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Author: Steve Jordan

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I AM Healthy & Fit is the affirmation that begins changing your health & fitness from the inside out. I AM Healthy & Fit is the mantra that changes the way you think about your health & fitness regardless of your current condition. If you can believe it, you can achieve it! Transforming your health & fitness can be as simple as saying: I AM Healthy & Fit!

This podcast will motivate, inspire and educate you with interviews of the top experts, those who have made health & fitness change permanent and coaching tips that I use with the worlds most influential people I have the privilege to train
65 Episodes
As a physician who has practiced Functional Medicine for almost 25 years, Dr. Anthony G. Beck doesn’t manage diseases ~ he empowers people to resolve them. With an extensive education in many clinical disciplines such as Functional Medicine, clinical nutrition, systems biology, epigenetics, and nutrigenomics, he takes a dynamic approach to assessing, educating, and working with his patients to achieve their highest levels of wellbeing.Even more importantly, Dr. Beck wants to empower patients to demand a higher level of care from their health care providers. Dr. Beck’s approach involves a vast array of aspects including environment correction, healthful lifestyle design, individualized nutrition, hormone balancing, resolving immune dysfunction and clearing hidden infectious diseases.Here he brilliantly transforms the new science of healthy living into programs that are simple, fun, completely straightforward and highly www.dranthonygbeck.comFacebook: Group:
We all want to look great as we age. And we all know that. Steve is on point from head to toe and carries himself at 44 years old like he's in his 20's defying aging with every step. So what's he doing? In this episode, Steve is interviewed by Jordan Paris from Growth Mindset University on what he believes and knows are the cornerstone factors to aging gracefully to take care of your skin, hair, body, and drum up youth-boosting confidence no matter how many birthday candles are on your cake.In this episdoe Steve talks about these topics and so much more:The importance of daily movement or exerciseWhy stress is a silent killerGetting your sleep/wake cycle on trackLoving and being kind to yourselfFood that matters
Shawn Wells, MPH, LDN, RD, CISSN, FISSN is an expert in the fields of performance nutrition, longevity, fitness and supplementation. He earned his master’s degree from UNC-Chapel Hill, where he studied nutritional biochemistry with a minor in exercise science. Shawn is a Registered Dietitian with a decade of experience as a Chief Clinical Dietitian in hospitals and skilled nursing facilities. He is also a Certified Sports Nutritionist and has worked with celebrity clients and professional athletes.On the road to being dubbed “The World’s Greatest Formulator”, Biohacktivitst, and Keto Authority, Shawn faced and overcame significant obstacles with his own health—weight issues, depression, autoimmune conditions (Epstein-Barr, Fibromyalgia, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), two cervical discs replacements, and a pituitary adenoma, which is a type of brain tumor. They say everything happens for a reason, and in Shawn’s case, his health problems led him down a winding path that required him to find science-based solutions, and they sparked his personal passion for biohacking.Shawn has been featured on podcasts with Ben Pakulski, Ben Greenfield, Onnit Podcast with Kyle Kingsbury, Drew Manning (Fit2Fat2Fit), What the Fat? With Dr. Ryan Lowery, Keto Savage, Ketovangelist, Ketogenic Athlete, Super Human Radio, and many more. Shawn is the co-host of his own show, the popular health and mindset podcast called BioTrust Radio. He can also be heard as a guest expert on the nationally-broadcasted One Life Radio Show (also frequented by ISSN co-founder, Dr. Jose Antonio).Recently, Shawn was selected to be one of the internationally-recognized experts interviewed in the globally-recognized documentary series, The Real Skinny on Fat.Shawn has also spoken on stages all around the world at conferences such as the International Society of Sports Nutrition, KetoCon, FitCon, National Strength and Conditioning Association, the Arnold Classic, the Europa and many more.Website: www.shawnwells.comInstagram:
