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Author: Jessica Mashael

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This is W.O.A.R. We go in on topics to boost your bank account, boost your health, your mood, your love, your sexual endeavours, and more. I got a rebellious attitude and philosophy, because I'm sick of bull shit lies that hold people back This is the Word of a Rebel.
Because it's about the love of a rebel, inspiration of a rebel, health of a rebel and anything else we need to live happier and healthier and more passionate lives Support this podcast:
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There are few things with as many direct impacts on our lives. But This is also the one thing that most of us undervalue. More important than money are health because this one thing impacts both your income and live longevity. Let's talk about it --- Support this podcast:
Let's get real about the debate - is a college degree worth it? As my daughter enters her next phase of education, I decided to speak on this important topic. --- Support this podcast:
A lot of people are concerned about how much they can buy or sell a property for in the state of Louisiana so I prepared notes from my experience in real estate to make it simpler for you. If you need info on how to make a wise purchase and what budgets are prepared for press play and be sure to reach out to me directly if you need a personal conversation . I am @realtorforlouidiana on TikTok, Instagram, Threads and YouTube --- Support this podcast:
I put you together this short episode to explain some of the most impactful and beautiful messages I have learned from others on how to protect and heal and grow from within --- Support this podcast:
In this episode we break down the decision-making process using two real-life examples from clients I am currently working with --- Support this podcast:
Here's a quick insight into mortgage interest rates, the cost of homeowners insurance and flood insurance, as well as what we're seeing in the numbers for the pricing trends of Real Estate in south Louisiana. This information is based on May 2023 available data. For specific property valuation of your home or investment - Reach out to Jessica Bordelon REALTOR with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services - @realtorforlouisiana --- Support this podcast:
Crime laws, legal issues, social issues, it's all economic --- Support this podcast:
What does God have to do with mental health, physical health, and financial health, and everything else? This short 5-minute episode will give my take on that --- Support this podcast:
If you're thinking about purchasing a home or investment, you probably have a lot of questions such as: how much do I need to save to buy a house? Are homes actually affordable right now? Why should I even buy a home? This is the episode for you. Get your real estate questions answered and make a plan for your home of the future. --- Support this podcast:
How do you get the facts? Who's your trusted guide or resource? Let's talk about it. Homeownership, investment, business development etc --- Support this podcast:
It doesn't matter if you're in the United States or anywhere in the world, the pandemic of misinformation is likely impacting your community. In the United States it more often targets the Republican party but even some Democrats can be pulled astray by misinformation. This episode hopes to help prevent some of the drama --- Support this podcast:
Here's some simple advice based on my own experience and my goal of teaching my daughter financial literacy and investment. --- Support this podcast:
What is the most important thing to achieve before buying a home? The inspection. Here's info on: what is the home inspection? Who should be involved in a home inspection? How much does a home inspection cost? And your options during the inspection phase of buying a home. --- Support this podcast:
Every jurisdiction has detailed laws. Some laws will apply to your property, and others won't. As a Realtor, I provide careful attention so the seller and buyer can rest assured that all will go well. Here's one story from 2022. Jessica Bordelon REALTOR in South Louisiana (New Orleans to Baton Rouge to Alexandria LA) --- Support this podcast:
In every purchase and sell if real estate, one or both of these reasons is involved. Jessica Bordelon, Realtor Your real estate agent in New Orleans and Baton Rouge. What real estate questions do you have? Homeownership? Investment? Refinancing? Building a portfolio? Improving your credit score? 504-535-4353 --- Support this podcast:
Here's some true stories about how I operate on behalf of my clients and what you should expect from a great real estate agent who is truly a full service One stop Shop location --- Support this podcast:
Let me know what you think about the Poetry Break feature. Visit me on all social media platforms @WordOfaRebel --- Support this podcast:
This is a strategy that is slowly growing in popularity. Many companies are investing money and organizations like Corporate Internship Leadership Institute CILI are choosing to provide it free of charge because they see the value in investing that time in Future Leaders. --- Support this podcast:
With all the bashing of "capitalism" let's unpack some things about capitalism, socialism, business, history, JayZ, Warren Buffet, Rihanna and more. --- Support this podcast:
Here's a few true stories about the experience my clients have when buying or selling their homes or investments property. Jessica Bordelon REALTOR in New Orleans and Baton Rouge Licensed in Louisiana with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Preferred REALTORS --- Support this podcast:
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