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Yellow@TheLight - Deeper Than You Podcast =)

Yellow@TheLight - Deeper Than You Podcast =)

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Yellow@TheLight is different. Always trying to push away from the mainstream scene, into a realm that the radio play and pop tunes cannot be heard. Just enjoying the moment day by day. His music style varies drastically from chillout to breakbeat, techno to electro, funky to soul, but always Deep. Always focused on that good good bass and the the rest of the low end vibe.

So come chill out, sit on the floor, dance across the subway, crank your headphones up, turn the subwoofer on, and have a listen. =)
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Reverse 2020... What a wild ride you've been. Anyone wish they had a Time Machine?? I Got You. It's been pretty fun to wrap up the year and go down memory lane remembering all the amazing times that we've shared, and really how different some things are than they used to be... For me, it really reminded me of how the music I used to play then was so electro and intense, and awesome. Even though I don't rock that much of it anymore, it really was an awesome era, and I remember being so amped because Bart B More was one of my all time favorites back then, and the basement in Pacha NYC was packed with our friends, absolutely raging with us. To all the friendships, fans, and family that came out of those days, it really will be some of my favorite memories ever, thanks to you guys... you know who you are <3 Remembering the crews that used to come out and support every single weekend that we played, and to all the legends in Pacha NYC, who will always be my family that I love and miss. So if you want to hop in the time machine with me back to The Pacha NYC Basement 2013, and rock out the end of 2020 remembering some of the awesome tunes we shared, with nothing but love, I bring you: The Pacha NYC Basement (7/12/13) w/ Bart B More & The M Machine (2020 Throwback) I hope it brings you right back to when the the world was great, and will be again. Love Always, Chris Tracklist: 1 - Ish Karuki - Check It Out (Original Mix) 2 - Jewelz & Scott Sparks - NYMSN (Original Mix) 3 - Loopers - Nitro (Original Mix) 4 - Arston - Zodiac (Original Mix) 5 - J Trick & Taco Cat feat. Feral is Kinky - Jumanji (Original Mix) 6 - Madeon - Icarus (Original Mix) 7 - Foster The People - Don’t Stop (TheFatRat Remix) 8 - Duck Sauce - Big Bad Wolf (Dada Life Remix) 9 - John Dahlback - Panic (Original Mix) 10 - Icona Pop - I Love It (Jakwob Remix) 11 - TJR - Odi To Oi (Original Mix) 12 - Chardy & Timmy Trumpet - Melbournia (Will Sparks Edit) 13 - MVTH - Fuck (Original Mix) 14 - Daniel Portman - Mantenido (Original Mix) 15 - Far Too Loud - Start The Party (Original Mix) Happy Summer Legends!! Hope this newest addition to the podcast finds you happy, healthy, and enjoying yourself this gorgeous summer day!! Welcome to, Come Together =). This epic, funky, uplifting, housey, summertime vibe set is all about grooving out in the sunshine with the people that mean the most to you… I’m bringing it straight to you from Martha’s Vineyard, Mass, where I was chilling with the fam all week, and man… what a gorgeous, mellow place. Hopefully this set brings you through the same mellow groove I had when recording it… It’s named after Nox Vahn and Marsh’s new epic tune on Anjunadeep that is an absolute trip to open with, but also to remember that Coming Together is what humans are meant to do best!! Make sure you get to do it safely and def spread those good vibes while you do it! Bringing you the absolute best from Nox Vahn & Marsh, Cassian, Earth n Days, Cpen & Bluey, JT Donaldson, AudioStorm, LoQuai, Akabu, Linda Clifford, Joey Negro, Saison, Disclosure, J.B. Boogie, Mat.Joe, Superlover, Simion, Algrthm, and an Epic throwback closer from DAVI. Sending Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, and Happiness to Everybody!! - Chris =) Tracklist: 1 - Nox Vahn, Marsh - Come Together (Extended Mix) 2 - Cassian - Laps (Original Mix) 3 - Earth n Days - Just Be Good To Me (Original Mix) 4 - Cpen & Bluey - Yo Body (JT Donaldson Remix) 5 - AudioStorm - Growing Circle (LoQuai Remix) 6 - Akabu, Linda Clifford, Joey Negro - Ride The Storm (Saison Remix) 7 - Disclosure - Expressing What Matters (Original Mix) 8 - J.B. Boogie - Soul Power (Original Mix) 9 - Mat.Joe - Ya Know (Original Mix) 10 - Superlover, Simion - Funky People (Superlover Vocal Mix) 11 - Earth n Days - Soulshakin (Original Mix) 12 - Algrthm - On My Mind (Original Mix) 13 - DAVI - False Awakenings (Original Mix) Whats Happening Family?! Hoping this newest