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Integrative discussions with the people that Inspire, Encourage and Challenge the Veterinary Profession. Hosted by vet student, Moriah.
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In this week's episode I chat with veterinarian, speaker and coach, Katie Ford BVSc CertAVP(SAM) about one of the most powerful influences on our mindset.  Gratitude. Listen along as Katie shares how her own story of struggle helped to shape her current mindset and how she's sharing the power of Gratitude with the veterinary profession. Check out Katie on Instagram here.
It's been one heck of a year y'all. Thanks for coming along for the ride. This is our last episode of Scrubbed In, but it's not the end of the podcast. I have some plans in the making and you won't want to miss out. In the meantime, keep you eyes out for the next episode of That Vet Life next week. It's bittersweet, but it's just the close of one chapter and the opening of another and we are so incredibly excited for what's to come. To keep up with our adventures: -Follow Mo @ThatVet_Life -Follow Dani
Thank you to everyone who submitted their questions for this week's Q&A.  Dani and I had a grand time recording this episode and we hope you enjoy! . Next week will be the FINAL episode of Scrubbed In. Though it's certainly not the end of the podcast. So stick around to see what crazy adventures we get up to next by following us on Instagram @ThatVet_Life and
Little did we know that five hours after recording this episode NAVLE results would be posted. And then less than 24 hours after that our final exam results were posted. Talk about a double whammy. But as all of this happened after recording you get to hear us talk about our continued frustrations of waiting. And waiting. AND waiting....... This is also an episode of reflection, because though we hate to say it, there are only 2 more episodes of Scrubbed In to come. Can you believe we've been at this podcast for a whole year!!??!?!?! We've seen ourselves grow as veterinarians this past year and you've gotten to listen right alongside us. Thanks for tuning in, and we hope you'll stick around for the next podcasting adventure. BUT WAIT!! It's not over yet! Next week we want to answer YOUR questions. Ask us anything and everything you've wanted to know: about podcasting, being vet students, Edinburgh etc.  -You can send your questions to either Dani or myself on Instagram @ThatVet_Life or . I'm also going to plug my research survey again (sorry not sorry). Going through data is only fun when you have a large enough sample size, and by clicking HERE you'll be helping me get that much closer to earning my degree. So thank you in advance.
Jaky Wilson is a third year vet student at Western University of Health Sciences College of Veterinary Medicine. While She aspires to become a marine veterinarian, there is another area of medicine she is equally passionate about. After starting her Instagram account she quickly came to realize the power of connectivity it held as she came to know the diverse groups of individuals within the VETstagram community. Progressing through her degree she discovered her passion for Sustainability. Not just sustainability by way of reducing waste, but on the grander scale of sustainability within the veterinary profession both in materials used and emotional sustainability. Recently, Jaky rebranded her Instagram to become @thesustainablevet . A place where she can share her passion for sustainability through connecting with people. In this episode, I chat with Jaky about her rebrand and ask what her 'why' was in deciding to become The Sustainable Vet. . Want  to know more? You can follow Jaky's blog by clicking HERE!!
It's been a hot minute. But now that exams are over and Dani and I are in the same time zone, recording episodes should be more regular.... In theory. . In this episode we get you Scrubbed In to what's been happening these past few weeks and talk about all that is to come between now and graduation. Additionally, we chat about the idea of not caring what other people think about you. It's a bit of a hot topic in today's society and seems to be used more as a 'feel good' statement or as a way to validate our own paths. As it is a blanket statement in today's episode I caution everyone from using it blindly. This is because though it has its attributes, it should be taken with caution. In today's episode, Dani and I barely scratch the surface as we ask the question of 'Should you care what they think?" . Ok, a bit of a personal plug now, but beyond finishing selected rotations and finding a job there is a little thing called an SRC, or 'Student Research Component.' It's something all vet students here at the Dick Vet need to complete in order to graduate. Since I've been running this show I thought I would look into how podcasting is being utilized within the learning environment of veterinary medicine. But I need YOUR help to complete this study. If you are able to help me out, below you will find a secure link to a short survey where you can answer questions about how you use podcasting in your daily life. This survey will only be available for 3 weeks. Thank you!
