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Mouthy broads and real-life buds Megan Rice and Wendi Starling have gone rogue in an attempt to make their dreams a reality. Join them on their individual journeys to create and survive their fantasy lives.
99 Episodes
89: Bologna Festival
It’s a New Year and the Jammerz are back with fresh, new, questionable advice on everything from drunk driving to dealing with anxiety and depression! PLUS, Megan (@handsomepartybutt) and Wendi (@wendibird82) lay out the compound’s Queso Hot Springs dress code and contemplate renaming the show after Stephen’s (@thepenta) hometown tubed meat celebration. Join them in kicking off 2019 by making the universe your big, gross bitch.If you want to force this crew to shout you out on the show, answer your questions, or play out your own very specific performance-art masterwork get your very own JAMALAMZ at Megan Rice Instagram: @handsomepartybutt BAKED GOODS! @mistersbakeshop ‘ShOuT yOuR AbOrTiOn!’ get your copy here ~~~> Wendi Starling Twitter: @wendistarling Instagram: @wendibird82 *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* come see this bitch LIVE: gLaMoUrPuSs!!  **Wendi’s Birthday Show** Friday, January 4th at 730pm Zinc Bar, NYC Get tix: *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* PRICELESS: Stories From The Underbelly ~~~> **submit your stories at:** Stephen Penta Twitter: @thepenta Instagram: @thepenta This weeks' end of episode Jam is Idles "Television"  Find all the Jammerz music features on our Spotify playlist: Jammerz official theme music is by our talented friends at

89: Bologna Festival


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