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Author: Bond Servant Apostle Hal Ngoy

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This Playlist is a collection of messages produced and published by Destiny Apostolic Resource Center, Princess Leticia Maxwell Missions, Prevailing Power Assemblies, Prevailing Power Ministries International, or our other associated Ministries.

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Preparing our hearts for what is to come, for the next move of God. The New Covenant Church in the End Time. Understanding the mandate to manifest Christ to all of creation in the end time. Satan fears who we would become when we would lay down our lives, when Christ would be fully formed in us, when we would become the mature Sons of God. He fears the potential of it, the power of it, the glory of it and how we would defeat him.
Our destinies are bound up in our hearts. God created us and entrusted to cultivate our hearts. He desires for us to come into a heart to heart relationship with Him. The enemy seeks to sow foreign and strange things into our hearts. It is our duties to guard and tend our hearts. When the Lord visits our hearts (His Garden), if He finds the fruit He is looking for, then we can also enter into His Garden and find our rest. The Fruit (not the Gift) of the Spirit is our Ministry. This study is part of our "Clear Conscience Series". The goal is for the highway into the Holy of Holies to be opened to each one of us so that we may follow our Leader - The Bishop of our souls into the Heart of our Father.
How do you overcome a guilty conscience and self condemnation? We cannot worship God as a corporate body unless we become one. And individually, you must become whole - body, soul and spirit. Guilt is the result of a consciousness that you did wrong - whether real or imagined. Whether you actually did it really or simply imagined that you did it, your conscience is violated. Imagination is reality. A guilty conscience can lead to mental issues, including depression. Whether your active memory remembers the act, the conscience continues to be bruised.
Your heart is the Garden of God. It is the offering you bring to God. If God can enter into His Garden (your heart) and find the Fruit He is looking for (Love), then you can also enter into His Garden (Psalms 23). When our conscience is clear with one another, then we can come together and become The Body - The House of God where God can dwell corporately. When the conscience is violated and bruised between us, we avoid one another, we run from one another, instead of coming together. This is a serious problem in the Church today. You can find 10,000 people in a congregation yet they are standing each with himself or herself. There is no real fellowship. It is impossible for such congregation to fulfill its destiny as a local Church in the land God has called them.
The work that our Lord Yeshua HaMoshiach accomplished for us was to free our conscience. In the Garden of Eden, Adam's conscience died and he ran away from God. Our Lord Jesus came to provide His blood for the cleansing of our conscience. The conscience is the Highway into the Holy of Holies. A clean conscience is required to restore our relationships with one another and with God.
Our hearts are the Garden of the Lord. We are responsible for cultivating and guarding it for the Lord. In the Garden of Eden, God came in the cool of the day to enjoy His Garden - the heart of man. On His last visit, Adam had allowed a stranger into the Garden. Riddled with guilt and shame when he heard the voice of the true owner of the Garden, Adam and his wife ran and hid behind the fig tree.
Apostle Hal Ngoy is talking with Mike Woelk about the Revolution Movement and the need for a Transformative Ministry in the Church today.
In Whom We Believe