When you start your vet school career, everything has been leading up to actually getting into vet school. This means, the idea of graduating and actually WORKING as a licensed veterinarian feels so far away. So when you do reach your final year in vet school the process of job searching doesn't feel real. On this week's episode, we're getting you Scrubbed In to what this is actually like, as Dani and I chat about our recent externships and job searches. There is so much we feel like we are simply learning as we go, so we are by no means professionals when it comes to what you should look for in a job. But, we hope you enjoy listening along t our journeys through the process. Follow us on social media: @thatvet_life
Emotional Intelligence; 2 words that have been receiving quite a bit of attention on social media and the veterinary world. But what does it mean within the profession? In this episode, I chat with Dr. Lauren Smith about how we can learn to develop our own Emotional Intelligence, and how to utilize it in our day to day events. Lauren is a small animal veterinarian, blogger and speaker who has built her brand on social media @thevetitude and you can check her out on Instagram, Facebook and her website! As someone who actively strives to promote empathy and wellness in vet med, Lauren was the perfect guest to have on today's episode. If you have any thoughts or questions about today's episode, you can reach out to either Lauren or myself through social media.
Hey y'all. It's been a minute! . We've been gone from the podcast sphere for quite a while. But it's all been because of the beast of an exam known as the NAVLE (North American Veterinary Licensing Exam). Pretty much every waking hour for the past 4-6 weeks at least, has been spent either in core rotations or studying. It hasn't been fun to say the least. . However.... we now get to say that we have completed the NAVLE!!!! which means we can take a huge breath of fresh air and focus on the next things in life; like finals, finding jobs and finishing our last year of vet school!! Crazy, right!?!? . In today's episode, Dani and I will get you caught up on everything that's happened these past 6 weeks. We talk about what our farm animal rotation was like and what we've learned. We also talk about what it was like to take the NAVLE (granted we can't talk about any of the content of the actual exam, per testing regulations). . We are excited to be back and look forward to putting our more episodes in the future. Though they may not be as regular as we would all like due to our rotation schedules, we will do our best.
Well Friends. We've reached the final countdown.... to the NAVLE that is. . There are only a few short weeks left in Core Rotations, which means the NAVLE is creeping closer with each day. As such Dani and I will be taking a bit of a break from the podcast and social media so we can focus on studying for the exam. You can expect to hear from us After we finish our NAVLE, at which point the podcast will start up again. But until then we will be on radio silence. . Now that we've covered that, we can talk about this week's episode! Dani and I are still in our equine rotation, and we each had a bit of fun trying out different procedures this past week. I (Mo) was on soft tissue surgery, while Dani was out driving across the countryside with the general practice.  Additionally, Dani tells her funny story about a near miss she had with a horse a few weeks ago, and I talk about meeting one of my co-hosts from an episode I recorded last year, Dr. Dave Nicol! . I want to thank each and every one of you who have joined us each week to listen along as we share our journey through final year. The number of you who have reached out to say hi and share your own stories just makes me love this profession even more! Thank you for coming along for the journey. We'll chat soon. See ya.
Scrubbed In - Cottage Duty

Scrubbed In - Cottage Duty


Hey y'all! In this week's episode we're getting you Scrubbed In to what's been happening on our Equine Rotation of Final Year. It's a shorter rotation than our small animal blocks, but still jam packed full of experience and information. A part of our Equine Rotation includes scheduled time on an 'Out of Hours' rota in the hospital. We call it Cottage Duty, but you'll have to listen to this week's episode to find out why we call it that. Also in this episode we break down the lessons we learn from being on Cottage Duty, specifically how it applies to being a good Top Gun (check out episode 3 of That Vet Life to learn where that reference originated from). On another note, as Dani and I approach the final stretch of core rotations and our NAVLE exams we will be taking a brief break from the podcast. So after next week's episode you can expect a bit of radio silence as we focus all our energy on our studies to prep for exams. As always, we love hearing from y'all and you can reach us on Instagram @ThatVet_Life and Till next time, see ya!