podcast finds you full of energy, happy, creative and loving life. It’s certainly the vibe I’m bringing with my newest episode, Positivity. With all the ups and downs in the world lately, it seems that music above everything is the one thing that’s staying consistent and keeping people full of life. Which as always is what it’s all about. That love we all share when we connect with each other and go on that trip that only music can take us… I usually go a bit deeper, and darker sometimes, but I was in a pretty uplifting housey mood, and it clearly shows because I couldn’t drop the vibe once I got started. Coming through with the best from Djimboh, Joris Voorn, Yotto, Meduza, Low Steppa, Reigns, Dermot Kennedy, Durante, Hana, Ben Bohmer, Tim Green, Simon Doty, Blood Groove & Kikis, Beckwith, Phil Martyn, and Dennis Ferrer. I hope this set brings a smile to your face, It certainly did to mine, and I couldn’t be happier to share it with you. Hopefully you feel the same, and if so... give it a share. Don’t forget to “Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, and drink the wild air.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson Love Always, Chris =) Tracklist: 1 - Djimboh - Moments (Extended Mix) 2 - Joris Voorn - Antigone (Yotto Extended Mix) 3 - Meduza - Born To Love feat. Shells (Extended Mix) 4 - Low Steppa, Reigns - Wanna Show You (Extended Mix) 5 - Dermot Kennedy - Power Over Me (Meduza Extended Remix) 6 - Durante, Hana - Days Pass (Extended Mix) 7 - Ben Bohmer - In Memoriam (Tim Green Remix) 8 - Simon Doty - This Time feat. Forrest (Original Mix) 9 - Blood Groove & Kikis - Deep Down (Beckwith Remix) 10 - Phil Martyn - Chamber (Original Mix) 11 - Dennis Ferrer - Mind Ur Step feat Janelle Kroll (Original Mix) What’s Going on Family?! I am hoping this new podcast finds you healthy, happy, safe, and grateful… With so many hectic things going on in the world lately, I feel like there’s a lot of need out there for cheering up, positivity, music, dance, and love above everything. Which is precisely what I’ve got in store for you right now... Welcome to, The Inside. This newest podcast is straight from the hip, as I figured it was definitely time to give you guys an update out there, and check in to see how everyone is living. The Inside, is a total trip through what I thought most people are needing at the moment, and also a different take on juxtaposing a bunch of different genres together to create a musical experience from me to you. It's a little funky, a bunch of deep and pretty, some dark and heavy, a couple of bangers, a dash of classics, and some housey to round it all out… With some of the absolute best from Lebedev, Moon Boots, Saison, N-You-Up, Mat.Joe, The Dualz, Ryan Murgatroyd, Lane 8, Ben Bohmer, Djimboh, Cherry, Wax Motif, Dirty Vegas, CamelPhat, Samim, Tube & Berger, and Laidback Luke. But more than anything, this podcast is meant to bring and share love to all of you. While the times we’re living in are certainly not the easiest, and certainly not the most fun either… It should remind us of the beautiful, the amazing, and everything in the world that we have to be grateful for, which is a pretty long list. So while you enjoy this, share it, and share everything. With friends, with family, with your pets, and with anyone else who makes you happy, i'm sure that's really what we need most... and I can’t wait to see all of your smiling faces when this is over. Love Always, Chris Tracklist: 1 - Lebedev - Light Rhythm (Original Mix) 2 - Moon Boots - Juanita feat. Kaleena Zanders (Extended Mix) 3 - N-You-Up - Vibin’ (Saison Remix) 4 - Mat.Joe - Ya Know (Original Mix) 5 - The Dualz - Your Eyes (Extended Mix) 6 - Lane 8 - Stir Me Up (Ryan Murgatroyd Remix) 7 - Beh Bohmer - Autumn (Original Mix) 8 - Djimboh - Sisu (Extended Mix) 9 - Cherry - Ruba (Original Mix) 10 - Wax Motif - Wet (Original Mix) 11 - Dirty Vegas - Days Go By (CamelPhat Extended Remix) 12 - Samim - Heater (Tube & Berger Remix) 13 - Laidback Luke & Keanu Silva - Oh Yes (Rockin’ With The Best) (Extended Mix) Also, head over to the new website at if you haven’t checked it out yet or need any new tunes!! Enjoy. =) Well, as 2019 comes to an end, so does the first decade of Yellow@TheLight. It’s crazy to think that this wild idea, created in college, has managed to turn 10+ years old. Through all of the late nights in Pacha and who knows how many other little and large venues, indoors and outdoors, free and paid, domestic and international, it truly has been an amazing ride. I can’t thank my family, friends, and fans enough for supporting me all these years, and listening over and over again to countless dj sets, productions, and live