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In a world where startups can outgrow 50 years old companies, having an entrepreneurial mindset is an increasingly valuable asset. Bureaucracy can delay the developing of disruptive ideas, but the resources available to corporations sky-rocket the chances of forming successful ventures. Intrapreneurs are lining up to conquer new markets with unprecedented speed and agility for a corporate setting.
With Intrapreneur Stories, we want to demystify this role. Hear the stories, learnings, tips and advice from experienced intrapreneurs, and maybe you’ll be inspired to set out on your own adventure.
17 Episodes
Our guest today is serial venture builder and former CEO of eXpanded Media Guy Claesen. We learned all about how eXpanded Media grew from a small internet tech unit within Ubizen (an internet security corporation), to a fully functional and independent company. You’ll also get some great insights on how startups in the ’90s were already changing the way we think of innovation. You don’t want to miss it!Click here to learn more about eXpanded Media, a corporate startup within Ubizen.
Jochem Baars is the intrapreneur behind Tellow, a bookkeeping app for freelancers created at Rabobank. Baars was able to conceptualize, prototype and launch the first MVP in less than 1 year. An impressive feat, if you consider the bureaucracy and corporate walls within what is the 2nd largest bank in The Netherlands.In this episode if Intrapreneur Stories, Jochem Baars takes us through his journey at Rabobank and shares invaluable tips for corporate innovators looking to cut through the red tape at large organizations.Learn more about Tellow here.
Our guest William De Vos was Parcify's first ever employee before it was acquired by bpost. Get to know how it became a corporate startup and learn about William’s intrapreneurial journey!
What happens when a portuguese guy, a spanish guy and a canadian guy get together to talk about digital transformation? No, it's not the beginning of a joke. It's the start of a corporate venture that is set to improving business operation through real-time data insights.While working at Telefonica Digital, Hugo grew fascinated about the data monetisation business. He then realised that the patterns of movements and density of people have tremendous impact in terms of transportation, and that Telefonica is in pole position to take action by leveraging their existing assets. Telefonica Smart Steps is a range of solutions to extract and use key insights to empower data-driven decisions for business. The corporate venture won Wired's Best New Corporate Venture Award in 2013, for the most disruptive product created in a large corporate organisation.Episode 12 wraps up this year's Intrapreneur Stories. But we're not done with interviewing entrepreneurial minds yet! We'll be back in 2019 with a fresh set of content to inspire you to create your next venture.Do you want to share your story with the community? E-mail me at . And if you have any questions for our next intrapreneurs, leave it on a comment below.►
For a bit over a year, Kenny Henderyckx was the lead in the project that ended up being The Park Playground.Launched on May 2018, The Park is a pioneering entertainment venue that means to introduce new technologies, such as free-roam virtual reality, to the general public. This venture started in one of the recurrent innovation tracks within Telenet, one of the biggest Telcos in Belgium, who was quick to spot the untaped potential to integrate such technologies with the current entertainment mediums that Telenet already provides, such as TV shows and movies. The Park is still at its early stages, but the first venue is already a big success in the city of Antwerp.Do you want to share your story with the community? E-mail me at . And if you have any questions for our next intrapreneurs, leave it on a comment below.►
Being it donating unpronounceable amounts of money to NGOs, giving away their top-of-the-line products or raising their own foundations and social organisations, philanthropy is no longer just an altruistic action, but also a political game and a race to the best and biggest.When he met Martin Burt, founder of Fundación Paraguaya, Paul knew that Hewlett Packard could do much more for these people. Together, they set on a journey to fight world poverty.They developed a system that allows the foundation’s workers to gather a wide range of information in a fast, integrated and interactive way, using pictures, geotagging and analytics. HP's Visual Survey Platform app saves several hours to the volunteers, and helps to pinpoint every family’s specific needs and best solutions.In the end, this joined venture turned out to be more than just a particular social enterprise. It became a commercial solution for some of HP’s largest clients.
Based on the vibrant startup hub of San Francisco, Yulia Savitskaya led a small team of intrapreneurs to create an innovative, “powerpoint-free” leadership development program within Great Place To Work - a global management consultancy with franchises in over 40 countries around the World.This meant diving deep into the training processes and challenging the way people within the company were used to sharing and absorbing knowledge.With a very clear vision from the company's founder, and a lot of flexibility in resources, Yulia’s successful venture ended up becoming a profitable stand alone business that is making a real impact on people’s lives.In this interview, Yulia shares her passion for the project and explains how that very same drive was a turning point for her success.Do you want to share your story with the community? E-mail me at . And if you have any questions for our next intrapreneurs, leave it on a comment below.►
Jason Stamm joined AbInBev knowing that he would be embarking on a journey of disruptive intrapreneurship. He ended up advocating for sustainable innovation in the beer industry, giving the spent grains a new nutritious and delicious life in the form of Canvas fiber + protein shakes. Backed by AbInBev’s ZX Ventures, this corporate venture is fighting one of the biggest forms of waste in the traditional brewing industry. Jason takes us through his journey of discovery, investigation and stubbornness for creating a pioneering business model based on the lean startup methodology.Do you want to share your story with the community? Send an e-mail to . And if you have any questions for our next intrapreneurs, leave it on a comment below.► Check out our website:
Gib Bulloch - author of 'The Intrapreneur - Confessions of a corporate insurgent' - had a traditionally "successful" job in a big corporation, but still felt a sense of unfulfillment. When he discovered the need for his business skills within NGOs, in less developed countries, Gib decided to bridge that gap. Taking full advantage of his position at Accenture, he developed the award-winning Accenture Development Partnerships, a corporate social enterprise that provided Accenture's resources and people to organizations in less developed countries, in a non-profit basis.In this interview, Gib tells us about his journey of self-discovery, and how he provided purpose to so many of his colleagues by allowing them to embark on this social intrapreneurship journey with him, and how he managed to get Accenture on-board with him, and manage resources and expectations while running a non-profit within a very business-driven organisation.► Check out our website:
Isabel Almiro do Vale had an unusual experience with intrapreneurship. Instead of growing into the role from within the company, she was hired deliberately by Syngenta to be in charge of a new venture: making a brand out of a flower. Isabel takes us through this journey of creating a customer-faced product in a B2B environment. Her colleagues are mostly scientists who weren't used to look at their flowers from a client's perspective. They had to learn to ask different questions, and to explore different areas of horticulture to create plants that are accessible to a wider audience. On the other hand, Isabel had to learn that biology has its own limitations, and sometimes it's just impossible to create the products your clients crave for.Do you want to share your story with the community? Send an e-mail to . And if you have any questions for our next intrapreneurs, leave it on a comment below.► Check out our website:
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