After many years of being a student, finally becoming a veterinarian is a rather abrupt transition. It is a time full of change and uncertainty as you leave behind the place you've known, the social and support groups you've built in vet school, and are suddenly given a whole new level of responsibility. If we were to make this jump on our own it would be nothing short of terrifying. Thankfully, as vet students we aren't alone in this journey and many veterinarians recognize the challenge in this transition and are sharing their own life experience to Inspire, Encourage and Challenge vet students as they take their first steps into life as practicing vets. Dr. Alexandru Pop and Dr. Sarah Brisson are two new graduates who launched into the profession this past year and are sharing their own highs and lows as they navigate new grad life as a way to encourage the next generation of vets. In today's episode Alex and Sarah share their stories of transitioning from vet student to veterinarian and answer the questions like: "What do you wish someone had told you about the transition from student to vet?" "What were your unexpected joys of starting practice?" And so much more. Outside of today's episode Alex and Sarah continue to share their experience on social media, and I highly recommend you check them out. Follow Alex  Instagram: @alexandrupoppy Youtube: Alexandru Pop . Follow Sarah Instagram: @thenewgradvet . If you found value in today's episode and want to support the podcast, the easiest and best way is to share this episode with a friend. If you are listening on Itunes, I would appreciate it if you left a comment and a 5-star rating. It helps other people find the podcast, and allows me to keep creating content for you. If you questions or comments, I'd love to hear from you. Follow That Vet Life on Instagram @ThatVet_Life
In this week's episode we get you Scrubbed In for what was our second to last week of small animal rotations as I, (Mo) worked in the exotics department, while Dani was in Anesthesia.   In this episode you'll hear how Dani and I have differing opinions and levels of excitement when it comes to exotic medicine. This opens up the conversation of how rotations have allowed us to identify and understand the limits of our current knowledge and how it helps us as we move forward with rotations.  With this coming week being our last week of our small animal rotations we spend some time reflecting on just how fast these past few months have gone and what we are looking forward to in the coming months. Also in this episode we look back at what's happened in the VETstagram community of social media, focusing on a post written by Eric Garcia @ericgarciafl . In his recent post, Eric comments on the level of complaining and negative venting he has seen on social media and the impact it has on content consumers. His solution is akin to an idea put forward by Gary Vanerchuk @garyvee which is to "make positivity louder." This means to be creating positive, inspiring, encouraging, and challenging content at such a rate that it drowns out the negative posts that are on social media. So we asked the question, how do we "make positivity louder" not only in the VETstagram community, but in vet school and in the profession? To hear our answer, you'll just have to listen to this week's episode. . Lastly, I want to invite you to stay tuned for next week's episode of That Vet Life, where I chat with Dr. Alexandru Pop @alexandrupoppy and Dr. Sarah Brisson @thenewgradvet , two new grads in the VETstagram community who are Making Positivity Louder with their real and raw perspective on the transition from student to real veterinarian.
Time to Scrub In!  .  In this week's episode, Dani and I are continuing with our theme of core rotations by talking about our experiences from this past week in General Practice. While Dani was in the Vet School, I found myself at an external practice that is associated with the vet school. So while we were both working in General Practice, our experiences were rather different.  From consults to surgery and everything in between, we share the lessons we learned during this past week in General Practice. In other news, this past week was exciting for another reason.... We both scheduled our NAVLE's which means the clock has started to tick with how much time remains before the big day!! Like most final year students this means the next few months are going to be filled with lots and lots of anxiety and VetPrep! Listen along as we breakdown what the NAVLE is, why we have to take it and how we are planning to study for this seven and a half our long beast of an exam. For as serious and exhausting as this past week was, it wasn't without it's own hilarity that gave Dani flashbacks to our first year of vet school! But you'll have to listen along to learn why.  .  We had a lot of fun recording this episode and we hope you enjoy listening. As always, we love hearing from y'all. SO if you want to share your thoughts, you can leave a comment or send in a DM/voice message through Instagram @ThatVet_Life or .
On this week's episode, Dani and I are getting you Scrubbed In to how our first week of General Practice went. This is now our third block of core rotations and we can'e believe how fast the previous two have gone as we begin the countdown to when we will take the NAVLE!! . Listen along as we share some of our favorite parts of the past week, as well as what we are looking forward to in this block of General Practice. In addition to our usual vet school banter, Dani and I get into a long discussion about self awareness and the potential implications of taking personality tests at the start of vet school/ as we enter practice. To provide a full experience we each took the Myer's Briggs Personality Indicator test (you can take it by clicking here) and found some exciting and interesting results.  . We know some vet school's have their first year students take this test at the beginning of their vet school career, but what are the implications of taking this test and does it really make a difference? Listen along to this week's episode to find out. . We want to hear from you!  Have you ever taken the Myer's Brigg's Personality Indicator test as a part of your veterinary career? What sort of impact has it had on you? . Share your thoughts, or leave us a comment on Facebook or a voice message or DM Instagram @ThatVet_Life Or leave us a voice message with the app!