shows for the last decade. It’s allowed me so many wonderful memories of traveling, playing, and enjoying the love we all share when we come together to enjoy music. You guys truly have been amazing to me, and without you, there is no Yellow@TheLight. This podcast is humbly named Reflections. ('09-'19), as it is the best example of the style and vibe of records that I have come to love and play the most after all of these years... Featuring my newest favorites from: HRSSN, BONDI, Marsh, Jonas Saalbach, Frost, Dirty Doering, D-Nox & Beckers, Dee Montero, Westseven, Bebetta & CIOZ, R Plus, Meduza, and Kidnap. Honestly, It’s been my absolute pleasure. Thank you so much for listening, supporting, and attending all of these years. I can’t wait to see what the next decade brings, and I hope to see you on the dancefloor soon. Love Always, Chris Tracklist: 1 - HRSSN - Better Off (BONDI Remix) 2 - Marsh, Mariel Beausejour - Surrender (Extended Mix) 3 - Jonas Saalbach - For Evigt (Original Mix) 4 - Frost - Undercurrents (Extended Mix) 5 - Dirty Doering - Herakles (Original Mix) 6 - D-Nox, Beckers - Skylab (Original Mix) 7 - Dee Montero - Headspace feat. Meliha (Original Mix) 8 - Westseven - Lost Language feat. Ross Farren (Extended Mix) 9 - Bebetta, CIOZ - Jello (Original Mix) 10 - R Plus - My Boy feat. Dido (Meduza Remix) 11 - Kidnap - Start Again (Extended Mix) Yoooooooo legends, hows it hanging out there?? So... I had a bunch of requests from friends and fans to release this live set I played at one of my favorite parties this summer: KOOKFEST It was an EPIC gathering of some of the local legends that I've grown to know and love out here in Rockaway Beach, NYC. On one of the hottest days of the summer, with an epic pool party vibe, complete with the biggest inflatable slide I've ever seen, and some of the dopest people in the hood. If you were there, then you already know... and if not, then here it is. This one coming at ya is a 2 hour live set, mashed up with my absolute favorite collection of the funkiest jams I had at the moment, a bunch of old throwbacks, and some solid new ones that you probably haven't heard before... With the likes of: Sous Sol, Mihal Popoviciu, N-You-Up, Saison, Angelo Ferrari, Dario D'Attis, Boogie Vice, J Paul Getto, Superlover, Simion, Moon Boots, Kruse & Nuernberg, Samuele Sartini, MK, Gui Boratto, Tapesh, Disclosure, Claude Vonstroke, Tube & Berger, Dom Dolla, CID, Motez, Zimmer, Spencer and Hill, Afrojack, Fisher, Maxxi Soundsystem, Camelphat, and Others! Starting off funky and deep, and making its way to those bassy tracks that would make any party rock. Thanks for all the love from everyone who came out to support... Hope you enjoy it. Keep living that endless summer life, and if you dig it, share it around. -Chris Tracklist: 1- Sous Sol - Dizzy Rhythm (Mihal Popoviciu Remix) 2- N-You-Up - Jazz Bar (Saison Rework) 3- Angelo Ferreri - Izinque (Alessio Cala Remix) 4- Nathan Nicholson - Abyss Of Love (Dario D’attis Remix) 5- Boogie Vice - Bel Air (Original Mix) 6- Alec Carlsson - Paris Fried Chicken (J Paul Getto Remix) 7- Superlover, Simion - Funky Peoiple (Superlover Vocal Mix) 8- Fiora, Moon Boots - I Want Your Attention Feat. Fiora (Original Mix) 9- Nora En Pura - U Got My Body (Return Of The Jaded Remix) 10- Kruse & Nuernberg, Michelle Owen, Isis Salam - We Find Deep (Original Mix) 11- Samuele Sartini - You’re No Good For Me (Original Mix) 12- Storm Queen - Look Right Through (MK Dub III) 13- Gui Boratto - Azzurra (It’s Not The Same Version) 14- Tapesh, Dayne S - How I Do (Original Mix) 15- Disclosure - When A Fire Starts To Burn (Original Mix) 16- Claude Vonstroke, Jesse Rose - Bare Mountain (Original Mix) 17- Samim - Heater (Tube & Berger Remix) 18- Purple Disco Machine - Body Funk (Dom Dolla Remix) 19- CID - She Wants The D (Original Mix) 20- Motez - Promise Me (Original Mix) 21- Zimmer - Saturday Love (Original Mix) 22- Mark Morrison - Return Of The Mack (Spencer and Hill Remix) 23- Afrojack & Steve Aoki - No Beef (Vocal Mix) 24- Fisher - Stop It (Original Mix) 25- Maxxi Soundsystem - Medicine Feat. Name One (Original Mix) 26- AU/RA & Camelphat - Panic Room (Original Mix) Happy Summer Family!! This most recent podcast comes straight at you from La Negra ( in Nosara, Costa Rica. Truly one of my favorite places on earth… Pura Vida! I was super stoked to play a poolside set for the crew down here and decided to release it to you guys so you can rock to it all summer! This set has a super funky vibe, which perfectly describes the mood and people down here… The surf has been great, and life is beautiful… Hopefully you’ll get the picture when you give it a listen. Much Love, Chris Tracklist: 