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Hey y’all! My name is Kaitlin and I’m a teacher turned entrepreneur who just wants to put out good vibes into the world. I like to talk about the things I’ve learned along the way, that help quiet that noise and be the best version of YOU. Because you, my friend, are extraordinary.
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Guys! This is my own intermission. You haven’t heard from me in a hot minute, and it’s going to be just a bit longer until we press play again. But holy smokes. Get your hearts ready for when we fire this baby back up!!
Today I sit down with Danielle De La Fuente and hear about what she is doing for refugee children. What she has built in Amal Alliance is truly incredible and her passion and grit to make sure these children are set up for success could not be more clear.
Yep, you read it right. We’re gettin’ into it today! No pun intended...sort of. This one is a bit more explicit just in the sense that we are talking all things maybe wait until the kids are napping for this one!
Do you feel as though you’re not performing at the place you could be because you’re going to seem unempathetic to others around you? I did. Sometimes I still do. Here I walk through my thoughts on linking arms with people who have gone through harder things than you, and not letting the fact that you’ve been blessed stop you from the light you were meant to bring to the world.
Have you ever taken the time to really sit down with yourself, and listen to what your heart is saying to you? Do you have a knocking that you have been trying to quiet? Not everybody has that knocking. That’s your potential trying it’s very best to get out. Be grateful for it. Listen to it. Turn up that dial just a tad, who knows what you could find?
We’re throwing it back today and getting some young blood on the podcast! Today I sit down with my sister who is getting ready for her third year in college and we dig into what it’s like navigating a new situation, working through failures as a part of a team, and realizing the power of mindset.
Are you trying to promote your business on social media? Trying to figure out how to build a brand? Brand yourself? Just want to elevate your social media game? Here are my 5 tips!
You know those uncomfortable situations you always try and control? You play out every scenario and prepare to execute it with the least amount of impact. I’ve got another way to get through that business pitch or the awkward dinner party with the in-laws.
This one is quick and dirty friends, but packs a BIG impact...if you want it to. Let’s THRIVE!
Weight and food are such a sticky subject for me. BUT, I know it’s something so many of us struggle with. So, let’s link arms and talk about it and find some ways to get healthy together.
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