Known as the Harry Potter Vet, Dr. Michael W. Miller is the original veterinary wizard. A positive force in the veterinary community, Michael tells his story through writing, but in a vet unique way. He artfully connects with his audience by approaching veterinary medicine through the lens of Harry Potter. He Inspires, Encourages and Challenges his readers to find the magic that exists within veterinary medicine and makes the thrills and perils of our profession both tangible and approachable. His writings have been shared across the internet. With multiple articles having been featured on  In today's episode, I talk with Michael about his writings and the magical ways in which the themes of Harry Potter parallel the joys and challenges faced within the veterinary profession. Find Dr. Michael Miller's writings here: Find The Harry Potter Vet on Instagram @harrypottervet Find The Harry Potter Vet on Facebook Want to support That Vet Life? --> Share this episode with a friend. Follow That Vet Life on Instagram @ThatVet_Life Follow That Vet Life on Facebook
And we're back! Actually, we never went anywhere, but we are back recording together. Today we are getting you Scrubbed In as Dani and I venture further into our final year rotations at the Royal (dick) School of Veterinary Studies. This week, listen along as we talk about finishing our second block of Core Rotations!! It's all flying by much faster than we ever thought possible. But in this episode we reflect on just how far we have come in the past few months by talking about our increasing autonomy and what it means to become the veterinarian. Pretty soon we will take out board exam and finals and quite literally be THE veterinarians we have spent the last 20-some years working to become, and it's a rad thought. Also in today's episode you'll hear: -about some of our favorite moments in our Companion Animal Medicine block -our thoughts on our upcoming rotations and -what part of VetPrep I (Mo) am slightly addicted to. What do you think autonomy means in vet school? Whether you are a pre-vet, soon-to-graduate, or a new grad we want to hear from you? Send us your thoughts on autonomy by leaving us a voice message through the app, OR by sending a DM on Instagram @ThatVet_Life Want to support the podcast, but don't know how? The best way is by SHARING this episode with your friends and colleagues
Hey everyone!! Dani here this week, all alone, giving you the low down on my recent travel to South Africa.  Have you ever thought about being a wildlife veterinarian?  Have you ever wondered what it's like to work on the "Big Five" of Africa on a daily basis??  This week I'm getting you Scrubbed In to what I learned in South Africa about captive animals, conservation, wildlife veterinarians, and poaching issues. Listen along as I share my recent experience at SYMCO Wildlife Symposium where I gained first hand experience working with the veterinarians working on the front lines against poaching. Our most important job in these scenarios is to protect the survivors and educate those around us on the issues and how we can make a difference. Hope you enjoy this week's episode, and that it inspires you to look into these issues more and form your own opinions.   Learn more about Symco here --> Like what you've heard? Share this episode with a friend! You can follow Mo and the podcast @ThatVet_Life and follow me (Dani) Stayed tuned for next week where Mo and I will be back to chat about what we've been getting up to on final year rotations.
This week, Dani and I are getting you Scrubbed In to our last 2 weeks of our Companion Animal Surgical Rotation! As each week is a whistle stop tour of each service in the hospital, we don't always get to see the full scope of what happens. This means we often end up forming opinions about each service based on a very small selection of experiences. In this episode we discuss what we enjoyed and what we enjoyed less about the services we were on.  Because Dani and I are obviously pros at navigating our final year rotations (jk not really) we felt that we could pass on our knowledge about how to prep for each week of rotation. You'll hear that the two of us have rather different means of preparing for our rotations, especially when it comes to meal prep. Or as in one of our cases, a lack of meal prep. Now that we are back from our summer holidays things will be in full swing here at That Vet Life and you can expect a return to our regular upload schedule. That's every Monday if you are wondering.  So keep an eye out for next weeks episode where you can expect to hear about Dani's educational adventure that she took part in for her summer holiday. As always, we loving hearing from y'all and you can can reach us by leaving a comment on Instagram @ThatVet_Life , on Facebook, or by leaving us a voice message with the app! Lastly, thank you for support the podcast. I seriously appreciate each and every one of you. If you are wondering how to support That Vet Life Podcast, the easiest way is to SHARE this episode with a friend!
Today on the show I am excited to share the mic with Dr. Tannetje Crocker @dr.tannetje.crocker to chat about the hot topic of Mentorship!  .  Dr. Crocker is an equine turned small animal vet and speaker who is a positive proponent for mentorship in the veterinary profession. As you will hear in today’s episode, the mentors in Dr. Crocker’s life have played such a key role in helping her create her journey in vet med. It was relationships like these that inspired and encouraged her to find ways of helping other vets and vet students to develop mentor-mentee relationships.  .  With mentorship becoming a common theme in the vet community we decided to sit down and discuss some of the big questions surrounding the topic. Today we will answer questions like:  What is mentorship?  How do I find a mentor?  Who can be a mentor?  How do I become a mentor?  How can I be a good mentee?  . I had such a fun time chatting with Dr. Crocker and I am so excited for you to hear today’s episode.  .  Have more questions about Mentorship?  Contact Dr. Crocker:  Website: Instagram: @dr.tannetje.crocker  Facebook: Dr. Tannetje Crocker
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Rachel Diamond

I really enjoy the personalities that are brought on the show, the different paths that lead to vet school and where you can end up after graduating. I'm going back to school to become a vet tech and immersing myself in shows like this is helping keep my motivation up!

Jul 3rd
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