BMX Pro, Josh Perry moved up to the professional level of competition quickly and was riding Dew Tours, X-Games and competing internationally at the highest possible level. He felt as if he had everything he had been working for his entire life, and everything I had dreamed about was playing out in front of my eyes. At age 21 Josh's life was threatened after a nasty head crash that forced him to visit the local urgent care to make sure something more serious wasn't happening. He had no damage from the crash, but what was discovered there was a brain tumor taking up the left half of his brain. Immediate surgical removal was necessary.Now, almost a decade later Josh's life has shifted in some wonderful and very unexpected ways. After two more brain tumor diagnosis, he began researching health and nutrition determined to prioritize his health. He became certified through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and reads countless research articles, stacks of books and communicates with every expert he can find.All of his research has led him to cultivate a life where love, health and happiness are his first priority. Josh takes full responsibility for his mental and physical state. As a result, he feels like a healthier, happier and more productive individual because he is prioritizing his brain's health. Josh's goal is to share his life experiences and knowledge with you and anyone who is willing to listen. He wants the world to know how good they can feel by prioritizing well being and making simple lifestyle changes. In this episode:The life of a former BMX pro athlete.The accident that changed his life and perspective on health.Recovering from brain surgery and living with several brain tumors.How the Keto diet changed his health and optimizes his brain health.The benefits of living healthy and fit.When the going gets tough, Josh keeps you going. Coaching opportunities and tips from a pro
Richard Leider is founder of Inventure – The Purpose Company, where the mission is to help people to “unlock the power of purpose” and answer that question.Along the way, Richard has written ten books including three best-sellers which have sold over one million copies. The Power of Purpose and Repacking Your Bags are considered classics in the personal growth field.Widely viewed as a global thought leader of the purpose movement, his work has been featured in many media sources, and his PBS Special – “The Power of Purpose” – was viewed by millions of people. His colleagues refer to him as the “Pope of Purpose.”He has taken his purpose message to 5 continents and advised everyone from AARP to the National Football League, and our own U.S. State Department.In this episode:What is purpose?Why is knowing your purpose important?How does purpose help you live longer and stay healthy?What Richard learned about life from a member of the oldest tribe in Africa during a hiking expedition?When do you know it's time to make a change in your life?Blue Zones and why the people live longer than anywhere else on the
Rachel Recharged (formerly Twenty-Something Talks) is a blog written for millennials (and anyone who is willing to relate) navigating through the challenges of "adulting", primarily within the realm of health and wellness. This online journal was created with the intention to create change and help people be true to themselves and connect to their inner goddess.Rachel is an LA based fitness professional. She teaches group fitness and multiple studios and believes that powerful change can be created through movement. With a background as a singer/songwriter her connection to music comes through in her classes.She is NASM certified, spin, and groupex certified. She creates events for women to connect to their intentions, purpose, and inner light.In this episode Rachel talks about:Her career shift from a musician into health and fitnessExercise to feel better not to look betterHave self-compassion and nurture a positive self-body imagePut a positive spin on your day even if it's not going wellWhy the word "workout" has a negative meaning or can be intimidatingRecharge is a retreat for women to participate to move your body and build community The importance to create personal time to have more balance in your lifeCONNECT WITH HER:email: rachelrecharged@gmail.comwebsite: www.rachelrecharged.comIG: @rachelrecharged
As seen on Fox, NBC, ABC and heard on Blogtalkradio, Rico Caveglia is the role model for living ageless. Rico is creator of The Vitality for Life Training Programs.His health/fitness/wellness consulting and training company in San Diego, Ca. was established in 1981. He is a certified personal trainer, nutritionist, author, workshop leader and multi time Gold Medalist California State Senior Olympics. He is an award winning author of 17 books and numerous videos/articles on wellness and longevity. He has 37 years experience training/coaching many of San Diego’s most prominent citizens. He specializes in working with individuals 50 plus years of age, often with such health challenges as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, Parkinson’s and M. S. His successes stem from his ability to design and coach programs that are personalized, effective, fun and easy to incorporate into busy lives. And on this episode of the I AM Healthy & Fit podcast Rico gives his professional tops on how to stop aging and start living.If you are interested in aging powerfully then this is a must listen to episode. Rico is an inspiration to me and I know he will be to you as well.