1- Daft Punk & Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You (Original Mix) 2- Nelly Furtado - Turn Off The Light (Colin Parker Remix) 3- Shakedown - At Night (Purple Disco Machine Extended Remix) 4- Soulsearcher - Can’t Get Enough (Illyus Baarrientos Extended Last Boogie Remix) 5- Eliphino - More Than Me (Original Mix) 6- Motez - Promise Me (Original Mix) 7- Andhim - Boy Boy Boy (Original Mix) 8- Jamie Woon - Night Air (Solomun Edit) 9- Nora En Pure - Morning Dew (Original Mix) 10- Zimmer x Pallace - Saturday Love (Original Mix) 11- Lana Del Rey - West Coast (ZHU Remix) 12- Bonobo - Flashlight (Original Mix) 13- Marsh - Belle (Extended Mix) 14- Yellow@TheLight - Britney (Original Mix) Artwork by Jonas Claesson - @jonas_draws Happy Summer Legends!!!! I’m super psyched to bring this newest podcast to you, and it’s full of my absolute favorite tunes from the last few months… Some old, some new, some just feeling right for the moment. I feel like there’s so much beauty in the world that people forget to see at times lately, and to remember, that you literally never know what is right behind your next door. Enjoy it to the fullest. That’s what this mix is all about. The Up’s, Down’s and In-betweens of life. With some of the best tunes out right now from: Lane 8, Anderholm, Ben Bohmer, Nikolas Noam, Luis Leon, Kai Peh & Stulp Fiction, ARTBAT, Jobe, Soulsearcher, Illyus Baarrientos, Rodriguez Jr., Claude Vonstroke, Bebetta & CIOZ, Innellea, Beatamines, Township Rebellion, Kollectiv Turmstrasse, and Lake People. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it, and as always i’m sending you all of the love. Thanks so much for listening for all of these years… Best, Chris Tracklist: 1- Lane 8 Feat. Polica - No Captain (Anderholm Remix) 2- Ben Bohmer - Promise You (Original Mix) 3- Nikolas Noam - We Will Be Alright (Luis Leon Bipolar Rework) 4- Kai Peh, Stulp Fiction - Smoke & Thunder (Original Mix) 5- ARTBAT - Wall (Original Mix) 6- Jobe - Aurora (Original Mix) 7- Soulsearcher - Can’t Get Enough (Illyus Baarrientos Extended Last Boogie Mix) 8- Rodriguez Jr. - An Evidence Of Time (Claude Vonstroke Remix) 9- Bebetta, CIOZ - Elephant On Ebay (Innellea Remix) 10- Beatamines - Osiris (Township Rebellion Remix) 11- Kollectiv Turmstrasse - Ordinary (Lake People’s Circle Motive Remix) Whats Happening Family?! Man, it's a crazy time to be living in NYC these days. 2018 has been a super-rollercoaster of a ride... It's amazing to see all of the changes going on, and especially tough to see some of the legendary clubs of the day closing their doors this year. First Pacha, Then Webster, and Now Cielo, and Output... But as always, I find myself remembering the beautiful memories over the years that were made in so many of these places... and the incredible friendships, romances, business adventures, and love that has been shared in these clubs that so many of us called home. And, as much as they will be truly missed... we all know that what comes around the corner next will be an entire new generation of memories and experiences to be shared and loved. With that being said, I decided to go back to the roots, and throw down a new set that really captures and sonically re-makes the vibe of those amazing moments and memories that we all shared. So without anymore rambling, I bring you... Beneath The Floor. This set is totally inspired by the countless deep, techno, melodic, subby, dark, and totally beautiful records that NYC is so known to love and appreciate, mixed with some awesome new records from: 98U, Sebastien Leger, , Tone Depth, Johannes Brecht, Fetsum, HOSH, Aalson, David Holme, Jody Wisternoff, James Grant, Innellea, Ben Bohmer, Dusky, and Skream. Providing what I think, is the best part of going to see a DJ play... That you never know exactly the vibe they're in, and the mood that they're feeling at that moment. Hope You Enjoy... Spread The Love, Enjoy The Moment, and Be Yourself. Love Always, Chris Tracklist: 1- 98U - Thisted (Original Mix) 2- Sebastien Leger - Lost Miracle (Original Mix) 3- Tone Depth, Johannes Brecht. Fetsum - Free (HOSH Edit) 4- Aalson - Reeds (Original Mix) 5- David Holme - Soft Landing (Jody Wisternoff & James Grant Remix) 6- Innellea - Lillith (Original Mix) 7- Ben Bohmer - Purple Line (Original Mix) 8- Dusky - Amongst The Gods (Original Mix) 9- Skream - Let It Go (Original Mix) Whats Good Family!! Hoping this latest podcast finds you fully chillin, and enjoying every minute this summer... Things have been pretty phenomenal in the summer around here. Just got back from a quick trip down to Costa Rica to catch some waves and recharge the batteries for a bit. I always find that the most