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Welcome to the Divi Addicts Podcast! Bringing you weekly Divi, WordPress and Business tips to improve your knowledge and take your website skills to the next level.
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In this episode, we finish season 8 strong with a talk about the current state of Divi as well as where we think Divi will go in the next year. We also share a little insight into some changes coming to the podcast.
In this episode we share the results from our poll and talk about what's on the horizon for the podcast.  We also talk about the current state of Divi and the importance of finding satisfaction. Divi Foundation Course >
We need your help this time... Vote to keep the podcast > YouTube Channel >
In this episode, we share our top 5 suggested plugins every website should include. SEO - Yoast SEO Cache - WP Rocket Usability - Duplicate Page Image Optimization - Smush Pro Spam Protection - Antispam Bee Protect your website with the proper site insurance > Get A Website Safety Plan Today
In this episode, we share our top 3 favorite tools for building websites inside of Wordpress. Divi Theme Builder Oxygen Builder Gutenberg Check out the Oxygen Builder > Join The Academy >
In this episode we are sharing 3 things most new website developers miss which can cause issues down the road. We give you the solutions to fix theme before they ever become a problem. Hosting: Flywheel > Image Size: > Smush Pro >
In this episode, I share three courses that can supercharge the startup process as you transition into website development. - Divi Foundation Course - Divi Business Experts Course - Josh Hall's Web Design Course
Why We Still Use Divi

Why We Still Use Divi


In this episode, we revisit and update episode 4 from roughly two years ago. We thought it was about time we checked in to see if the reason we love Divi is still viable in 2020.
In this episode, we talk about BRAND NEW DIVI STICKY OPTIONS!!!! We also discuss mental health, taking time when you need it and not being afraid to follow your feelings into Hustle Mode or Chill Mode. Check out the Academy for Divi Layouts and Courses!
In this episode, we answer the question "does your business need a website in 2020?". The question is complicated. The answer is crystal clear. Listen to get not only the answer, but also my thoughts on why the answer is what it is.  Visit our website ->
In this episode, we share the current setup and why we're building a new system to upgrade our production and content process.
In this episode, i'm sharing a few reason why I think now is a great time to update your website. If you need build a website and want to do it on your own, we can teach you how in the "Divi Foundation Course" Join The Course
In this episode, we are talking about the pursuit of perfection. Our Divi Foundation Course is Live! -> Join Now
In this episode, we share 3 client pitfalls and the ways we've seen work best to avoid them.  Divi Courses and Layouts -> Check Them Out
In this episode, we are sharing three services to help make Wordpress site migration simple. Divi Foundation Course LAUNCHED -> Join Now
In this episode, I share 3 tips to look like a digital professional.  NEW COURSE LAUNCHED -> Divi Foundation Course
Looking professional is almost as important as being professional. In this episode, I share my thoughts around business email and how you should set it up. Check out my YouTube Channel here Learn how to connect your domain to G Suite account here
Life is all about consistency. Showing up every day, week, month and year is crucial to find discipline. In this episode, I talk about how it's impacted my business and my life. Subscribe to the YouTube Channel here
 Customer support and community played a major role in my decision to switch from Mailchimp to Active Campaign.  The product being better was a really nice surprise. I knew it would offer similar features. The support & onboarding put ActiveCampaign over the top. 
If you need a great foundation for your course, Flywheel is our host of choice.  In this episode we discuss building a course around your passion.
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