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The Guilty Mixtape goes deep into the sludge of our guest's minds and unearth the most cringeworthy guilty pleasures. From music, movies, TV, novels & more! Hosted by Matt Bogart and Steve Long.
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In today's episode, Matt & Steve touch on the tiny home craze, guilty pleasure food mascots and talk about how Tony the Tiger angered the furry community.Show Notes:- Tiny Homes - Renovation Rehab- Goop & Slim Jims- Food Mascot Throw down- Fav Mascot- Porno Parodies- Ad: Cartright Shippings / Courier Service- End of the Show
The co-founder of Vinyl Me, Please and all-around nice guy Tyler Barstow is on the show to talk about his guilty listening pleasures. If you haven't heard of his company, is a monthly subscription service that will send you a special edition record every month. In April they had a limited new pressing of the Fugees 'The Score'. How cool is that!? This month (May) they are doing a limited pressing of Weezer's 'Pinkerton' for subscribers only. Check them out and sign up at! You can follow Tyler on twitter here: NOTES1- Introduction- BIG SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT- Live with Michael & Kelly- Who would be a good host?2- Interview - Tyler Barstow- Vinyl Me Please- Albums and Cocktails- First Record- First CD- Guilty Pleasure: Country Music- Taylor Swift & Katy Perry- Guilty Pleasure: Coldplay- Guilty Pleasure: Third Eye Blind- Guilty Pleasure: Muse- Guilty Pleasure: Dave Matthews Band- My wife h
Episode 6 - Hotline Bunn

Episode 6 - Hotline Bunn


On today's show IT man by day and music producer/podcaster at night, Bryan Bunn is on to talk about his pop culture guilty pleasures. Follow Bryan's podcast Trial & Error on Twitter here and his band's page SHOW NOTES1. Show Intro- Prescription drugs use2. Chat with Bryan - Professional background- Introduction in to music- 90's R&B- Sampling music- Guilty Pleasure: "New age hip-hop"- Huge Drake fan- Theory of mixing music- Guilty Pleasure: Fall Out (video game) soundtrack- Choir rehearsals3. Ad: Silver Back Surveillance Company (Mention Guilty Mix Tape for a steep discount)4. Continued conversation with Bryan Bunn- Singing in the car or the shower5. Wrapping up
iHeart radio sweetheart and Steven Seagal apprentice Barrie Luongo is on to chat about his pop culture guilty pleasures including: the film Music & Lyrics, the WNBA, karoke jams and much more!You can follow Barrie on twitter NOTES1. Show Intro-Record Store Day-Celebrity Public Defender 2. Chat with Barrie - Taylor Ham or Pork Roll- Martial Arts & Steven Seagal- Guilty Pick: Music & Lyrics (movie & soundtrack)- Guilty Pick: WNBA3. Ad: Anne's Authentic Massage Parlor4. Chat with Barrie (cont)- Drunk Karaoke- Guilty Pick: 1Direction- Zayn story- Show gift5. Show Close
Michele Laikowski from Jenny McCarthy's SiriusXM show, Dirty Sexy Funny joins us in the bunker to spill her pop culture guilty pleasures. Oddly, they all have to do with some sort of time travel. Michele talks about how she enjoys erotic fiction without the eroticism, her undying love for Hamilton, Al Roker, and much more. You can follow Michele on twitter @molaikowski for her weekly Hamilton selfie with the hashtag #dailyhamiltonmichelfie.SHOW NOTES1. Show Intro 2. Chat with Michele - Michele talks about her selfies in front of Richard Rogers Theatre - Buzz Aldrin & Morning news- Guilty Pick: Romance Novels- Guilty Pick: Outlander TV Show- Time traveling pregnancy- Which witch, you're a witch!- School of Rock (The Musical)3. Ad: Frank Pepe's Gyro House.4. Chat with Michele (cont)- Musicals (cont)- Skipping church- Bagels and fear- The West Wing- Back to erotica5. Show Close
Joe and Graham from the band, Tall Days are in the Bunker today to talk about their guilty pleasure music, and their love of sports radio shows. Tall Days is working on a new full length album, to be released later this year. You can check out their show dates here, - - - NOTES1. Show Intro 2. Nashville3. Chat with Tall Days - Starting a cult... - Rock music in the early aughts- Guilty Pick: (Joe) The Mike & The Mad Dog theme song- Guilty Pick: (Graham) Neil Diamond - "September Morn" & "Porcupine Pie"- Guilty Pick: (Graham) Hulk Hogan - "I Want To Be A Hulkamaniac"- Guilty Pick: (Graham) David Lee Roth - "Just Like Paradise"- Guilty Pick: (Joe) Spin Doctors - "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong"- Guilty Pick: (Joe) KISS - "I Just Wanna"4. Ad: Alice's Cards5. Chat with Tall Days (cont)- Cult conversation (cont)6. Show Close
The incomparable co-host of one of the best Football podcasts in the free world, "Quick Snaps" and the host of the basketball podcast "The Off Balance Three" Aaron Hodges comes to 'The Bunker' to chat about his pop culture guilty pleasures. Aaron chats all things 'rock rap', juggalos, and more. You can follow Aaron here:Twitter - @aaronhodges Quick Snaps - Off-Balance 3 - SHOW NOTES1. Show Intro 2. Batman V Superman3. Chat with Aaron - Space Jam 2- Muggsy Bogues & getting punched in the face- The mythos of Michael Jordan- Guilty Pick: Kid Rock's 'Devil Without a Cause' - Insane Clown Posse (ICP)- Guilty Pick: Barenaked Ladies4. Ad: Cross Fit Gym, Blood Sweat & Tears5. Chat with Aaron (cont)- Guilty Pick: Pootie Tang6. Show Close
It's our first episode and Matt & Steve are coming to you from "The Bunker" in Montclair. On Christmas night, Steve talked to his brother Mikel about growing up with music nerd parents, rolling up the window while singing the Cure, and his brewing love for bluegrass music.SHOW NOTES1. Show Intro 2. Steve's Monologue3. Chat with Mikel- Growing up with Dad & Mom's musical tastes. Dad owning Bruce Hornsby & the Range or "The Best of Bread"- Guilty Pick: XTC - Waxworks Tracks - "Science Friction", "Making Plans for Nigel", "Love on a Farmboy's Wages"- Guilty Pick: Phil CollinsTracks - "Take Me Home", "Don't Lose My Number", "Easy Lover"- Guilty Picks: Billy Idol - "Dancing with Myself"Cutting Crew - "I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight"Triumph - "Lay it on the Line"Midnight Oil - "Beds Are Burning"Scorpions - "Rock You Like a Hurricane", "The Zoo"OMC - "How Bizarre"Ghostland Observatory - "Vibrate"- Guilty Pick: Bluegrass MusicEarl Scruggs Foggy Mount
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