incredible part of traveling, is the people you meet along the way. This trip was no exception, actually it was one of the more powerful examples of how the people you meet can have an amazing impact on you... and this DJ set is for YOU. To all of the beautiful souls who I've met along the way. Thanks for always inspiring me and pushing me to keep playing and writing music, and being Yellow@TheLight. This is, Travelers. Featuring some of my favorite tunes recently, and a few old jams thrown in there. I was really excited to create a fun, upbeat, jazzy, groovy, funky summertime vibe, with some heavy dance floor hitters, and some deep, emotive tracks from: Miles Dyson, FTC, Saison, Nora En Pure, Maxxi Soundsystem, Alex Kenji, Barkley, Dusky, CamelPhat, Oliver Heldens, Weiss, Tale Of Us, Kiasmos, and Sebastien Leger. Hope You Love It. Love Always, Chris Tracklist: 1- Miles Dyson - Pulse (FTC Remix) 2- Saison - Senor Blues (Original Mix) 3- Nora En Pure - Tears In Your Eyes (Extended Mix) 4- Maxxi Soundsystem - Medicine Feat. Name One (Original Mix) 5- Alex Kenji - ‘Cause It’s Cool (Original Club Mix) 6- Barkley - Ligona (Original Club Mix) 7- Dusky - Skin Deep (Global Communication Remix) 8- CamelPhat, AuRa - Panic Room (Camelphat Club Mix) 9- Oliver Heldens - King Kong (HI-LO Touch Extended Version) 10- Weiss - Feel My Needs (Original Mix) 11- Tale Of Us - Notte Senza Fine (Kiasmos Remix) 12- Sebastien Leger - Lost Miracle (Original Mix) Whats Good Family!!! I just took an amazing trip out to Amsterdam, Netherlands and got to see all of my amazing friends and family out there! Been feeling super inspired lately, and loving having some time off to travel and relax. This recent trip was incredible, and I love getting to feel the vibe out there, and get updated on some new and old music while being there... There is something so special about that city, and the energy that people share out there. Everyone seems happy, positive, smiling, and free. It's such a beautiful feeling to be able to share that, especially with all of my friends and family out there. <3 Which of course, comes with the new inspiration to deliver a new podcast to you guys! Definitely one of my favorite things out there is getting to see how many people out there are playing these beautiful, deep, melodic, and amazing tracks. Especially in the deep house, techno, minimal, and progressive game. So as usual, I came home feeling crazy inspired, and had to throw a new set together, dedicated to all of my second family and friends out there, love you guys... And also to all of you out there that are following your dreams, and trying new and creative approaches to living the dream. While it might feel difficult, and the struggle is always real, there is something so important about the persistence, the fight, and the sacrifice that comes with wanting to be different. To be better than the day before, and to work your hardest to make a change, rather than becoming a simple 1 or 0 in the system. Keep pushing... your efforts never go unnoticed. So with that said, I hope you enjoy this deep, melodic, experimental new set I just threw together, with some of my favorite tracks from: Lone, The Nights, WhoMadeWho, Ryan Davis, Aparde, Adriatique, Guti, Ben Bohmer, Marcus Worgull, Worakls, Boris Brejcha, Ticon, Rafael Noronha, and More. If you enjoy it, please pass it along. Stay Deep, Stay Dirty, Stay Gold. Love Always, Chris Tracklist: 1- Lone - The Birds Don’t Fly This High (Original Mix) 2- The Nights - Other Issues (Original Mix) 3- WhoMadeWho - Dreams (Adriatique Remix) 4- Ryan Davis, LMNSKT - Hadron (Aparde Remix) 5- Adriatique - Voices From The Dawn (Original Mix) 6- Guti - Hope (Original Mix) 7- Ben Bohmer - After Earth (Original Mix) 8- Marcus Worgull - Broad Horizons (Original Mix) 9- Worakls - Toi (Boris Brejcha Remix) 10- Ticon - Yet Not Titled (Rafael Noronha & Re Dupre Remix) You ever get that feeling when you need to pull the decks out and throw down, right on the kitchen counter?? That was today. And Mannnnnnnn it feels good to be back. Things have been super slammed with getting married (which is amazing) buying houses, and playing adult (not so amazing)... But it was awesome to have the time to get behind the decks and record a new podcast for you guys. I got super amped up by the opening tune on this set... Fisher - Stop It (Dirtybird) and just needed to play a deep, dirty, bouncy set. I forgot how much fun I have playing these kinds of tunes, mixed with a bunch of great tracks from Format:B, Tony Barbato & Alex Vanni, Moon Boots, Me & My Toothbrush, Click Click & DJ Glen, Kyle Watson, Chris Lorenzo, Tube & Berger, Lux Groove, Phonique, and myself. The