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Champions for Change Season 3 comes back with a great guest with an incredible life journey.  If you are an aspiring entrepreneur and have always wondered how successful business leaders make it, you are not going to want to miss this podcast. JP Dominguez and George Lopez ask Alan all the important entrepreneurial questions, as well as the outlook for the upcoming Dodgers season.  Alan Smolinisky is a part owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, entrepreneur, value investor, and social impact philanthropist. The son of immigrant parents who came to the US from Argentina, Alan has spent his life pursuing a mission of successful investing, constant learning and fostering in others the dignity-conferring quality of hard work. On this podcast Alan shares about how his passion for business began at a very young age, when he sold lollipops at school and set up lemonade stands on weekends. Alan read every business book he could find and studied the business pages of newspapers. His first job, at age 15, was making pizzas at Domino’s Pizza (he started the same day his work permit came through). In 1998, Alan enrolled in the University of Southern California and, in doing so, became part of the first generation in his family to attend college. At USC, Alan, just 19 years old, launched the business that would change his life. In the summer of 2008, just before the financial crisis, Alan and Brian sold the student housing business for $205 million, marking their first major business success. Today, Alan and his business partner have approximately $1 billion in assets, and own and operate businesses in sectors ranging from equipment leasing, news media, government subsidized housing, oil and gas, commercial and residential real estate and publicly traded securities.In 2019, Alan fulfilled a lifelong dream and became a part owner of his beloved LA Dodgers. In a TIME Magazine piece written by Alan, he described his purchase as a way to honor his immigrant father's love of America and baseball.
Evan Craft is our guest for this week's episode on Champions for Change. Evan Craft is known for his christian music in both english and spanish. His album, “Yo Soy Segundo”  has been placed in Billboard Charts as #1 Top Latin Album. He also accompanies his family in hosting a concert, Mi Casa LA, a fundraiser to help and provide shelters for the homeless. Join us as we discuss how Evan was called to be part of such a great give back. He also shares his wisdom in how to always stay consistent to reach our biggest dreams. Evan also shares tips to all those aspiring to be a musician and he fills us with knowledge and how he went from hundreds of views on YouTube to over 1.2 million subscribers. 
This week’s guest on Champions for Change Podcast is Karol Posadas.  She has established herself as one of the most loved and talented Selena Quintanilla tribute artists.  Karol and her band have performed in various states in the US in front of thousands and have loyal fans all over the world. Find out how Karol was able to branch out and establish herself as a Latina entrepreneur.   Karol has been able to establish a name for herself in a very competitive industry through her determination and work ethic. A young artist who shares her wisdom on this podcast and gives tips to artists that are just starting in the music industry.  
Everardo Gonzalez shares his entrepreneurship experiences, after building his own luxurious men’s leather and tequila brand, De Santos Leather and Tequila Cabal. Everardo's perseverance and background led him to follow his families footsteps in the garment industry with a different approach in business. He gives his insights and experience as an entrepreneur, ranging from the beginning stages of his business model to sourcing companies overseas and in Mexico. Everardo’s De Santos Leather company contributes a portion of the sale to conscious social causes giving the consumer a chance to pay it forward with every purchase. Not to mention, his men’s leather brand is named after a patron saint of unique social causes that influence the community. Everardo shares the milestones of De Santos Leather Collection and the different obstacles he faced while working with different companies in other countries. Tune in to find out how Everardo’s upbringing and culture inspired him to build a luxurious men’s leather brand for all audiences. 
There are over 40.3 million victims of human trafficking worldwide and Zoe makes the effort to help and rescue every child in need. This week George and JP sit down with Dave Cox, Chief Operating Officer at Zoe Organization, to discuss the a major problem in the United States of America, child human trafficking. Listen to find out more information about human trafficking is happening in our own backyard in the United States and how you can make a difference. Dave talks about realities and prevalence of child trafficking and how recognizing the signs of child trafficking can help identify and rescue victims of child trafficking. Education is key to help preventing trafficking occurring not only here in the US but internationally. Zoe Organization prevents child trafficking by providing prevention rescues and human trafficking campaigns. Their goal is to rescue children from human traffickers and help place them in safe houses where they provide specialized care. Their growing organization network includes members of law enforcement, teachers and pastors located in the United States, Thailand, Mexico, Australia, and Japan. Zoe Organization desires to inspire & empower audiences with knowledge to spread awareness and to stop child human trafficking. 
This week, JP Dominguez and George Lopez, sit down with Henry Alonzo to discuss his entrepreneurship journey. Henry Alonzo is the Founder & Chief Creative Officer of Adarga Entertainment Group. His company helps independent artists & record labels amplify their message by providing music industry services such as artist development, publishing administration, marketing and consulting in the competitive Latin Music Industry. Listen to find out how Henry’s determination and East L.A. upbringing shaped him into the business leader he is today. Crucial learning lessons that he has learned with over four decades of experience, including business know-how and financial literacy. Henry has established his professionalism with the ability to help his clients to believe in their dreams and artistic goals. Henry shares his insight and experience as an entrepreneur, ranging from his work with small independent artists to filling up arenas and to having them win awards such as Grammy Award, Latin Grammy, Billboard Award, and Dove Award, winners and nominees in the genres of Latin, Pop/Rock, and Gospel Music. 
