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Coming Soon: Aftermath

Coming Soon: Aftermath


We hear all too often about the casualties of gun violence in America. But what about the survivors? Two crime reporters travel the country talking to people whose lives changed with the pull of a trigger. Their backgrounds, environments and stories all vary, but they share one defining truth: they’ve survived a gunshot.
Neglectful parents, and neighbors who looked the other way, set the stage for Clai Lasher-Sommers’ stepfather to shoot her in the back when she was 13 years old.
Best friends Carmen Alegria and Angelica Soto did everything together — and that includes saving each other from a gunman on a rampage.
I see ‘em every day

I see ‘em every day


Michael Green was just 12 years old when someone opened fire and blasted him in the arm while he played basketball near his house. Police say he still lives down the street from the alleged shooter, who was never tried. 
 Javier Arango can’t remember a time when his life wasn’t immersed in violence. Born in conflict-ravaged Colombia, he moved to Oakland for refuge — only to be paralyzed by a bullet.
I was the gatekeeper

I was the gatekeeper


 At 23 years old, Layla Bush was excited to work her first full-time job after college. Then a politically motivated gunman opened fire at her work, killing one. She remembers that the shooter looked her in the eye, acknowledging what he was doing just before he pulled the trigger.
After attending the funeral of a friend, Ra’Shauna Brown was chatting with other mourners when a gunman opened fire, killing three. Police said the shooting was part of a nine-day rampage that began over a stolen bracelet. 
If you’re a fool at 40

If you’re a fool at 40


Five bullets, including one to the spine, left Will Thomas paralyzed. More than 10 years later, Will is finally taking some control of his life and looking to create a better future.
It stays with you

It stays with you


When a classmate shot Hollan Holm in the head, he handled it with dark humor. But when, more than 20 years later, his daughter described an active shooter drill at her school, Holm couldn’t find it funny anymore. 
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Jackie Marcucci

I hope will continues his growth into becoming that person he sees inside himself. he has so much to offer. I wish you luck Will.

Jun 3rd

Nicholas H Houllis

politically biased "progressive" podcast. if you're a left winger looking for confirmation bias in your podcast this is for you.

May 29th

Jonathan Harrison

this is political: everyone know this!!! these stats include: cops firing on civilians, and self defense cases.

Jul 31st

Nicholas H Houllis


May 30th

Brandon Willis

her brother is such a POS. HE'S upset with HER for telling her story cuz he doesn't agree with the political message? what a piece of work. HE'S lucky she's not upset with him for holding those beliefs after his sister was a victim of gun violence. I hope her brother gets busted for a DUI goes to prison gets raped then gets out and gets shot to death. sorry I'm not sorry.

May 23rd
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