the guys over for that good ole guy talk .
in this Episode we go thru a variety of gender issues and sexual preferences.
Episode-08 Of Mice and Men

Episode-08 Of Mice and Men


In this episode I have Jeird Doubon on once again for nothing more than what one could say is a unique adventure into the minds of two strange cookies.
For this Episode we will be talking about adoption. I have my good friend over who was adopted himself . We talk thru everything from CPS to section 8 housing and our opinions on a few other topics
In this episode i finally got my best friend on the podcast. We talk about all the fun and interesting times we had in our friendship and bring up some pretty funny stories along the way.
Episode 05-What are Morals

Episode 05-What are Morals


In this Episode we discuss where morals fit into society. The different types of morals people hold and how vastly different from person to person they are based upon different criteria.
IN this episode I have both my brothers on and the Doubloon Twins. We talk weed . All things weed related . Our opinion and thoughts ( We don't condone the use of any substances legal or not )
In this episode we talk about what really made our childhood special and how we as children saw events like 911 and the video game industry.
On this episode we have over Jeird Doubon. Talking about breast milk,veganism,social security, and loosing change in your car.
On this first podcast I have the Doubon Twins come out to start the show off with a bang. We talk about Politics from a younger point of view, sex, pornography, racism, and Jake's little Chub. All wrapped up in this episode you can't miss.
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