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Watered by The Word

Author: O. K. Russell

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Preaching the Bible as it is, to men as they are. Expository|Exciting|Exalting
30 Episodes
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Hosea 2:1-13Support the show (
What breaks God's heart the most? Listen and find out.Support the show (
Support the show (
Most people believe the blind are unable to see. Jesus would beg to differ.Support the show (
He was born after Abraham, but existed before Abraham. How could this be?Support the show (
Slavery is still alive and well today in every country across the globe. However, this slavery has nothing to do with race!Support the show (
She was caught in the "act" of adultery. Should she be judged or not?Support the show (
5000 people. 5 loaves. 2 fish. 1 Saviour.Support the show (
No Longer a Skeptic

No Longer a Skeptic


According to Matthew and Mark’s gospel, both dying thieves reviled Jesus. According to Luke’s gospel only one thief reviled and the other accepted Jesus. Are the gospels contradictory? Which account is correct? Listen and find out.Support the show (
We are all led by someone. Who is leading you?Support the show (
Are earthly rulers accountable to anyone, or are they permitted to be a law unto themselves? God’s Word gives us the answer. Support the show (
Christians shouldn’t celebrate........right??? Support the show (
Esther 9:1-19Support the show (
How can old people have children? That’s not “normal”. But then again God isn’t limited to the “normal”.Support the show (
Esther 7:1-10Support the show (
Esther 6:1-14Support the show (
Luke 17:11-19Support the show (
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