last tune on the set is a collaboration with my man Will Divide ( who is always my spiritual guru, tech brother, and best studio counterpart a guy can ask for… With that, I hope you guys are having an amazing weekend and a beautiful Veterans Day. Love to all of you. -Chris Tracklist: 1- Fisher - Stop It (Original Mix) 2- Format:B - Chunky (Original Mix) 3- Tony Barbato, Alex Vanni - Black Clouds (Original Mix) 4- Fiora, Moon Boots - I Want Your Attention feat. Fiona (Original Mix) 5- Me & My Toothbrush - Come On (Original Club Mix) 6- Click Click, DJ Glen - Birdhain (Original Mix) 7- Stace Cadet - Molly Happy (Kyle Watson Remix) 8- Chris Lorenzo - Promised Land (Original Mix) 9- Tube & Berger, Richard Judge - Ruckus Feat. Richard Judge (Dennis Cruz Remix) 10- Lux Groove - Gee Up (Original Mix) 11- Phonique - Elitess (Original Mix) 12- Yellow@TheLight & Will Divide - Diynamic (Original Mix) Hey Everybody!! Hope Springtime is finding you rested, relaxed, and rejuvenated… I recently put this mix together, alongside with my newest track of the same name, Freefall. This was all generated from going skydiving over the weekend, and the amazing feelings that come from doing something so beautiful, and getting to meet a community that I was truly elated to be invited to hang with. There is something so beautiful about letting go… of all of your fears, inhibitions, judgments, and just being at peace within your own mind. This collection of music, is my translation of those feelings, and I couldn’t be happier to share them with you. Featuring the best tracks I could find from: Lane 8, Ryan Murgatroyd, Stephan Bodzin, Pablo Bolivar, Bengal, atish, Kidnap Kid, Animal Picnic, Aaryon, Rodriguez Jr, Justin Martin, Lena Cullen, Kyle Watson, and Myself. Hope you enjoy it… Be Free, Live Your Life, Spread Happiness, and Breathe… With All The Love I Have, Chris Tracklist: 1- Lane 8 - With Me (Ryan Murgatroyd Remix) 2- Stephan Bodzin - Lila (Original Mix) 3- Pablo Bolivar - Dahnser (Original Mix) 4- Bengal - Fractal Dust (Original Mix) 5- atish - Peculiar Colors (Original Mix) 6- Kidnap Kid, Lane 8 - Aba (Original Mix) 7- Ryan Murgatroyd - Waking Up With Lucy (Original Mix) 8- Animal Picnic, Aaryon - Caps (Original Mix) 9- Rodriguez Jr. - 2 Miles Away (Original Mix) 10- Justin Martin, Lena Cullen - Odyssey (Kyle Watson Remix) 11- Yellow@TheLight - Freefall (Original Mix) P.S. And as always stay updated with the Website, Facebook, Soundcloud, iTunes and Beatport for a whole bunch of free music, upcoming gigs, new releases, and more. Much Love. Hey Everyone!! I just played the launch party for a new nightlife app ( who celebrated the opening of their NYC branch and it was such a dope vibe, that I had to put out a new podcast! There's something so beautiful about watching people smile and tell you how much they appreciate watching you play. <3 This episode features some of the newest and best tunes from: Nick Holder, Martin Waslewski, Gloria Anguili, Dusky, Bicep, Claude Vonstroke, Claptone, Justin Martin, Sonny Fodera, Maxwell, Channel X, and More!! Definitely one of those get ready for the weekend sets, and I hope you enjoy it! Keep spreading the love and if you're out there, then I'll see you in Europe next week!! Chris Tracklist: 1- Daniel Sternberg - No One Can Change Me (Nick Holder Remix) 2- Martin Waslewski - Beautyhell (Original Mix) 3- Giorgia Angiuli - Everything Changes (Original Mix) 4- Dusky & Todd Edwards - Holiday In Holloway (Original Mix) 5- Sisterhood - Tunnels (Bicep Remix) 6- Deo & Z-Man - Universal Neighbors (SLG Remix) 7- Claude Vonstroke - Barrump (Original Mix) 8- Claptone - The Music Got Me (Justin Martin Remix) 9- Sonny Fodera Feat. Shannon Saunders - Over This (Extended Mix) 10- Maxwell - All The Ways Love Can Feel (Dayne S Remix) 11- Nick Holder, TrackHeadz, Tyrone Solomon - How We Chill (Original Mix) 12- Channel X - Lift Off (Original Mix) Whats Good Family?! Hope this newest podcast finds you enjoying every moment as we keep moving forward into 2017! I'm super excited to bring you this newest DJ set as it's absolutely where I've been heading over then last few years, which of course is... Melange. I’ve been totally inspired by re-listening to a lot of old techno and re-reading a lot of old books, especially Dune by Frank Herbert, which if you haven’t read yet, definitely do. The Spice Must Flow. This podcast has some of my favorite tunes from over the years, and a some awesome recommends from some great friends I’ve met while traveling the world… Including Tvardovsky, Quenum, James Welsh, Edu Imbernon, Li-Polymer, Adriatique, Atapy, NTFO, Maceo Plex, Recondite, Martyn, Terrakroma, and many more. I’ve been