Christian and Adrian Villanueva, two barbers whose reputation is defined by dedication, and precision have made a name for themselves within their industry.  Their professional starting points were both filled with trials, however, they both believed in the vision that they had and opened their own barbershop, Social Barbershop,  with co-owner Edwin Dolgo.Find out why their clients refer to these 2 by there barber nicknames,  “The Fader” (Adrain) and “Crispy Chris” (Christian)Adrian started out helping clean barbershops, which soon led him to getting an actual opportunity to learn the craft.  Christian shares how he used to practice on his brother to perfect his craft.  Did little bro Adrian have a choice in the matter? Tips and recommendation about how they developed the concept and marketing behind their new business venture.  This has resulted in a continuous cycle of a full booking schedule and happy clients who walk out with fresh cuts. How did their beginnings eventually result in a thriving barbershop in Northridge, CA? Find out in this weeks episode of Champions for Change.
Songwriter/artist Cristna sits down with JP and George and shares how she started in the music industry at the young age of 12.  Listen for how she was able to define her artistry and message as a Mexican/Puerto Rican artist. How she didn't let NO's stop her from fighting for her dreams and connecting with hundreds of thousands of followers each week on Instagram. She has performed on BET, Univision, and Telemundo. FAN ANNOUNCEMENT: she shares with us about her latest singles 'No Strings Attached' and 'LOCO'Whats up next for CRISTNA? Find out on this weeks episode of Champions of Change.
Season 2 of ‘Champions for change’ starts off with 2 great guests, Ramon and Anthony from the Crazy Gorilla.  With more than a half a billion views on YouTube and Facebook,  millions have laughed and engaged with their hilarious comedy sketches.  Coming off a hit Facebook show, Mexican survival guide, listen to how both these creators started their journeys, as well as the walls they knocked down to become successful creators. All this and more on episode 1 of season 2 Champions for Change
With the 2018 midterms just around the corner, both Republicans and Democrats are asking for the community to get out and vote. This week, Gina Miles, from Spread the Vote joins us to discuss how they are working to register people to vote in states with voter id laws. Diana Colin from the Coaltion of Humane Immigrant rights also joins us to talk about the Latino vote, the work Chirla is doing leading up to Election Day, and how her family has inspired her to become a leading voice in the immigrant rights movement.  
This week, GOP political pundit and strategist Wadi Gaitan joins us on Champions for Change. In his current role, he serves as the Communications director for the Libre Initiative. Wadi shares with us his midterm election predictions, and how the current media landscape has produced opportunities for Latino GOP voices to be heard.  As the former chief spokesperson of the Florida GOP, Wadi shares why he resigned after Trump won the primary.  Find out how he went from selling jewelry in high school, to a leading political communications voice in our nation.
Actress, singer, dancer, this talented latina does it all and Sandy Idalia Valles is making a name for herself in Hollywood. Join us as we discuss her trajectory as an actress and how she landed her role as Isabella Vargas on “Queen of the South”. Idalia also shares tips to help aspiring actors and professionals to believe in and reach their dreams. This is Champions for Change.
This week Champions for Change podcast welcomes Joshua Ogaldez.  He is a thought leader in Christian media and the host of his own podcast show "Intersection of Success and Spirituality." Joshua has interviewed leaders in faith, and CEO's all across the nation.  On this podcast Joshua shares with JP and George what he feels is a way members of the Christian church can help bridge the divide with the general media.  The way in which Christians in media can help amplify these efforts. Joshua also shares how he has been able to create a successful podcast show that just celebrated its 100th show. Don't miss this podcast as it helps shed light, on how leaders today can contribute with their faith and talents in the private and public sector.
Amid the controversy of the Trump administration’s policy on separating immigrant minors from their families, our guest this week reflects on being an unaccompanied minor himself and the reasons why he believes people migrate. José Luis Zelaya is a DACA recipient from Honduras, but he is also an activist, educator, and PHD candidate at the University of Texas A&M. This podcast explores the themes of migration, DACA, education.
For those who do not know anybody with a disability, they often undermine the importance of having discussions on disability rights because of their lack of understanding. On this episode, our guest Hector Ochoa, who is a Program Manager for the Southern California Resources Service for Independent Living and a Commissioner on Disabilities for Los Angeles County opens our eyes on the difficult fight of the disabled community. Get ready to see things differently as we explore this topic impacting people in more than one way. Champions for Change #3!
This week we look at the life of D.C staffer Brandon Gassaway who was right there in the front lines with Tim Kaine in Hilary Clinton’s campaign for presidency. JP and George talk to him about how his life experiences shaped how he got to his current position, how the election went down in 2016, and his experience as a black man in the United States amidst the social justice violations going on. Kanye, Clinton, Life, Starbucks, this podcast touches all bases. You don’t want to miss podcast #2 CHAMPIONS for CHANGE!
In a tense political climate, it is often easy for the public to generalize those who affiliate themselves with a specific political party. Get ready to throw those generalizations out the window, because this week JP Dominguez and George Lopez interview Keith Fernandez. He currently serves as General Counsel and Communications Director for U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. A Republican who did not vote for Trump, and someone who has played an intricate role in supporting the career of the first Hispanic woman elected to Congress. Keith analyzes the outlook for the upcoming midterm elections, and also shares about what has motivated him to choose a career path in politics and law. This is podcast #1 CHAMPIONS for CHANGE!
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