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Jammerz: The Selfish-Help Podcast

Author: Megan Rice, Wendi Starling & Stephen Penta

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Welcome to JAMMERZ! The Selfish-Help Podcast. Bicoastal best friends Megan Rice (@handsomepartybutt) and Wendi Starling (@wendistarling) join forces with Stephen Penta (@thepenta) in a half-ass but full-hearted attempt to improve themselves and the world around them, but mostly themselves
75 Episodes
74: Science is Fun and Cool (with Matt Kirshen)
Burnt out from planning their theme park adventures and future careers as the new Elvira, Megan (@handsomepartybutt) and Wendi (@wendibird82) take a break to have an informative chat with comedian, writer and science enthusiast, Matt Kirshen (@matt_kirshen)! The Jammerz learn about sex robots, cranial echolocation, and the classic time-machine murder defense. PLUS, they callout racist fruit-haters, get horny for humidity, and Stephen (@thepenta) sparks a lighthearted conversation about pedophilia!If you want to force this crew to shout you out on the show, answer your questions, or play out your own very specific performance-art masterwork get your very own JAMALAMZ at jammerzpod.comFollow Matt Kirshen! Instagram: @matt_kirshen Twitter: @mattkirshen Podcast: Probably ScienceMegan Rice Instagram: @handsomepartybutt BAKED GOODS! @mistersbakeshopWendi Starling Twitter: @wendistarling Instagram: @wendibird82 _~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~* come see this bitch LIVE: gLaMoUrPuSs!! Saturday, Sept 29th at 730pm Zinc Bar, NYC Get tix: glamourpuss34.brownpapertickets.com_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~* PRICELESS: Stories From The Underbelly ~~~> **submit your stories at:**Stephen Penta Twitter: @thepenta Instagram: @thepentaThis weeks' end of episode Jamz is Francis Lai "Vivre Pour Vivre" Find all the Jammerz music features on our Spotify playlist: the official Jammerz theme music is by our talented friends at

73: Pied Piper Pussies


66: The Sound Of Giving Up (w/ Tyler Mead)
Have the Jammerz selfishly helped themselves into boring old ladies that read and make dog puns? Megan (@handsomepartybutt) and Wendi (@wendibird82) have been swapping liquor for lemonade (with charcoal thankyouverymuch) BUT are still very young, hip and relevant thanks to their helpful millennial pal, Tyler Mead! Tyler (@meadbymead) teaches Megan to unlock the not-so-secret functions on her new fangled phone and she repays his kindness by threatening to transplant one of his body parts onto her face. Plus, Stephen (@thepenta) is reminded that rape can happen even to the friendliest of faces THEN, our vivacious young guest comes dangerously close to losing his freezer snack privileges after tattling on his fun drunk Aunt Wendi for innocently shaking hands with an ‘alleged’ drug dealer.🚨LoS AnGeLeS🚨the first ever #jammerzque is TODAY (if today is Wednesday July 18th) and consummate professionals @handsomepartybutt & @wendibird82 have no real plans other than a sunrise hike and eating canned goods by the pool so let these bitches know if they need to pick you up some beanie weenies! 💥DETAILS: Kicks off with a 6am hike, then we’ll prob do a bunch of dumb shit and eat white trash delicacies all day. Bring whatever food/drinks you want. A list of provided treats will be emailed to attendees sometime Tuesday the 17th.💥TICKET PRICE: Free! Suggested donation of $20 to cover food, drinks and get Megan’s bf a Hotel so he doesn’t go to jail for homicide. You can donate cash money or venmo the girls: (@)megansloanerice & (@)wendistarling 💥WHERE THE FUCK IS IT?? Calm down, narc. It’s at Megan’s place. When you email us ( to make your reservation, we’ll send you the address, find out E-X-A-C-T-L-Y how you like your tuna stuffed jalapeños 🐟🌶 AND make sure you have completed Suzy Kline’s literary classic ‘Horrible Harry and the Green Slime’. DO I HAVE TO SHOW UP AT 6AM??? Nope! It’s gonna be an entire day of fuckery, so message us here when your ass gets up and moving and we’ll let you know where we are.***If you want to force this crew to shout you out on the show, answer your questions, or play out your own very specific performance-art masterwork get your very own JAMALAMZ at Megan Rice Instagram: @handsomepartybutt BAKED GOODS! @mistersbakeshop Wendi Starling Twitter: @wendistarling Instagram: @wendibird82 Stephen Penta Twitter: @thepenta Instagram: @thepentaThis weeks' SUPER JAM is the one and only _RICHARD FUCKING MARX_ "_Hold On To the Night_" with bonus jam _The Rubettes "Sugar Baby Love."_ Find all the Jammerz music on our Spotify playlist: official Jammerz theme music by our friends at
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