getting super excited to see the scene in Brooklyn becoming a lot deeper and heavier with some of the parties that have been coming around recently. I’m also getting really amped to release my next EP, coming out this upcoming month. Things have been getting very deep over here in the studio and I can’t wait to share it out with you once its released, and will definitely be making the next podcast. Other than that, I hope all is well and that you’re all traveling, seeing the world, living the dream, and making yourselves happy. Keep Pushing. Stay Deep, Stay Dirty, Stay Gold. Chris =) Tracklist: 1- Soulplace, Miloradovich - Her Loving Eyes (Tvardovsky ‘Slowdance’ Remix) 2- Quenum - The Step (Dance Spirit ‘Perception’ Remix) 3- Christophe - Gotta Release (James Welsh Remix) 4- Qtier - Set Me On (Edu Imbernon On Fayer Remix) 5- Li-Polymer - Loverground (Reflection Soul Remix) 6- Adriatique - Ain’t Nobody (Atapy Remix) 7- NTFO - Porcupai (Original Mix) 8- Maceo Plex - Solar Detroit (Original Mix) 9- Recondite - Levo (Club Edit) 10- Martyn - We Are You In The Future (Redshape Remix) 11- Terrakroma - Chiti (Oyster Remix) P.S. And as always stay updated with the Website, Facebook, Soundcloud, iTunes and Beatport for a whole bunch of free music, upcoming gigs, new releases, and more. Much Love. Whats Good Family?? Hope all is well out there in the world, and that this new podcast finds you well, happy, and living the dream… This is my newest episode: The Road Less Traveled. It's a collection of all the experiences I just went through while traveling through Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and California. I can't even describe to you all how in the zone I was for the entire summer. The surf and the people were just incredible out there. Even got to play some gigs out in Central America while I was traveling through. This set is an excellent representation of where my head has been at lately between these excellent releases from Recondite, Yotto, Jos & Eli, Solee, Oliver Schories, Marc Romboy & Stephan Bodzin, Adriatique, Sons Of Maria, Dennis Ferrer, Moonbeam, H.O.S.H., Teho, Kyrill & Redford, Magdalena, and Boris Brejcha. It's about as deep and melodic and sub by as a set can get, and I'm super excited to share it with you. Remember, Music will always set you free… Stay Deep, Stay Dirty, Stay Gold. -Chris =) Tracklist: 1- Recondite - Limber (Original Mix) 2- Yotto - Aviate (Original Mix) 3- Jos & Eli - A Sign of Salvation (Original Mix) 4- Solee - Ten (Original Mix) 5- Oliver Schories - Metris (Original Mix) 6- Marc Romboy, Stephan Bodzin - Atlas (Adriatique Remix) 7- Sons Of Maria - You Care (Original Club Mix) 8- Dennis Ferrer - Right Thing feat. Ben Westbeech (Original Mix) 9- Moonbeam - No Regrets (H.O.S.H. Remix) 10- Teho - Issue 1 (Original Mix) 11- Kyrill & Redford - Colourless Water (Original Mix) 12- Magdalena - Should I Stay (Original Mix) 13- Boris Brejcha - Lost Memory (Original Mix) And as always, hit the website ( and the soundcloud ( for updates and free music! One Love! Whats Good Everybody!! This is my latest podcast, straight from Nicaragua! The surf is absolutely pumping down here… Chillin with some amazing people, and the vibe es increible. Been waking up every morning to at least head high surf, and then writing music next to the pool in the afternoons, and djing into the evening for the crew down here! For this one, I decided to start it off with my newest tune - La Piscina, which I just finished up yesterday and you can grab for free here on Soundcloud: Hope you're enjoying the summer as much as I am. And make sure to follow along on the instagram @yellowatthelight One Love, Chris Tracklist: 1 - Yellow@TheLight - La Piscina (Original Mix) 2 - Nora En Pure - Morning Dew (Radio Mix) 3 - Kidnap Kid - Moments feat. Leo Stannard (Original Mix) 4 - Jan Blomqvist - More feat Elena Pitoulis (Extended Mix) 5 - Bicep - Just (Original Mix) 6 - Deetron - Rescue feat. George Maple (Original Mix) 7 - Claptone - The Only Thing (Tube & Berger Remix) 8 - Navar - Moments In Life (16 Bit Lolitas Remix) 9 - Dusky - What I Never Knew (Original Mix) 10 - Olivier Giacomotto - Lovin Berlin (Original Mix) 11 - Avicii, Philgood - Record Breaker (Original Mix) 12 - Breach - Anna Love (Original Mix) One of the most beautiful things a warrior can encounter, is the ability to face the path set before him (or her). While at times it may seem impossible, impassable, and immeasurably frightening, it is everything. This collection of music is the best way that I can describe my own undertaking of the paths that I have chosen in life, and the unbelievable feelings that come with overcoming your own fears, obstacles, and