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Author: Dez Loreen

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Pro wrestling and heavy metal discussions, interviews and clips from Canada’s Western Arctic! Find us weekly on!
28 Episodes
Pete Hurley has been doing a series of hilarious and heartfelt tweets based on his thoughts on Disney classics. Why is this such a hot take? Because Pete has never seen any of these before! Come with the Eskimofo as we call across the pond and have a chat over a nice tea. Episode one: Snow White and the seven dwarves!
Mad Dog Marty Sugar and the Eskimofo talk about COVID-19, how the global pandemic has affected pro wrestling, from local indy shows to the WWE and AEW on a national stage. Join the guys as they discuss Wrestlemania without a crowd and so much more in this first installment of what we hope will be a long time partnership! How long will these two co-exist before these two mega-powers explode?
TAW co founder Blu Wilder joins me on the show again, but this time we talk about him. We chat about his younger years as a wrestling fan and how that grew into him wanting to train.
I chat with long time wrestling promoter Tony Condello about his career in pro wrestling, his time running shows and how he gave Roddy Piper his name! Tony shares his stories about planning the infamous 'Northern Death Tours' in Manitoba and has worked with many talented wrestlers across North America!
Ol Gwenny makes her Deztro Show debut with a recap of the wildest week of our lives! hear about our parties with DEC, Rocking out with Chris Jericho, and why Marko Stunt smokes cigarettes now?! haha all this and so much more in this action packed interview!
My tall British friend Pete Hurley answered his phone and this is what ensued. I learned some stuff! - We had no script, no plan on what to talk about, and we loved it! We talked UK economics, Northern life, casino meet ups and sailing to the Bahamas!
Deztro chats with wrestling promoter Faith Dorn about her time as a commentator and as a booker and promoter for New Level Pro Wrestling in Alabama! We chat about the state of current wrestling, why she got started and what to look out for in the southern world of pro wrestling!
Deztro breaks down the week ahead as we look to NXT Takeover Toronto and Summerslam 2019! 
Ryan Knight sits down with pro wrestler Holden Albright and they discuss Holden's career and aspirations in the ring! Check out The Knights of the Squared Circle every week and on Facebook!
It's Canada Day! and what could be more Canadian than chatting with pro wrestler and former UFC fighter Mitch Clarke! The Saskatoon born grappler chats with Dez about his MMA and pro wrestling career so far, his ties to Yellowknife, his tips for anyone looking to increase their fitness and he gives us a hilarious story from his days with the UFC! Mitch gives some awesome and very inspirational advice on following through and working hard. You don't want to miss this special Canada Day episode of The Deztro Show!
Recorded high above West Edmonton Mall, this special recap of AEW Double or Nothing is one you can't miss! #Deztro is joined by David Benoit and Trevor Welwood AKA The #Hitman Guy! Benoit was in the fourth row from the ring for AEW's debut show in #LasVegas and gives his opinion on the event! We also talk about the upcoming trip to Chicago for #AEW #AllOut show in August! #aewdon
Ryan Nemeth interview!

Ryan Nemeth interview!


We welcome pro wrestler and comedian Ryan Nemeth to the show this week to discuss his new short film project, his time in NXT as Briley Pierce, his love for sketch comedy and much more! We talk about the time Ryan was congratulated for making his WWE debut, (it was really his big bro Dolph Ziggler with a new look) and Ryan goes in-depth about why his upcoming short film is so important to him. This interview hit on all fronts; wrestling, comedy AND short films! Did we just become best friends??
I got to chat with Jericho Cruise alumni and hard rocker Andrew Evans this week about his latest releases and his band Like Machines! (formerly known as The Stir). We met each other on the cruise and had a blast partying til the early hours of the morning haha. We talk about his upcoming releases with the band and his own personal singles being put out later this year! 
Blu and I recap the last week of wrestling and talk about Impact, ROH, WWE, NXT and the indies! We also discuss our thoughts on weed being legal in Canada for six months! How has it worked out for us in our remote arctic community?
I got back from New York City after an action packed Wrestlemania week and HOLAH am I tired! I was able to break down the shows and the whole experience with my homey Blu over the phone while I was still in Winnipeg for meetings.
TV icon Jonathan Torrens joins us on the show to discuss his career in entertainment! He gives some tips for those who want to get into the industry and shares some stories from his time in the arctic! He also brings a little bit of J-ROC to the show!
Thrash Wrestling Champion and promoter Marty Sugar chats with Dez about his career and his insights on pro wrestling! 
Our first three interviews with rocker Dave Spivak of the DSP! Hailing from Winnipeg and now living in Calgary, Spivak has a unique sound that tells a story and keeps the party rocking and rolling! We talked with him after the Chris Jericho Cruise, just before he went on tour, opening for Fozzy and during his campaign for CBC Searchlight's National competition!
We chat with film industry pro Kenny Chaplin about his career, and how he teaches his skills through FITS, a company he started to train others in the industry! If you ever wanted to get involved in film, this is the interview to hear! All the way from Regina Sask, Kenny is ready to travel and share his knowledge!
We chat with Twitch video game streamer Lance Gray, AKA LanceoftheNorth! He tells us his favourite games to play, what got him started in gaming and why he loves to stream his games and comment with his audience! - We also break down a few video games over this past year to review!
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