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Author: Jessica Mashael

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This is W.O.A.R. We go in on topics to boost your bank account, boost your health, your mood, your love, your sexual endeavours, and more. I got a rebellious attitude and philosophy, because I'm sick of bull shit lies that hold people back This is the Word of a Rebel.
Because it's about the love of a rebel, inspiration of a rebel, health of a rebel and anything else we need to live happier and healthier and more passionate lives Support this podcast:
173 Episodes
This is a quick summary of what is available but I will explain the details and guide you through the process. Message me @WordOfaRebel or by email for more info: --- Support this podcast:
As a real estate agent I believe it is important for current and future clients to be aware of a few things as we go through the shopping process. Here is one of those things. --- Support this podcast:
This is part 2 of the success zip code discussion. This talk focuses on cultivating traits in yourself that are necessary for success. --- Support this podcast:
This episode is a reminder to be honest and to properly diagnose our discomfort before it destroys us. --- Support this podcast:
In this episode we discuss 2 major impacts of changing your Mental Zip Code. --- Support this podcast:
Which zip code is your brain in? Did you know that's the most important zip code when it comes to success or failure? Let's find out where your mind resides. --- Support this podcast:
In third inspirational episode, w discuss new info and some repeated knowledge about what you need and how to make it happen. Learn about resources and more. --- Support this podcast:
All of us experience anxiety, stress and worry. Sometimes its valid but a lot of the time, we're making mountains out of speed bumps and hills. Here's some advice trusted by counselors and researchers to reduce stress and increase your peace. Just.. breathe... love. --- Support this podcast:
Here are the four questions you should answer in order to create a real estate Vision tour --- Support this podcast:
Many have recognized a change in my core topic for writing and discussions this year. So I decided to explain my motives for this change. --- Support this podcast:
How do you know if you've moved forward or stagnated? Heres a tool I use to answer that question --- Support this podcast:
Fall Time Reflection

Fall Time Reflection


What energy are you bringing into this part 9f the year? --- Support this podcast:
This episode speaks on success in general and my experience with struggle and more. --- Support this podcast:
Should know as they work to increase their credit score. And the actual most important reason why you should do it instead of all the bogus reasons some people have --- Support this podcast:
A listener messaged me on Instagram and asked: what is your advice for a 21 year old who is thinking of buying a property? Here is my answer. But if you are over 30, some of this also applies to you. --- Support this podcast:
In this episode we break apart another message about the actions that God expects of us --- Support this podcast:
Is a short introductory lesson on how to make sure you can make money off of your real estate purchase. I definitely have more details that I can provide for anyone interested. Send me a message at WordOfaRebel on Instagram Facebook, or Twitter, or give me a phone call --- Support this podcast:
If you know me you already know to expect some myth crushing. Let's get it --- Support this podcast:
This is part 3 of episode about combating being stressed and depressed. This focuses on two questions you can ask and how they benefit your life overall --- Support this podcast:
Why yall mad at JayZ tho?

Why yall mad at JayZ tho?


In this episode I explain the deal between Jay-Z and the NFL and people's criticisms of that. I don't agree with y'all. I think this is a move in the right direction. Fight me if you must. --- Support this podcast:
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