In Whom We Believe


We believe in The Person: Christ. Our beliefs are not in a set of doctrines or teachings. We engage the Person. By the Holy Spirit, God directs our every step. The Scriptures give us the Word of God, but we are after The Living Work, The Living Truth, YahuShua HaMoschiach Himself. He is The Truth, The Way, The Life. Our pursuit is Him and He is calling us into a relationship in intimacy with Him where we become ONE with Him.
1. Sunday Adelaja and Freeze on satanic mission. 2. The LORD says HE does not know them. 3.. They operate with the spirit of Rebellion and Seduction. 4. The Truth about tithe and offering. 5. Both of them carry strange fire. FIND OUT DETAILS ON THIS VIDEO.
Revolutionist Apostle Leticia Maxwell Ngoy is confronting those who are busy aggressively attacking men and women of God with false accusations and lies. This is a warning to the Body of Christ to know that what is taking place was prophesied in the Scriptures. It is therefore important that Church is aware and prepared for this.
Some pastors make a mistake of appointing their wives to positions that God did not call them into. It does not matter whether the wife has spent many years being trained, Church Offices such as Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher are only given by our Lord Yeshua Hamashiach. These offices are not appointed by men. By appointing their wives to such offices, they expose them to warfare that their wives are not prepared for. If the wife is truly called by Yahweh, that is perfectly alright. I am dealing here with those who simply do it because of prestige and to please their spouses.
When the Prophets are blind, they are not able to even see the handwriting on the wall. And even when they are able to see and read, they lack spiritual understanding of what the message says. This happened before in the days of Prophet Daniel. It is now obvious why many believers are not able to see and discern the signs of the times. Such prophets are misleading the people with a wrong substitute - they are busy preaching the prosperity gospel because they do not have the Word from the Lord for the hour.
We live in times that are unprecedented - difficult and sober that are meant to drive fear in the hearts of people. It is a desperate hour. But God has also sent us into the earth and called us into His Kingdom for such a time as this. We were meant to be alive in this hour, to be used by God as vessels against darkness, if we are willing. It is only in prayer, on our knees before the Lord, that victory is won.
Yahweh has given us the charge and to mandate to call the Church to Bridal readiness. Our Lord Yeshua is in intercession in heaven before the Throne of the Father (Yahovah) for His Bride to be made ready. Those who are called Friends of the Bridegroom are particularly charged with the assignment to have the Bride make herself ready for her Bridegroom King. It is therefore a major aspect of the Mission of this Ministry to see to it that the Bride prepares herself. Our message and prayers are therefore about the revelation of the beauty of the Bridegroom to the Bride.
Apostle Leticia Maxwell Ngoy is sharing a brief testimony concerning the importance of Christian Radio Broadcasting in Eastern Uganda Mission. As you listen, we are asking you to consider supporting this Mission to help us reach many communities where there are no Churches.
This is our 2018 Annual Fund Raising Campaign for "The Hour of Transformation Glory" Radio Broadcast. We broadcast out of Eastern Uganda to several communities, most of them do not have a Church. We have been broadcasting out of Kumi. Now we are moving to a better Radio with the potential to reach over 1 Million people on a weekly basis. Right now, we are on stand by. That means that we are not broadcasting because of a lack of funds. Many of our listeners are asking why they are not hearing us. The reason is we need funding. We are appealing to you, our friends and those who have supported us in the past, to consider supporting us. We are running a Campaign on GoFundMe. Our target is US$1,000.00. Please help us. Every amount counts. You can give as low as $5.00 or as much as $1,000.00. We need to get back on the air. We are depending on you. Join The Mission. Become The Mission! Revolutionist Apostle Leticia Maxwell Ngoy Bond Servant Apostle Hal Ngoy
Apostle Hal Ngoy & Revolutionist Apostle Leticia Maxwell Ngoy are committed to the discipleship process to help people fulfill their destinies in Christ. The goal of transformation is change, into conformity to the image of Christ. Our discipleship program is called Transformation Glory Series. All are welcome to join, no matter where your geographic location is. We leverage technology to disciple people around the world.
Our Lord Yeshua admonishes us to count the cost before embarking on the journey of discipleship. Revolutionist Apostle Leticia Maxwell Ngoy and Apostle Hal Ngoy require that candidates for our discipleship program also sign a Discipleship Commitment Agreement. We are both fully committed to teach, advise, admonish, reprimand, correct, rebuke, pray for and support the candidates. We shall make ourselves available to ensure that you reach your full potential in Christ.] In return, we require that the candidates make their commitment to go through the program fully.
This is the Hour of Revolution. We need to know what Yahweh has said about our time, about the Church in our times, about the nations in our times, and what the application of what He has spoken (prophetically) and revealed/showned (through visions and dreams) to us. We need to understand the application of these things in our individual lives, our marriages, our families, our communities, our cities, our nations. This will enable us to know how to build ministries in this hour, how to build our marriages, how to build our families, our businesses, etc.
Message to Nigeria

Message to Nigeria


A prophetic Message of warning to the Republic of Nigeria by Apostle and Prophet Leticia Maxwell Ngoy. The current situation in Nigeria is allowed by Yahweh our God to give His people a warning and call His people back to Himself.
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