challenges. Thanks so much for joining me on mine. With Love, Chris. Tracklist: 1 - Yotto - Wondering Feat. CAPS (Original Mix) 2 - Derek Howell - One Way (Shingo Nakamura Remix) 3 - Lane 8 - Rise (Original Mix) 4 - Sascha Braemer - Secrets Feat. MLND (Original Mix) 5 - Jon Hopkins - Open Eye Signal (George FitzGerald Remix) 6 - Ioan Gamboa - Kahleesi (Akihiro Ohtani Remix) 7 - Still & Bense - What I Say (Original Mix) 8 - Mandibula - Chez Belle (Original Mix) 9 - 16 Bit Lolitas - Sediment (Original Mix) 10 - Mashk - Home (Whomi Remix) 11 - Adam Beyer, Ida Engberg - Lovecraft (Original Mix) 12 - Hot Since 82 - Sundown (Audiofly Remix) Hello World! How are we feeling out there on this beautiful day? I'm super excited to bring you my newest podcast, Through The Looking Glass. It's really a Thank You set for all of my friends out there who have supported Yellow@TheLight over the years… It's amazing to see how much of an effect wonderful people can have on you, and your music tastes, preferences, insights, and overall attitude about life. I recently played a gig with my dude Will Divide ( and the Escape Artists ( which was a beautiful exhibition of Art, Music, Food, and most of all, Love. Let me just say, there was so much talent in this room that I was honored to even be among them at the time of their latest production, Escape Through The Looking Glass. The vibe was on fire and I was pretty much on Cloud 9 the entire set, which I'm sure will show in the videos when they drop… But it's just such a pleasure to be able to share music and happiness and love with all of you and to see the increasing numbers of people from all over the world who are kind enough to lend me their ears, even if for a moment, is the most amazing thing I have ever accomplished. You guys fill my heart, and I love All of you. So to send you on your journey, I decided to put together some of my absolute favorites at this point in my life. Bringing you some really deep, bassy, melodic, and super pretty tunes from: John Talabot, Midas 104, Laolu, Bicep, Gardens Of God, Matt Lange, Sons Of Maria, DAVI, and of course, Myself. I'm super proud to share with you, my remix of Hang Massive's Once Again as the closer. If you enjoy it, feel free to pick it up for free from my Soundcloud here: And as always, Thanks. -Chris =) Tracklist: 1- Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Tapes & Money (John Talabot's Ritual Reconstruction) 2- Animal Picnic - Gravity (Midas 104 Remix) 3- Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra - Too Much Information (Laolu Remix) 4- Bicep - Satisfy (John Talabot Rainmix) 5- Gardens Of God - Montana (Original Mix) + Alice In Wonderland Bytes 6- Bicep & Hammer - Dahlia (Original Mix) 7- Matt Lange - This Is How It Is (Original Mix) 8- Sons Of Maria - Chimera (Original Mix) 9- 16 Bit Lolitas - Deep Space Girls (Davi Remix) 10- Hang Massive - Once Again (Yellow@TheLight Remix) Much Love!! Whats good everyone! Hope you're having an excellent Valentine's Day! I'm sending you guys a whole bunch of love from NYC! I decided to go out last night and check out Behrouz, Davi, Mykola & Muffs at the Ebb & Flow / Vyvn Party out in Brooklyn. And it was absolutely fire, vibe was totally on point, music and sound was excellent, and the crowd was totally laid back. Awesome to see great people out listening to great music having the time of their lives. It's always really beautiful to see people doing what they love and being happy sharing it with others. So this is my newest podcast to send you guys some love too! As always, Thanks so much for continuing to listen and enjoy the vibe. This is a pretty dark, subby, really deep groove of a set, starting off with some hooky tunes from Nora En Pure, Beckwith, DAVI, Fur Coat, Hot Since 82, Marc Romboy & Stephan Bodzin, MUUI, Prompt, Audiojack, Olivier Giacomotto, and of course, yours truly. The last tune is one I wrote in Bali while I was out there playing, and I figured it was time to feature it and share it with you on this one. Much Love and Happy Valentines Day! -Chris =) Tracklist: 1- Nora En Pure - U Got My Body (Return of the Jaded Remix) 2- The Peacemaker Project - Ich Lass Dich Nicht Zurück (Beckwith Remix) 3- DAVI - The Bay 6 pt. 1 (Original Mix) 4- Fur Coat - Together (Original Mix) 5- Hot Since 82 - Sundown (Audiofly Remix) 6- Marc Romboy & Stephan Bodzin - Model 1601 (Original Mix) 7- MUUI - Only When It Rains (Original Mix) 8- Prompt, Kaiser Souzai - Get 2 Ghetto (Prompt Remix) 9- Homework - Ask Yourself (Audiojack Remix) 10- Olivier Giacomotto - Lovin Berlin (Original Mix) 11- Yellow@TheLight - Infection (Original Mix)
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