Do you want to feel Empowered, Inspired, and Unstoppable?Ariane Tavakol knows This is who you can be!Make a decision as simple as "I'm done feeling stuck" will change your life forever!You just have to be so done with it that nothing or no one will stop you. You have it all in you! You just need a hand in helping you see the power that's locked inside of you and make the shifts you need to unleash it.Ariane supports you with practical, relatable strategies and tools to help you move past the challenges that have been standing in the way of your goals. In this episode Ariane and I discuss: Life is what we make of it. Imagine life as a beautiful, scrumptious apple ripe enough to be picked. It may not fully be ripe yet but enough to indulge your immediate needs. At first it may taste a bit more sour than you were hoping for but quickly you’ll develop the taste for it and learn to enjoy it. Life is the same. It always brings us what we need the most when we need it. And when a challenge turns up, rather than run away from it. seek the opportunity to learn from it and turn it into a victory. Seekers are Finders. If your need for change is stronger than your fear of it, you will always find a way, no matter what the circumstance.When the opportunity knocks on your door, you have to open it. Don’t be afraid of what may lie behind it. Don’t be afraid of taking risks and always ask yourself “what is the worst that could happen” a few times. Chances are you will soon realize that the worst in your mind is actually not that bad.“Change is a process, not an event” - Mel Robbins. Be patient with yourself. Understand that change happens slowly, one step at a time. You will sometimes have great wins while other times major setbacks. That’s just part of the journey. The only thing that I will ask you is to Never Give Up. Don’t undermine the small wins because after a while the collection of all those wins will make up a huge Victory.Don’t ever be afraid of being vulnerable and letting others in. Share your story with pride because you don’t know how many people it will help, including yourself. There’s a big power in being seen.Visit for more information on how to enlist Ariane into your life to play bigger!
Dr. Harlan Kilstein is one of the foremost marketers today. He has generated over 100 million dollars in sales in the past 20 years. His clients run 7,8 and 9 figure businesses.He has a doctorate in education (Ed.D.) and did post-graduate work at the prestigious Harvard Graduate School of Education.Harlan Kilstein is also the owner and publisher of the DogingtonPost: The Internet’s Newspaper For Dogs. The DogingtonPost reaches approximately 2.5 million people each week.In January 2017 Harlan went Keto and a month later he founded the Completely Keto website and Facebook group. Now, 18 months later he has over 600,000 followers on Facebook with hundreds of thousands devouring his Keto recipes each week.He is the author of Completely Keto, Completely Keto Cheesecake Recipes, and Speed Ketosis.In this episode:Learn the foundation of a Keto dietBenefits of eating a Keto dietSupplements that can help aid and keep you in Ketosis Risks of Keto dietKeto is a lifestyle and not a
She had an obsession with her weight that began in high school when she and her best friend saved up all our lunch money to buy diet pills & the “As Seen on TV” electronic ab belt. She continued this obsession with her weight throughout college where she became so addicted to crash dieting.This behavior continued into and out of college until she found peace during her travels overseas. Eventually, Jess moved to LA and started a career in event production and marketing.  While she loved the thrill, she grew resentful of the long hours, constant state of stress and inability to find balance and enjoy her life! At this point, she was eating well and maintaining her weight, but began developing debilitating migraine headaches that made it impossible to go to work. Desperate for a solution, she visited several doctors who not only minimized her struggle, but sent her home with heavy-duty painkillers that ended up actually fueling and intensifying the problem!After weeks without relief, she decided to take matters into her own hands putting herself on a holistic eating plan and completely ridding her system of prescription medications. It was at that point Jess realized the extent to which lifestyle and our decisions around food are interconnected, and she decided to quit her job to pursue a career as a health coach.Today she is free from diets, migraines and marketing— and she's never been happier! All of her ups and downs led her to create a more balanced life filled with real foods that taste amazing and exercise that's always enjoyable. It's been six years since she lost 40 lbs and broke free from restriction, and she's here in this podcast to share this BLISS with you! 
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